Pyaar ya dard ( will love conquer fear)~twinj~shot 3 – telly updates z gas el salvador


Twinkle entered in her room tears running down from her eyes she throw the shrug and take out her normal clothes and get freshen up.Each and everyone resting for sometimes afterwards servant call everyone for dinner.All come and sits and see so many things in dinner.Kunj come and take seat beside twinkle before Rohan can.Servant served them food gas up shawty.

Avni:hehe yuvi super cool.Twinkle having her food just than Kunj hold her hand under the table she get shocked and look at him and give him look while he smiled back to her.She gas house try to free her hand from his cage but Kunj tights the grips of his fist more and more.Kunj smirked at her he linked their fingers and having his food. Twinkle making annoying faces.They finished the dinner and all sitting in garden .

Aditi:acha ji. She hold her hand and take gasbuddy va her with herself Avni play the song while twinkle don’t have any other chance she has to dance Aditi and Adarsh making puppy faces at her.She smiled and dancing just than Kunj come there he was out side watching twinkle though glass door twinkle dancing gracefully she forget everything lost in her world and smiling while Kunj see her and he too smiled and lost in her fully. He going near door and bumped with door and slightly winched and come in sense and smiled at himself ruffles his hairs. After this everyone sleep.

Damn sure this sadu must be sleeping till now she open the door and went inside the room firstly she see room condition and makes faces her eyes went on bed Kunj was sleeping peacefully. See him his bestie wedding electricity cost by state is today and he sleeping omg she went near him. Kunj wake up Aditi calling you kunjj.She patting on his back. She sit beside him he looking so cute twinkle admire Kunj face and caress his face and kissed on his forehead.Due to her touch gas efficient cars he wake up and open his eyes. And see twinkle her hairs coming on his face kunj slightly slide her hairs twinkle get surprised she raise her face and see Kunj she about to moved while he hold her hands,

Twinkle: it’s none of your business Kunj. It’s my problem because I’m very sensitive and you are heartless.She get up come down everyone is waiting for you for photo shoot. She said this and went from there Kunj closed his eyes and wiped his unshed tears.He take his clothes and get freshen ready within no time.Kunj went down each and everyone was come gas x strips walmart giving pose for photo shoot.Kunj went and joint them he and twinkle share deep painful eye lock.

Adarsh: Kahi trio fully passed out..#128514;#128541;. Just than Aditi coming along with yuvi and Kunj they both hold her hands and while men’s holding veil over on her head fully. Everyone look at them she looking so beautiful even they too. All smiled to see them.#128525;.They both take Aditi power per kwh towards mandap Adarsh look at her she too him both smiled he give her his hands she hold it.

Pandit:varmala. Kunj and yuvi lift Aditi and Adarsh cousins him too.Firstly he can’t put varmala in her neck but lastly he did it all laughs out than time her time he itself bow down wd gaster theory his head in front of her all hooting and Aditi blushed it and girls smiling to see Adarsh.Than they both sits and performed all rituals twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s in middles and remember their time.Than gas after eating salad they both stand for 7 vows all showering flowers on them. Kunj throw at twinkle she give him look while Kunj winked at her make pouty face..she smiled and ignored him. Adarsh fills her Hairline with vermillion and tie mangalsutra in neck lastly pandit ji declares them husband and wife all clapped for them they take blessing of their elders and their group went towards them.

Kunj:aww Aditi don’t cry you wanted this only now don’t leave this Adarsh wiped her tears trio share a hug she cry Lots even Kunj and yuvi too having tears in their eyes gas in babies home remedies they joint their foreheads and smiled after Aditi meet with all. Girls and boys tears Aditi and Adarsh Than Aditi and Adarsh sit in car and left for their honeymoon sweet. All smiled and looking at car.