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For my work, I sometimes must encounter webinars for my healthcare. These are generally dull and not informative much like the one I just did today. For some, it may be beneficial, however, I find it useless. 8 gas laws My health habits are set. I have altered my habits to be healthy, but I am not one of those people that qualify for the denigrating terms given to excessively health crazed people. Today was something I’ve discussed in the past and that is food substitutions.

The one thing that drives me crazy and one that I see all of the time is the “eat this and not that.” It is never one for one. There is a reason why I eat certain foods. If I am watching my weight, worried about cholesterol, or some other health concern then I either abstain from a specific food or reduce it. If it isn’t an even substitution then it isn’t helping me. Substitution, though nice in theory, doesn’t work if it is an entirely different item. Here are some useless advice given in this webinar.

The desserts are just as bad. Replace “pecan pie” with “small slice of pumpkin or sweet potato pie minus the crust.” Good Lord! I like pecan and pumpkin pie but who in their right mind would eat a pie without the crust? Why have pie? Also, when I eat pumpkin pie, it better have a nice dollop raised to the tenth power of Reddi Wip on it. Seriously, how can you suggest low-fat or reduced dessert? You invite me over and give me a pie without the crust as dessert, I’m leaving and never returning. If I brought you a gift, well, I’m taking it back. Hopefully, it is a pie with crust.

Next is eggnog. You are supposed to replace it with a “lower-fat eggnog or try apple cider.” It is a fact that “fat-free” style foods taste horrible. There is a reason why I do not drink skim milk. If I want water, I drink water. If I am going to go through the effort of making eggnog, then I’m doing it right. Cider is not the same as eggnog. Just drink water if you don’t want the real thing.

What is the point of eating if you are to sacrifice what you enjoy in the name of health? This is idiocy beyond reason. If you really want to substitute then dig into the ingredients. Find ingredient replacements that do not affect flavor. I have a recipe somewhere for homemade pancakes that do not use your store-bought mix. I actually eat it without syrup and it is very healthy. There is a caveat to it. My pancakes do not taste like cardboard and have specific ingredients. We have a cake recipe that uses applesauce in place of something. Even cider replaces other ingredients in some of my recipes. You can make ingredient changes that reduce calories.

The problem is the idea of needing to immediately reduce 2,000 calories to 1,000 calories. Everyone in their right mind knows that this doesn’t help. People avoid the recommended garbage food and eat more of something else or what they like anyway. If you like it then enjoy it. gas gangrene A little secret. If you already have poor lifestyle habits, this reduction during the holidays doesn’t do anything. You need to reduce the amount you eat and exercise. That is all you need to do.

I enter the holidays expecting high-calorie food as I do not eat many of these items but a few times a year. We do not bake cookies every day nor do I drink eggnog each week. I know people that eat similar to the holiday meal they will eat and this won’t help unless they change their lifestyle. The “eat this and not that” recommendation is not only an insult but a disingenuous attempt at helping people.

When the troop would plan a hike and go over meals, they always shot down Poptarts as not an appropriate meal. What was encouraged was oatmeal, not a bad idea, and some other non-hiking style meals which were bulky and unwieldy in making. They banked on old ideas without a thought about what you need which is energy. Candy was openly discouraged and in fact, banned. As a leader, no one ever reviewed my pack gear which was full of banned items. Incidentally, another leader who had been with the troop carried bulk candy, too. They also never commented on the fact I wore sneakers and not the lead-weighted boots that are typical for scouts.

On this one particular day hike, we started out in the morning and would finish by 5 at the latest. This meant you would have to bring a lunch to eat. As I hate packing a sandwich that required a cold pack, I selected items that would give me energy and not necessarily nutrition. I am not going to die of malnutrition in a day. As we stopped for lunch, the troop spread out to eat their lunches and rest. I noticed the locations of my sons and gave them a nod. This was the sign for them to get the extra they wanted and I carried for them.

I opened my lunch which contained an apple, peanuts, and about 40 KitKats from a bulk bag of KitKats some of which went to my sons. I also had a blueberry Poptart. The leader looked at me as I ate my apple, had some nuts, and my KitKats. I smiled as I ate those delicious KitKats. As it was fall, I knew that the chocolate wouldn’t melt as long as I kept them away from my body. I was rested and satisfied and ready to continue on with the hike.

This troop would never adopt any of my measures such as lightweight packs. They openly scoffed at my son’s frameless pack and made jokes of how it would not survive a hike. He had the lightest pack and never had an issue while other scouts were worn down by the heavier external frame packs. electricity manipulation The length of hike and environment was seldom considered when selecting food to take. Those bowls of instant soup are not the healthiest and best choice to take with you. They could’ve learned something from me.

I come from a family of hunters and married into another group that hunt. As my dad worked for a butcher as a youth, he would on occasion butcher the deer he and my brother would shoot. I am not sure what my grandfather, mother’s father, did as when I got older he had stopped hunting. My father-in-law is a hunter and so are a few others in that clan. If family isn’t enough, my place of work is full of hunters and the deer baloney appears to be endless around Christmas. I have been surrounded by wild game as a food resource my entire life. This wild game has always supplemented the diet and helped to relieve the financial pressures, though more recently it is more of a spending time with family in the woods by being alone in the woods.

With all of this hunting, I’ve encountered many different venison dishes. One dish was actually an Italian meatloaf where my wife substituted venison for beef. My mother, an ardent “I don’t like the taste of venison” enjoyed the meal and never noticed the venison. In fact, I haven’t found an anti-venison person to actually notice they’re eating it when the meat is in a baloney or beef stick form or mixed with another meat. This is the case with this recipe.

Place this in a crockpot and slow cook for the day. gasco abu dhabi email address You want the meat nice and tender. You can serve this on top of mashed potatoes or egg noodles or anything you think would go with this. As I look at the list, deer meat, I must admit that I am not sure how many pounds there were. This is one where you’ll have to judge it yourself as I didn’t weigh the meat. If you think you have too much, then add more of the other ingredients.

Immediately, you’ll notice that you are not making anything from scratch and the brands are specific. I am certain you can substitute brands if you wish. Indeed, I would say you could substitute any of these ingredients and better yet, make your own relish and gravy. As this is not a common dish for me, I haven’t invested any time in seeing how well substitutions work. In all honesty, I’ve eaten this three times in my life and the last time may have been several years ago until now. Another ingredient to this is noodles, thus making it similar to stroganoff. In fact, I should’ve added the leftover mushrooms I had.

The weekends are where I usually do most of my cooking and baking. I am free to create or duplicate without the worry of time. During the weekdays, I have barely a few hours to make a meal and eat it. I have to be selective in what I make. There are some weekends where I don’t have the time to make a meal like this past weekend where I was Christmas shopping all Saturday and Sunday was dual purpose day with cookie baking and a meal that should be quick and easy.

My part in helping with the cookies was limited. I opened the Reese’s Cups Minis and make an emergency grocery store run. My wife was so focused on ingredients the day before that she forgot a non-organic item she needed, small muffin liners. I drove into town to the closest grocery store to purchase the forgotten item. This tends to be my major mistake. I always forget that one non-essential but essential item. Naturally, I encountered a check out issue ahead of me. A nice, young lady was paying for items partly with cash and debit card. When the problem arose, she became nervous and would cast sideways glances at me as I was observing her keychains sitting on the counter. I’ve been there before, holding people up, and didn’t mind this as it isn’t her fault. She would turn to me and apologize for the delay. I said I no need to apologize and continued to count the keychains. I believe there were six. I don’t know how I would get them in my pocket. I looked at her waste to see if her pockets could handle them but realized she has a purse. Anyway, after this delay, I was able to race back home and get the cookie process going.

My part of the meal was making pizza. As I have written about this dough recipe, there is no need to rehash it. Yes, I encountered a few issues because of an excessively dry house and my inability to judge how much sauce and cheese people want. None of this was amusing enough to mention. This work was rather mundane and I didn’t burn the roof of my mouth while eating the pizza. Though I should say, my wife has to set out a group of cookies to be eaten in order to save cookies. My son and I had some sacrificial cookies.

There is one exception and these are the chocolate cookies with the caramel top. gas zauberberg My one son loves them and my wife hates making them. I am not the biggest fan of them as they’re too sticky. Since this son wasn’t around, there was no need to create the sacrificial cookies. I should post this recipe so other people can enjoy the annoyances and taste of the cookie.

Overall, my weekend was relatively cooking free. Saturday was a Five Guys visit where I always order the Little Hamburger and select the “all the way” option. As much as I like the “standard” hamburger, two patties are too much for me. Actually, I could eat two of those, but I’ve trained myself to be more restrained. Sunday was just the pizza and cookies. Tonight’s meal should be my next post.

While my wife and I searched for a crab imperial dish, we encountered another that was quite tasty. electricity usage by country The best part about this was that it was cheap. I didn’t have to spend loads of money on crab to test a dish that no one would want to eat. For me, this dish was the perfect find. I have to say, “Thanks Mom!” as it was because of her that we found it.

My mother gave my wife a cookbook which is littered with post-it notes. One day while browsing the recipes, the Imperial Fish recipe stuck out and we decided to try it out. This was a game winner. My family, except for the youngest – he’s weird; doesn’t like seafood, enjoyed the meal. It was close to the crab imperial she likes. The problem? We keep forgetting it exists as it sits on the bookshelf with 50 other cookbooks. My solution is to copy it and write about it.

I highly recommend trying this if you like crab imperial. This dish does give me an idea. I plan on switching from fish to crab the next time I make this dish. To be honest, I’m going to wait for a sale on the crab. This makes me wish I did this in South Carolina when I was crabbing. I had some nice crabs and could’ve made this dish. Even though I didn’t do that, I did enjoy the crabs as my wife and youngest watched my oldest and me enjoy a nice meal. You see, my wife doesn’t enjoy crabs like the way I made them – steamed.

In a medium saucepan, melt 1 Tbs of the butter. Add green pepper; sauté for 2 minutes. Remove from heat; stir in mayonnaise, Lea & Perrins, salt, and mustard. Gently blend in fish. Turn into a buttered 1-quart casserole. In a small saucepan melt remaining 2 Tbs. butter. Stire in bread crumbs, pimiento, and paprika. Sprinkle over fish mixture. Bake in a preheated oven at 350°F (177°C) until crumbs are golden, about 30 minutes.

Years ago, my wife and I were visiting Gettysburg and were able to stop at a little place called the Cashtown Inn. It is supposedly haunted if you’re interested, however, I never encountered any spook. We had a lovely meal, and I would discover a wonderful dish that we would try to repeat having years later but would find out we needed reservations. I blame this on my wife. gas calculator You have to know something about her, she’s is known to blow off making reservations for dinner and we end up eating pizza.

I do not recall the dish I had, but I remember my wife’s dish. It was Crab Imperial. This was a dish I never tried and really can’t recall encountering, though my dislike of fish may attribute to this not being noticed. When I go out to dinner, I normally do not look at the seafood items. Anyway, I was allowed to taste this and it was wonderful or at least 25 years ago it was wonderful. The downside was that there wasn’t enough for my wife let alone me. They do that to you. Always putting just a little in a dish.

I research a crab imperial recipe for my wife and found one to make. It was not successful as she didn’t care for it. Making crab imperial is an expensive endeavour, so I am always hesitant to try a new dish. This dish wasn’t that popular with my wife, but some people enjoy it. Again, as with many of the recipes, I don’t recall where I got this, but here is one version of Crab Imperial.