Qos upload speed setting not working correctly ii power per kwh

I’m having the same problems that user Gitsum highlighted in the last forum topic. The 827 won’t automatically determine my internet upload connection speed, which is 4 Mbps. I also cannot enter anything over 2048kbps manually. Why is this? How can the QOS engine work correctly with out the upload speed determined? I have 30Mbps down and 4 Mbps Charter cable internet. I have an Ooma VoIP device that suffers greatly when I’m using my upload bandwidth with my FTP server or torrent activity. I have the D-Link QOS Engine setup to enable traffic shaping, automatic uplink speed, enable QoS engine, automatic classification, and dynamic fragmentation. Whenever my FTP server is active or my computer is uploading a torrent, if I receive or make a VoIP phone call through Ooma, the conversation is loaded with glitches and artifacts. I can rely on the Ooma for QoS through a couple different network setups, but then my FTP server is either not remotely accessible or locally accessible. The network setup I want and the whole reason I bought the D-Link DIR-827 is (modem > router > pc) with Ooma coming off of the router and QoS being handled by the D-Link router. If I use a setup like (modem > Ooma > router > pc), then my FTP server is not accessible from outside my LAN but I can rely on the QoS built into the Ooma device. After many attempts to get the D-Link QoS function to work, I resorted to setting up my network like this (modem > router > Ooma (resides in DMZ of D-Link router) > pc). This setup works to allow the QoS function built into the Ooma VoIP device to throttle down the upload internet speed when I’m running my torrent client on my pc and I receive or make a phone call. However, this setup does nothing to throttle down the FTP server which is attached to the router when a phone call is made or received. I also cannot access the FTP server from my pc which resides in my office as a local mapped network drive because its not on the same network. I can still access the FTP server as a remote web site, but then transfer speeds are much slower than if it were a mapped network drive.

FurryNutz, I upgraded to FW 1.02 and the UPLINK speed under Advanced/QoS is now reporting "Your broadband internet connection has surpassed the uplink measurement requirement." So, basically the FW needs to be upgraded again to specifically allow the QoS engine to account for faster upload connections. I, along with Gitsum, from the previous forum topic both have upload speeds exceeding 2 Mbps (the DIR 827’s limit). Gitsum has a 5 Mbps upload speed and I have a 4 Mbps upload speed. I find that ridiculous that this router was released at this time in our history when American ISP’s are battling for the coveted title of "Nations fastest internet." This router was made for a few years ago not today’s world. C’mon D-Link get with the times! FYI, I’m only on the 2nd tier internet package and the slowest internet package I can get still surpasses this routers ability at 3 Mbps upload. I really hope that if any future modification to the FW QoS function allows for a faster internet upload speed, it will not cap it at all. I mean there are FiOS internet ISPs that have upload speeds of nearly 65 Mbps. One might question why you would even need QoS if you had speeds that fast. But even with VoIP only needing about 120 kbps upload for a quality phone call, if your upload bandwidth was being consumed with a FTP server then the VoIP call quality would still suffer.