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While Harry plays on the beach, making sandcastles with his new bucket, he comes across a shell that would make the perfect castle decoration. Harry and the dinosaurs are startled when the shell scuttles off towards a tide pool. As the gang investigate the tide pool, Harry decides that he would love to explore this magnificent world some more, and so he goes into his regular bucket to Dino World to do just that. A fun adventure is had by all and they even come across a familiar creature, in need of a new home, before returning to Nana to explain why the new bucket is missing.

Shooting hoops in his driveway with pal Charley, Harry gets a taste of the high life and when the rain puts a stop to his game, he hops into the bucket to Dino World to seek a place where he can jump around all day long. Although when he arrives in Dino World he decides that he would like to be able to jump higher, so Harry and the Dinosaurs board the rocket ship to jet them to the planet Boing. On their visit, the gang enjoy some hi

When a W.E.C. member boasts about a party in his country that lasts for days, Team Doki is amazed. What kind of party lasts for days? They’re off to a CARIBBEAN ISLAND, to find out! On arrival, their costumed friend meets them, and they learn that a festival called Carnival is underway. And the Carnival parade is starting soon! But when Oto tries on Claude’s costume, the zipper jams. To make things worse, the plane itself has become stuck in an asphalt lake! Can Team Doki get Oto and the plane un-stuck, in time for the parade?

When Fico’s fossil-making experiment falls flat, his friends chuckle. You can’t make a fossil by burying a rubber dinosaur! But when Fico asks how do you make fossils, Doki realizes that they don’t exactly know. So they fly off to the badlands of NORTH DAKOTA, USA, to investigate! There, they meet a paleontologist who explains the natural process and shows them fossil remains of dinosaurs, fish and even footprints. Fico learns that fossil-making takes too long to do it hims

When Fico’s messiness causes friction at the clubhouse, Gabi suggests they build a wall around his space. But could a big wall really stop the fighting? To find out, Doki, Mundi and Anabella fly to THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA and join a restoration crew, while Fico, Gabi and Oto become wall-builders back home. Doki’s group learns how the wall was made, and how it worked to stop invaders. Back home, the Great Wall of Fico takes shape, and it does temporarily stop the fighting – but the friends soon miss each other. In the end, they tear down their not-so-great-wall, and compromise instead.

When Anabella accidentally volunteers the team to make 100 cupcakes for a festival, they all pitch in to help bake “ but still end up in a mess. How can we make a lot of cupcakes fast, and without getting in each other’s way? To find out, Doki leads a team to visit a TOY FACTORY in GERMANY where they see how an assembly line can help to make a lot of identical items in a short period of time. But when they try this me

This Hour Has 22 Million Minutes “ Eric is surprised when he wakes up one morning to find that he’s been repeating the same hour over and over again. He tries to figure out what happened, right after spending hundreds of repeats doing anything in the world he can think of for fun, bringing Trevor along for the ride. Once he’s bored, he enlists Maxum Brain to help find out how to stop it.

Halloweenie “ Eric has never had a real Halloween before, so he’s super excited. He dresses as a clown, which he thinks is awesome, until he sees that everyone in town dresses like Maxum Man, because well, that’s just what they do (except Trevor who couldn’t decide what to be so he is half XOX/half Maxum Man). Which is the reason that Wardroman the wizard decides to curse everyone and turn them into their costumes. No one buys his handmade outfits anymore, all they want is Maxum Man. Now there are a million little Maxum Men running around town, not able to control their powers and generally causing chaos. Bec

Eric Squared “ Eric and Trevor accidentally travel to another dimension using a confiscated gadget from the Mansion where they’re attacked by their evil selves. They manage to escape but the evil Eric and Trevor (Trevor isn’t so much evil, as exactly the same as our Trevor) follow them back. Taking advantage of Eric always having wanted a brother, Evil Eric hatches a plan to kidnap Vana and take her back to his dimension, because the Vana there is really, really, mean. Eric, with the help of both Trevors and a slew of other dimensional Erics (including monkey Eric, and Fairly Odd Eric) take down Evil Eric, free Vana and the kidnapped Kitty, and send him back to his own dimension.

Squawk “ Everyone is using the new social network Squawk, everyone but Maxum Man that is. When his conspicuous absence is pointed to Eric, he has to use an invention from Maxum Brain to fake Chirp as Maxum Man. He does, and it goes amazingly well, until he crosses the line and angers a real super villain that he fake vanqu