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The Queen of Hearts accuses Alice for attempted theft of her heart in a trial. When Alice is ordered to be executed, Sora, Donald, and Goofy intervene to convince The Queen of Hearts that Alice was innocent. The Queen of Hearts does not believe them, but agrees to free Alice if they can find evidence for her innocence. Although they find evidence, with help from the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts refuses to release Alice, and orders her Card Soldiers hoist Alice high above the courtyard using the Crank Tower. Sora destroys the Crank Tower in order to free Alice, but she is instead kidnapped by the Heartless. The Queen of Hearts declares a ceasefire with Sora, Donald, and Goofy so that she can find Alice. If Sora returns to Wonderland after the Final Keyhole in Hollow Bastion is unlocked, the Queen will remark that she and her soldiers are too busy dealing with the Heartless to worry about the trial.

The Queen of Hearts appears in Castle Oblivion as a figment of Sora’s memory. In the memory recreation of Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts accuses Alice of stealing her memory and sentences her to death. In order to distract the Queen, Sora claims to be the "true thief", and the Queen has her Card Soldiers attack him. Sora defeats them and goes off to find the real culprit, but even after defeating the offending Heartless, the Queen still refuses to believe that Alice is innocent. Fortunately, Alice’s quick thinking pacifies the Queen of Hearts and no one has to lose their head.

The Queen of Hearts sends her Card Soldiers looking for three Heartless that startled her. The Card Soldiers then come back without finding the three Heartless then, she gets furious. On another visit to Wonderland, it shows the Queen of Hearts is still looking for the Heartless from the last visit still being unable to find them.

In the manga, she has her Card Soldiers attack Roxas. However, a giant-sized Luxord (who was previously tiny) appears as a result of the magical drinks to aid Roxas. The Card Soldiers are no match for his massive size and he accidentally destroys the Queen’s castle, much to her dismay. Luxord comforts her and builds a castle made of cards. The Queen is overjoyed at finding such a "gentleman".

The Queen of Hearts is a large woman dressed in regal attire and is usually seen carrying a small wand with a red heart on the tip. The Queen’s collar is white and very tall, reaching her ears. Her gown has white lining (rather like the border of a playing card), with the rest of it being colored red and black. The left half of her dress has a short, black sleeve with a red cuff, a red abdomen, with everything below that being black. The right side is identical, but with inverted colors; a red sleeve, black cuff, black abdomen, and red lower half. She also wears a second dress or skirt with a similar split design, the left side being an alternating thick black line, thin yellow line pattern, while the right side is identical, but with inversed colors. The right side of this second skirt is actually a darker shade of yellow than the left, appearing more gold. The Queen of Hearts also has a round nose, gold earrings, and a small gold crown on her head. Her hair is black and tied into a tight bun on the back of her head with a red ribbon, though a few loose bangs dangle in front of her forehead.

The Queen of Hearts is a foul-tempered monarch who is very quick to judgment at the slightest offense. She is very demanding of her subjects and more so of her soldiers. The Queen of Hearts is emotionally dynamic; she is happy and playful one moment, then rude and annoyed the next. However, she does display an unexpected level of competency, as well as some awareness of otherworldly affairs, when she decided that dealing with the Heartless threat was much more important than continuing Alice’s trial after the Final Keyhole was unlocked.

The Queen of Hearts first appeared in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland which was based on the book by Lewis Carrol called Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. In the film, the Queen of Hearts arrives at the hedge maze to discover that a trio of her card soldiers planted white roses in her garden instead of red roses. After ordering their execution for their mistake, she challenges Alice to a game of croquet. Throughout the game, the Cheshire Cat appears to Alice and plays a trick on the Queen. Unaware that it was the Cheshire Cat’s doing, she blames Alice for the prank and holds (begrudgingly, on the King’s behest) a trial. The nonsensical trial quickly descends into chaos, once again due to the Cheshire Cat’s mischief, and the Queen prepares to behead Alice. Alice insults the Queen and flees, prompting the Queen and the other Wonderland’s inhabitants to chase after her. Like the other characters, the Queen ceases to exist as the events in Wonderland have occurred in Alice’s dream.