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Currently, it feels like I’m living in hell at my home with my father. He has become petty & downright evil. To make things clear, my mother left me this home when she died 9 yrs ago, so my house is mines but in her will and testament the home doesnt go into my name until 25. I am a 22 year old female who is feeling controlled by my father in my own home. Who knows what is wrong with my dad, but I’m guessing he was in a relationship where he was living with his gf and apparently they broke up. When he came back he has done everything in his power to have control and scare me. So far he has put a restraining order on my boyfriend to stop him from staying to my home with me (he pushed my bf to the edge honestly, not violence though), he has turned off my service on my phone and refuses to release me from the contract that I have been asking of him for years, he has taken my pets and brought them to the shelter, he records me and my friends smoking weed (legal in California), he has put up a huge wood slab up so I can only pass through one part of the house. He makes it so hard to live at my own home. I want to move out so bad, but it’s pointless to leave my home that was left to me. I was told to evict him but idk what to do. He is trying to have some sort of control and I’m literally scared at home cause whatever I do will trigger him to do something to hurt me. It’s like I’m his punching bag for all his problems. He has always been controlling but now I’m grown. Any advice?

My dad s fiancee constantly brings up the topic of me and my boyfriend having sex. She always says that she knows we re having sex in my room, and that she d better not catch us. We aren t having sex ftr, but she s brought it up at least a dozen times in the past month and a half. She s gotten into detail about the sexual acts she thinks my boyfriend and I are having, and has recently started sexualizing me wearing shorts and dresses, and has actually forbade me from wearing them around my boyfriend to "make it harder to get fingers and other things in places". I ve brought it up with her and my father that it makes me uncomfortable but I am always told it doesn t matter because I m a kid and she s the adult. The fact that she constantly brings it up and thinks about how we re (my boyfriend and I) are supposedly sexual active is extremely weird and makes me really uncomfortable. I m 16, and I really need advice on what to do, since voicing my opinions about it are useless. Side Note: My dad s fiancee also has a tendency to be emotionally and mentally abusive by constantly screaming at me and my little brother for small things (i.e. leaving dishes on a towel to dry and taking up counter spaces) and constantly telling me that she is my only woman figure, and excluding and **** talking my mother and grandmother. She s also known to literally scream at my brother, dad, and myself for literally being happy and "laughing too loud"

I’m 22 in college, a new mother(this post is NOT about me and the father) I live with sister who talks down to me. I’m a nice person, I’ve been told I’m too nice. I smile a lot and compliment ppl because I’m a positive person(been told a lot) over all. The problem is that ppl, especially those close to me, takes advantage of that niceness. I am currently in therapy for my daily stresses,it’s not really working. My EX best friend f***ed me over lied and pretended to be sorry, played with my mind while acting innocent(I slapped the b*tch…I had too), my family members are bullies to each other and I’m the youngest. I take OUR mother where she needs to go and ALL of her appointments(which is far) with the wrong address time date THEY provide and I’m expected to report back to them. They don’t even ask, they assume IM doing it or come and tell me I’m doing it and expect me to know all the information because some are illiterate. I find out about appointments the day or night before and I’m supposed to drop everything. NO ONE wants to do anything for her cause their afraid of being the ONLY ONE. This is really messing with my confidence because I’m being stepped on and stressed out and when I say no they ring off my phone and gang up on me cursing me and OUR mother cries. They know I don’t want to be around them. Any SERIOUS suggestions on how to be more assertive with people in general, especially your superiors who like to talk down to you and make you feel shitty. ??

A little over 9 years ago, there was a "disagreement" between our families on Christmas. My cousin and I were not involved in the dispute and were very close, but we haven’t spoken since as a result. In my opinion, the whole thing was really stupid and petty (it was over inviting another relative that is disliked by my uncle to our Christmas party). In the weeks immediately after the argument, I actually tried to talk to my cousin and make sure things were alright between us regardless of our parents’ fight. I was promptly blocked and I haven’t heard from or seen her since. Now, almost a decade later, I found out that I will be seeing her at a family party in a couple months. I also heard that she has been made aware that I am also attending and that she is alright with it. After so long, I really don’t know how to feel about this. I’m not sure if I should try to reach out to her again before the party at all (to make things less awkward before the party) or if I should just avoid her. I honestly don’t know if I want her back in my life at all or if she wants me back in hers at all. I did recently discover that she unblocked me, but she has not tried to message me at all. She had a lot of time to try to reach out to me if she wanted to and never did; so I am wary of reaching out to her again. What should I do?…