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Our recent shortage has been quite good for us: we realized just how important our topical aloe creams are to our customer base. Even in our own home there has been a slight panic as we have run out of our New Youth Derm Ultra Healing Cream and have resorted to test batches from our product research and development team. Luckily, even those that didn’t make it all the way through product development are excellent and meeting our personal needs.

Well… the good news is we went into production at the lab this morning, April 16th 2013. We are making a new product that is similar to the New Youth Derm Ultra Healing Cream, but without all the fancy synergistic ingredients. We left out things like Essential Oil Lavender, Theobroma Cocoa, and Manuka Honey. This new formula still has 70% Barbadensis Miller Stockton specie, so we are expecting it to perform quite well. electricity word search Yet, by leaving out a few of the lush ingredients, we are able to bring it to the market at a fraction of the price. We will send it off the lab for testing. Assuming all goes as planned… we should have our newest formula available in about 2 weeks.

Hello I am Patty I change my diet for complete 4 months ago and I Just turn 41 years old and same day my birthday ,I star having sharps pain in my abdominal area and was very painfull, I went to the specialist and they make me some test and they found out that problably I have Diverticulitis or Diverticlosis I need to go for more test to found out extlactly my problem, but I am a kind of person that I always looking for natural staff firts, before I take any conventional medication that I do really dont trust just for the side effects. I been reading alot abouth natural staff to help my body to heal and I found that the Aloe Vera is very powerfull with gastrointestinal problems and wonder if I can star taking Aloe Vera rigth away or waith to ask my doctor? I will found the way to heal my body and will study a lot about natural staff and when I see that I been cure or at list control my condition, I will share with every person that have this condition just to help others. I am hispanic sorry if my writing is a little off in some sentences. Waithing for our replay. Thanks ! Patty G

we received the aloe pups we ordered and they were in great shape upon arrival. We were delighted that you included some other little babies in the box. We have gotten them planted and now we will see how they do. electricity austin I feel confident that they will grow well as I have been growing two kinds of aloe for over a year now. I was so excited about being able to have some of your variety of aloe vera barbadensis-miller- stockton to raise. because I have wanted to know which kind was the best and it seems as though you guys have it. Also I have really aprreciated the valuable info that you have on various utubes because I really wanted to know more about how to care for the plants and how to filet the leaves correctly. Thank you very much.

But also I have been trying to find out about one of the types of aloes that we have. We have been trying to find out if it Is a barbadensis or not and if so what kind and is it safe to eat but without any luck so far. mp electricity bill pay indore We were hoping that if we sent you a picture you might be able to help out. We are out of batteries right now for our camera so we will send you a picture in a future email. Radha and Donald

In my years of helping people with chronic pain, when the usual chiropractic treatments failed to work I would try something different. I noticed that many of those that didn’t respond have previously been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Its as if a doctor couldn’t find the problem so they gave a diagnosis that relieves them of the responsibility of correcting the cause of the symptoms… because medically, when you have fibromyalgia, you are just going to manage the symptoms – there is no cure.

So, with these patients, I would try an anti-inflammatory diet that includes immune boosting foods. I suspect that many of these chronic pain syndromes involves an attack on the immune system of some kind – sort of like an autoimmune disorder that might be associated with an inflammatory gut. We see similar symptoms in those that have been diagnosed with lyme disease. I wouldn’t really know if it is symptoms related to the Borellia bacteria, damage to the gut from the antibiotics that were used to kill the infection, or something else. But what I have noticed is that treating the patient nutritionally often returns very fast results. It is these responses that make me think it is immune system related – since anti-inflammatory foods don’t seem to have such impact on other types of pain.

What a GREAT question. If we ever have to bug out… even us, the makers of Youth-Derm®, very well may have to live without Youth-Derm®. I had never really thought about it much. gas city indiana post office I bet it would be one of those things we grab on the way out – you know, in the moment… you grab your bug-out bag and then say… what about this honey? Yah… get that… (of course you aren’t supposed to do that – everything you need should already be in your bug-out bag!).

But Youth-Derm® is a very natural product. It only has about a 2 year shelf life. Heat definitely shortens the shelf life. So does contamination such as using dirty fingers around the opening of the container. At Stockton Aloe 1, our entire inventory is kept refrigerated to maximize the shelf life before it leaves our warehouses. We realize that much of it will end up on store shelves in some cases for a few months prior to being purchased. Furthermore, we have a history of clientele that kept our original formula in their cabinets for years to only use medically for cuts, scrapes, burns and more. But we eliminated all of the chemical preservatives and, although it is great for those things, the shelf life is more for an every day use healing and moisturizing aloe vera cream.

Regarding the size, currently we are out of individual sachets. But here is a secret… the “Organink®” sachets, that is, our tattoo healing aloe cream… it’s the SAME FORMULA!. electricity hero names That’s right… the same Youth-Derm® cream that conditions your skin and helps heal cuts, scrapes, burns, and the likes of also helps a tattoo to heal quickly so it’s simply re-branded. We do have Organink® sachets available. Also, Organink® comes in a 2 ounce tube which is smaller than the 4 oz. Youth-Derm® Aloe Vera Cream. I’m going to put one into our bug-out bag right now!

Hello Dr. Haley, I am back with another tiny little question about aloes/ gardening in general this time! I seem to.. have made a little mistake. I have received one aloe and some cacti and they may have been infected with those little black flies that I am not sure if they are fungus gnats or not, but I expect them to cause harm to my plants roots! They seem to have extended to my other plants a little.. so what I’ve done until this point is, I searched the internet and found out that if I put a slice of potato above the soil it would attract the little guys that hatched from the eggs, and it really does work, they keep coming to the surface for that delicious treat. Some plants are infected it seems, some aren’t at all, which is weird. But changing again and again the potato slices got a little tedious.. and so I wish to know how to get rid of those little guys for good. I searched for something called “diatomaceous earth” but I haven’t found it so.. I was thinking of another solution. Would sand on top of the soil prevent the gnat babies from emerging, and the adults from laying eggs? I’ve read about that but I am not sure if it would work and if sand above soil would actually harm my aloes? Just now I’ve placed a fresh batch of potato slices on my plants and I’m going to buy some sand in a few moments actually, to experiment. bp gas locations I don’t like the idea of pesticides.. I don’t want to hurt/ cause long-term damage to my plants. I don’t care as much of the cacti as I do with the aloes so what I’ve done is placed a potato slice on the soil of the cacti and dipped that slice in a soft pesticide, to see if those little buggers will still emerge or not or if they will and they will die. So to do a summary about all this, I am going to try and place sand on top of my plants soil and even on the plate beneath if it is necessary, if gnats would still lay eggs from beneath and emerge from there. I’ve heard good things about diatomaceous earth but I just couldn’t find.. Basically, would sand damage my plants in any way, prevent water from evaporating and do harm or anything like that? Also, do you have any other suggestion for getting rid of tiny flies/ fungus gnats in your home? Since aloes can live long without water, I’m letting my soil completely dry out for a week or two, do you think that would kill the larvae and prevent the gnats from reproducing? From what I understand, sand would give them the impression that it’s dry and they would not lay eggs anymore, so if it doesn’t harm the plants and it also prevents gnats from ever coming back, I will gladly decorate my home with a top layer inch of sand for my plants 🙂 I would just like the opinion of a more experienced person in this matter, so thank you very much for your time and I am sorry for writing such a long paragraph!

I am happy to have found your site. i have been using ‘George’s Always Active Aloe Vera LIQUID? and am wondering what you think of it. They do not seem to mention aloin but do mention things you do not so I cannot tell if it just full of marketing tricks. Unlike your product it does not need refrigeration. it looks & seems very much like water but they claim no water is added. Here are statements from their site: (it is from barbadensis miller)

Although it is believed mucopolysaccharides have beneficial elements, this molecular chain is very large making it difficult for the body to utilize. The complete mucopolysaccharide chain is also the cause of rapid spoilage and breakdown of the product, which is why most other brands contain unhealthy preservatives. electricity meaning We breakdown the mucopolysaccharide chain extracting the sugars in order to eliminate adding any preservatives and increase shelf life.

A distillate is a liquid that consists of pure components of a plant in its most basic form. It is unique in that a distillate is comprised of a low molecular weight thereby enabling the body to assimilate its components in the purest form at the cellular level. This occurs both internally, and through the skin’s dermal layers, at a much higher rate than would occur if the plant’s components were introduced in any other manner.