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I think that assessment sums it up fairly well.So I have been using the exhaust brake pretty much full time for a few weeks now. Overall I love it, it has changed the way I drive, I’m not sure how I got along without it! I rarely touch the service brakes above 25mph. I have gotten real good at pushing the go peddle just enough to keep the exhaust brake off, but keep coast/cruising down longer roads.

1. I do NOT like the tow/haul mode. I will use it when im towing but when slowing down, yes it has a really hard downshift I dont like, neither do my passengers. So I don’t use it for daily driving at all and even sometime when i’m towing and begin to slow down I turn it off and let the exhaust brake work for living. I do manually shift more when towing, I feel like I keep it smoother than the trucks computer does. But damn, tow/haul mode with the exhaust brake will stop the truck and trailer fast, its just harsh

2. As for the exhaust brake around town (daily driving), what I do 90% of the time is I start my truck, turn on the exhaust brake, lock the trans to 4th gear. The exhaust brake has to have the TC locked up to work, I find that the downshift from OD5-4th gear (unlock > shift > lock) is pretty harsh and I for me and my daily routine I really don’t need 5th. I see 2k RPM more but im ok with that, should be better for the Cummins and EGR/DPF anyway. try driving a 2ng gen with 4.10’s and stock tires, 2300k roar is life.

3. 1-4 only with the exhaust brake is damn nice overall if you don’t need to go above 50 (in town). The only time i get a harsh shift seems to be if sometimes im going arond 20mph, and I let off the go peddle at just the right time, I think it actually up shifts to get to a lockup gear then clunks the lockup and engages the exhaust brake. I’m learning to not let it happen. Its not too bad anyway.

I have had too many people, tons here, tons on other sites, service manager at Dodge and my mechanic cousin tell me the exhaust brake keeps the turbo healthy and cleaned out. I gladly change my driving style for that benefit. I love the exhaust brake, variable turbo and trans control on the truck so anything I can do to keep it all happy!

EB + T/H makes the engine do more of the braking, which saves wheel brakes, which saves me having to tear stuff apart. 125k mi out of the ORIGINAL front brake pads and disks, and i’m at 162k on the original rears (they finally need done, parts sitting on the bench).

sure, mileage is a little worse, but i’ll take an extra fill-up or two every several thousand miles over having to spend half a day tearing the truck apart to replace brakes. and the trans? i can buy a LOT of fuel with the money keeping the factory trans alive is allowing me to not spend for the time being.

bonus: people here drive like kamikaze jackwagons. having EB and T/H on gets the truck slowing down a lot faster and starts the braking before i can get my foot to the whoa-pedal. there’s been a couple times that’s meant the difference between narrowly avoiding a crash and being the defendant in a frivolous wrongful death case. there are morons who actually exist that see "clean cut white person in a nice truck" and translate that as "they have good insurance so cut them off, get hit, and sue them for a payday". i wish it wasn’t the truth, but it is. six years in this job and i’ve cut a lot of people who failed at that attempt out of their tin-can econoboxes after they tried exactly that with loaded gravel trucks, dump trucks, cement trucks, utility service trucks, FedEx and UPS trucks, moving trucks, and new-ish or brand-new 3/4 and 1-ton pickups.