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It seems to me unfortunate that in politics we seem so focused on what is bad, there is of course a lot of it, because if people are to change they need to believe democracy could work better and could offer them so much more, we need to do more to imagine a better future, with less competition, stress, growth, hierarchy, consumption, waste, polution, etc and much more purpose, free time, enjoyment, security, common ownership, engagement, responsibility, family life, friendship, study, etc. We need higher expectations, clear values, if enough of us start to think differently, change is unavoidable, the people committed and benefitting from inequality are few, they are powerful but fearful, yet they are completely dependent on the cooperation and compliance of the majority, we simply have to see the benefit and possibility of withdrawing our compliance, and in the long run the super-powerful will be better off too, putting aside their fear, learning to share, giving up the impossible stasis of the status quo and the strain of trying to maintain it.

Wow, David, that’s exactly how I see it. Yes, the rich will benefit from living in a much nicer society. Our brains are very neuroplastic and can change according to environment, and also, our genes are epigenetic and programmable according to the environment as well. In some parts of the world too many people are very violent due to their culture. This happens in Latin America and in places like Afghanistan, but in Sweden, and in many parts of Europe, the culture is very gentle.

If we invest in people and help troubled families we can help ensure their children are not brought up in the terrible hardship which could make them violent, aggressive, drug abusers, or drink too much alcohol. As these children grow up they are more likely to become productive happy people contributing to our economy and paying higher taxes, which will lower the tax burden on the rest of us. gas after eating fruit Win, Win! And their children will be brought up in a better environment meaning they will do better at school and become happy and productive adducts too.

In this way we could expand the middle-class and have more gentle people in society. Gilad Atzmon, the sax player an intellectual, says the working class have given up voting for labour. That’s not entirely true but he does have a point. When Corbyn’s Labour party did so well in the last general election it was found that Labour’s support came largely from the middle-classes and the upper class. current electricity definition physics So, by expanding the middle-class not only do we get a gentler society, but one that is more likely to lean left, although we will need to sort out the ruling elite’s stranglehold on the media, it’s propaganda machine.

I understand you point – I think. If I understand you make the point that the money will create production, which creates real wealth which provides salaries an stuff to buy. Fine. But that is IF the money creates production. It is not guaranteed. You can create money and invest in very unwisely – which is exactly what QE has done for a decade.

Of course these two currencies are connected and can be exchanged. But their connection and exchange is very akin to the relationship between currencies in different countries. I think we have difficulty seeing this because we are sued to all the currency within a country being of one type and only expect and see differences between countries.

But the Foreign exchange-like relationship between the high level and our currency has meant that that inflation does not always flow into our currency. In fact I think there has been a major effort to make sure it hasn’t. grade 9 electricity questions The exchange rate between the high level and the ordinary has been ‘pegged’. To the vast benefit of those doing the pegging.

As I see it if the people have money they will spend it. If the rich get money they don’t spend it and nor, these days, do they invest in productive enterprises . They just hoard or speculate with it. As you said we see that with the increase in the Dow and house prices. That is what QE did. Yes, as Salford says it was a swap but the only real inflation that occurred was in those two items and that was world wide. The masses could only borrow it which, gradually resulted in a loss of their purchasing power. gas x dosage chewable There are not that many closed shops here in New Zealand but surely where there are must indicate a lack of the people’s purchasing power The idea that a Government will spend willy nilly, if what MMT says is true, surely indicates the fault of the politicians rather than MMT itself. MMT has been done in the past. How little New Zealand did all the things we did when we only had around 1million people tells you everything. grade 9 electricity review Austerity for the people will not make any country grow. I would like to see a UBI tried out here for say 50 years in a little town called Kataia. Kataia is a poor town. Now if everybody there received the same amount that all superannuatints do in New Zealand, namely NZ$390pw irrespective of age or wealth then I bet it would prosper. It is just commonsense.

Kataia is a small town of around 6000 people north of Auckland and even north of Whangarei with a good climate. It is a poor town with most schools there being decile 1 or two. Decile 10 schools are in the highest socio economic areas. The current Govt is providing money to the provinces instead of concentrating on the big cities so that is why I thought a UBI would be a good experiment. Such an experiment would have to be for a long time because just giving people money for a short period of time does not solve anything. static electricity vocabulary words You may or may not know that NZ has a universal superannuation for all people, irrespective of wealth, over the age of 65. It has been in existence for probably around 80 years. It is paid fortnightly and indexed to wages and inflation. Consequently there are next to no people in NZ over the age of 65 who live in poverty. That is why I thought a UBI in Kataia would be a good experiment. Saying that though the current Government is giving all superannuitant and extra $100 in May, June and July to help with the electricity bills in the cold winter months so life isn’t a bed of roses for all.

I recently watched with no amusement, the Varadker version of an empty Neoliberal suit, at the end of one of his happy shiny videos, trying to sugar the pill of likely pension problems ahead, by announcing a cunning plan to raise the retirement age for public sector workers to 70. It would be voluntary of course & after all according to the good Doctor 70 is the new 50. But never mind everything else is great unless you are one of the 20% of the population who suffers from chronic pain, who can no longer have access to the medical profession’s recommended prescription because according to the above swearer of the Hippocratic oath, there is a problem of possible dependency – much better to go out & get yourself a nice cheap bag of opioids.

I am not sure about the idea of a universal basic income, especially if it gets tied to Rogoff”s push for demonetisation. gas up asheville From what I have experienced of a time when working class communities functioned very well in comparison to the present, many people work well in a collective & are not likely to be interested in taking up solo basket weaving or whatever.. Of course those coalminers, steel & pottery workers I once knew are a thing of the past & there is no need for people to work as hard & as long as they once did, but something fundamental was lost other than jobs when that was all sent away with no decent replacement. This is obvious to see for me, in what was once a vibrant community, which is now a pretty rotten somewhere you just go to stew in.

Yes, I understand all that Salford Lad and I am a great fan of MMT. I think we are both singing from the same song sheet but using different words. I know I do use the word ‘printing’ when I should use the word ‘create’ but whether it is the Commercial Banks or the Central Bank creating money, that money has been used to buy assets whether it is shares or houses and inflation has occured in those assets. But it is not the money per se that causes the inflation; it is allowing the created money to buy non performing assets. No body is employed and nothing is developed. But surely if that created money were spent on something that gave a return or made people’s lives better then that wouldn’t cause inflation because it would be spread out. I am not sure of the word ‘return’ either. Building better hospitals and schools etc does not give a ‘return’ as such but does make the people’s lives better so perhaps a better future can be regarded as the ‘return’. gas up yr hearse I do worry about encouraging us to give up cash in favour of digitally created money though. Isn’t that the ultimate in privatisation? Or am I just looking for a conspiracy where there isn’t one. But I guess I am rabbiting on to the converted! There just has to be a better way.