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To the Quickly commenter who was lamenting the rise in the national debt: Former President Reagan raised our debt while he was in office. He also had the largest number of cabinet members who were convicted of crimes after leaving office. That’s unprecedented as well.

I agree with the comment about why the teachers want money. How many times has my child come home to tell me they had a substitute teacher? Where are these teachers? Plus, they have Christmas and the whole summer off. I don’t think they should get any more money.

Gary police think they can do whatever they want to, and the Gary court system is a joke. They need to just move all of it to Crown Point. Also, why does every murderer who goes out and kills somebody go and get Scott King, of the Scott King Group in Merrillville, as your lawyer? What kind of lawyer is he? He’s a murderer’s lawyer.

About teachers who come in and start work at 8:30 in the morning and get out by 2:30 or 3 in the afternoon: They do a little bit more than that, my friend. They need to study. They need to take their work home. Some of the better teachers in the world and in the United States who do not complain put in 10- or 12-hour days six days a week. That’s why they are saying they need more money.

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It’s a very simple choice. With half of the country depending on some type of entitlement, if you want to keep on receiving these entitlements and political promises that you will receive more benefits, you will vote Democrat. If you want a job and to not depend on the government, you will vote Republican. Tell the Democrats we don’t need them to survive.

You people make me sick. If Virginia McLaurin, the woman President Obama was dancing with had been a 106-year-old white woman, you wouldn’t have had a comment about it at all.

I think it’s been proven medically that if you live in upper elevations, perhaps like in Colorado where Denver is 5,280 feet up, you have less oxygen, which means you have less oxygen going to your brain and you probably don’t have the common sense that you would have if you lived down below or a little lower, perhaps like we do in the Midwest. Thereby, the marijuana that was made legal, maybe they should reconsider.

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I agree with the commenter who says it doesn’t matter who we elect in the Democratic and Republican primaries because they’re about the same. He is 100 percent correct. The big way of looking at things is the same. We need somebody who isn’t in their establishments, someone like Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders or Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz or Donald Trump. It would drive the establishment crazy if any of those three were elected.

My dad who passed away seven years ago at the age of 85 taught me that Social Security was never intended to be the sole financial input for you when you retire. He used to teach me about the three-legged stool. You need three legs on a stool to sit on it to be balanced. You needed Social Security, you needed your pension and you needed savings that you did on your own. Nowadays, folks try to balance on one leg. It’s impossible. It’s even impossible to balance on two. You need all three.

Parents, during spring break, get your kids out. Clean up the junk. Take out the papers in the yard. Make your home presentable. Teach them cleanliness. Teach them skills to have their home presentable. It’s the parents’ responsibility.

My son-in-law works as a mechanic at ArcelorMittal in Burns Harbor. They’re always looking for a few good men and women also..

Just in case you hadn’t guessed it already, French heroine Joan of Arc was transgender.

You’re forgetting that Edith Wilson was president when her husband, Woodrow Wilson, suffered a stroke.

I no longer live in Gary. I’m thankful I’m out of there. There’s no justice in Gary.

Barack Obama is still the president. He was born to do this job. He’s done a good job for as much as they have let him do. I’m so thankful and glad he’s getting out of office so he can live his life with his family in a normal way. A lot of them wouldn’t let him do anything. He’s a good president and smart. I appreciate Obama. I wish him the best, and love, happiness and everything for the rest of his life. Thank you, President Obama.

My house was vandalized. I just want to let the thieves know that I’ve worked three jobs and so has my husband for the last 30 years. Everything that we had, they took from us including my dead parents’ jewelry. I believe that these people need to be caught. I hope they get caught. I hope that what comes around goes around. I hope their son’s things get stolen and their things get stolen just as mine have been.

About gasoline prices: Well, it’s not only Griffith. It’s every place else in Indiana. The price of a barrel of oil goes up 34 cents and gas goes up 25 cents to 30 cents. I still say they’re just trying to recoup what they lost. Get the gas price back down to $1.25 or $1.30 a gallon and let’s go on and have a good summer.

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