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Welcome to the Race Day Feed, coming to you from Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City. Round sixteen of Monster Energy Supercross is set to play out today, and right here is where you can keep track of all the action. We’ll be posting updates right here on Racer X Online all day, so be sure to check back often. Posts are in chronological order, so scroll to the bottom for the latest info. Morning Report

Being this late in the season, the biggest question is whether or not any titles will be clinched today. In the 450SX Class, the answer is likely yes. Jason Anderson currently holds a thirty-four point lead over Marvin Musquin, and while there are a variety of options that could end up with him clinching the title, the main thing to keep track of is that as long as he doesn’t give up more than seven points to Musquin, the championship is his. In other words, a fourth or better will clinch no matter what. And if you’re wondering, he’s only finished worse than fourth one time this season, a seventh in Daytona.

In the 250SX Class there’s a possibility Aaron Plessinger could be crowned champion tonight, but the odds aren’t totally in his favor. If he wins, he’ll need Adam Cianciarulo to finish sixth or worse, something AC hasn’t made it a habit of doing this season. Still, definitely worth keeping an eye on. For a deeper look at tonight’s title scenarios, go here.

Elsewhere we’ll have to wait and see if the fireworks between Musquin and Eli Tomac (in case you hadn’t heard, Musquin took Tomac out at the end of last week’s main event for the win) that exploded last week spill into today’s action. Tomac made no attempt to hide his displeasure with Musquin’s move, calling it a "cheap shot" afterward, and the general feeling is that, at some point, he’ll return the favor.

Blake Wharton was king in the first 250B qualifier. He set the fastest time right away, with nobody else, except his teammate Michcael Leib, even coming close. Wharton would lower his time again late in the session. Things didn’t go as well for his teammate, Martin Castelo, who took a nasty spill exiting the sand section and was limping pretty hard when he got off the track. He ended up leaving in the back of the Alpinestars Medical Mule.

Things were a bit busier in the final 450 qualifier. Tyler Bowers found himself up top initially with a 48.818, but then Weston Peick, Jason Anderson, Marvin Musquin, and Eli Tomac all started duking it out for the fastest time. Tomac ended up fastest with a 46.618, and was the only rider to turn a lap under 47 seconds. This session was definitely faster than the others. That much was reflected in lap times, but you could see it too. There were fewer ruts (the track gets worked on between practices), it was probably harder, and the guys seemed to be attacking in more places. There’s also a steep single jump right before a left-hand sweeper that about half the guys were sucking up, with the other half just launching into the sweeper. Not only did it look cool, it looked a bit faster too. The whoops seemed pretty tough, particularly the second set, with plenty of guys opting to jump through them rather than blitz them. The tractors are out right now doing maintenance, so we’ll see how much of the whoops remain for the main program.

Savatgy and Cianciarulo took the lead right away, but Plessinger got by Cianciarulo half a lap into it. Savatgy continued to lead, but Plessinger, Cianciarulo, and Shane McElrath were all right on top of him. Then Cianciarulo made a move on Plessinger in a turn after the whoops to take over second, and McElrath went by shortly after, shuffling Plessinger to fourth! McElrath put a move on Cianciarulo but AC hung tough and held on to second, barely. The onslaught continued and vvery turn it seemed like McElrath was right next to Cianciarulo, but Cianciarulo somehow held on every time. Plessinger, meanwhile, was losing touch ever so slightly from the top three. Up front McElrath blitzed by Cianciarulo and Savatgy in the whoops to take the lead. Cianciarulo saw an opening and also went by Savatgy. With seven minutes remaining they were into lappers, and Cianciarulo was forced to slow slightly when Bradley Lionnet went down in the whoops in front of him. As the race started to wind down Plessinger started catching Savatgy and it wasn’t long before he was all over him. Savatgy was able to stretch it back out though and take third with relatively little pressure. McElrath won, but barely. It should have been a comfortable margin but he slowed up in the final turn and kind of coasted across the line. He must not have known Cianciarulo was as close as he was, but Cianciarulo saw the opportunity and dropped the hammer, nearly stealing one, missing out by less than half a second. Savatgy took third, followed by Plessinger and Chase Sexton. Justin Hill was never really a factor in this one and had some issues that dropped him all the way down to fourteenth. Salt Lake City – 250SX West Main Event Rice-eccles Stadium – Salt Lake City, UT April 28, 2018

Jason Anderson started this one out with, well, not a holeshot. Quite the opposite, in fact. He went down in the first turn and found himself dead last, the absolute last thing he needed. Scratch that. The last thing he needed was to develop a mechanical problem and have to pull into the mechanic’s area to have his front wheel swapped, but that’s exactly what happened. Of course, all that was exactly what Marvin Musquin, who had passed Blake Baggett and was running away with the lead, needed to get back into championship contention. Eli Tomac, meanwhile, hadn’t gotten the greatest start and was working his way forward but found himself unable to slice by Barcia. Finally, after multiple laps, Tomac blew by him in the whoops. Barcia tried to come back in the next turn but Tomac had already put enough ground on him. Next up on Tomac’s hit list was Christian Craig, who he passed on the outside in a bowl turn. But when Tomac was about to go by Baggett, he just barely clipped a Tuff Block with his leg and went down. The contact with the Tuff Block was so light it may not have even contributed to the crash. That knocked Tomac to fourth with about six minutes remaining. He got back past Craig and started closing the gap on Baggett again. By this point the hope of catching Musquin was all but gone, as the race was winding down and Musquin had a huge lead, but Tomac was still ripping and moved into second past Baggett. From there the running order was, for the most part, set, as everyone was pretty spread out. Anderson kept his head down after he got back on the track, taking seventeenth. His points lead took a huge hit, but he’ll still have a pretty good cushion heading into Vegas next week. Salt Lake City – 450SX Main Event Rice-eccles Stadium – Salt Lake City, UT April 28, 2018