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I was overcome with fear. I had no idea why my daddy was so mad or what he was even talking about, until he continued and said: “The little ni**er I just watched you wallowing with all over the playground!” Taken aback, I answered him with a question: “Yonnie?” Did he mean my friend Yonnie…..the little black girl that was my best friend in the whole wide world?

I grew up to be a teenage girl filled with rage and hate, but not the kind my father tried to teach me. The traumas I had incurred in childhood, were followed by rape in early adolescence by a 44-year-old man. Abandoned by my mother at age fourteen, I had been left in the clutches of a pedophile. By sixteen I was so filled with pain, anxiety and depression that I acted out of rebellion to pretty much life in general and by age nineteen I found myself in prison.

That’s the beginning of when and where life changed. I was an adult now. I did not want to repeat the vicious cycle of dysfunction that ran so deep through my family. Gradually life tookme further and further away from that horrible upbringing and I truly broke free when I became amother myself. physics c electricity and magnetism formula sheet Becoming a mother is what saved me most, in that I had another human being to take care of and think about the well-being of while going forward in life. This was good for me, as I got to experience unconditional love for the very first time, as a mother. My only parenting skill: vowing never to do any of the horrible things I saw my parents do.

I went on in motherhood to adopt a second child who is biracial. My son knows all about his KKK grandfather and he knows that I had a very traumatic childhood. In fact, he knows that was part of what inspired me to become an adoptive parent. Knowing what it was like to be abused and disregarded as a child, I wanted to pay my love forward into a child’s life that needed love.

So what I want you to know is this: Love trumps hate. You can overcome even the worst traumas by embracing love and letting go of hate. You can change tomorrow by breaking free of the cycles of dysfunction that may be weighing down your today. Your life is worth improving and you do not have to accept toxic circumstances as your own, not even from family (especially from family). gas monkey monster truck body Family are the people who love you and love is an action, not just a

What DID happen . . . well let’s just say it was not pretty. We arrived at the shoot early (as in, I had to set an alarm and freakin’ wake her up). When we got there, wardrobe gave me an outfit for her to wear, which was an adorable wintery outfit with lots of layers and a fleece hat that was as tight as a swimcap on her 97% percentile sized head. It was so tight it pushed the skin on her forehead forward, giving her a kind of neanderthal look. She was not happy with the hat, but I kept coaxing it back on her head. gas unlimited We did a few practice runs, and everything was great. India was adorable, she walked down and back and even pretended to be a ballerina. She was pleased with herself, and everyone thought she was really cute. We had a little breakfast, and then they rallied the kids for what was supposed to be a 9:30 fashion show.

This is where things went wrong. Apparently, there was a little presentation before the catwalk, and this gal was going LONG. So the huddled the kids into a dark backstage area that was seperated from the audience by a curtain and a screen. The presentation was still going on, so we were urged to keep the kids really quiet. This went on for a HALF HOUR. a gas has no volume You can imagine how 30 minutes of sitting still and being shushed went over with a tired 2-year-old. Things got so bad that I finally pulled out some Cheerios, thinking I could keep her quiet for a few more minutes that way. The talking lady didn’t seem anywhere close to finishing up.

Oh wait. Turns out she was finished. As soon as I pulled out the cheerios, I hear the lady say, “and now let’s have a look at our toddler shoes”. And suddenly the room becomes chaos, and we’re being told to line up. Which means that I have to take the cup of Cheerios out of India’s hand and try to get her to line up and walk down a runway.