Rahul gandhi has all the right qualities to make an excellent prime minister shashi tharoor- the new indian express gas leak los angeles california


Confident that he will win from Thiruvananthapuram again, Shashi Tharoor, who has represented the constituency twice, says that the youth i feel electricity in my body of the country will play a significant role in the current polls. Speaking to Express Deputy Chief of Bureau Anil S, Tharoor also expressed his displeasure over the recent defection of Tom Vadakkan to BJP and why Rahul electricity flow diagram Gandhi deserves to be the next Prime Minister.

A: I think my work for Thiruvananthapuram and the people who reside here in itself offers a great source of confidence about my quest power outage houston today for another opportunity to represent the people. I am glad that the contest is with a former Governor and a former minister because that will be a worthy fight for the values that define our land. I believe I will prevail.

A: Sreedharan Pillai and the BJP machinery gas vs diesel cars at large must certainly feel threatened by my presence and views and handicapped by their inability to fight me fair and electricity kwh cost uk square. That is why they are resorting to false accusations and cheap innuendos. These lies must stop and that is why I have filed a defamation case against Sreedharan Pillai. Challenge my work as an MP, don’t invent lies gas station in spanish about my personal life!

A: I think it’s unfortunate that Tom Vadakkan has fallen prey to the allure of petty chauvinistic politics and bigotry that is inextricably linked to the BJP today. To a certain extent, I am pained by the hypocrisy in his decision to join an organisation that is fundamentally antithetical to all the values and principles Tom has argued for during his tenure in politics.

A: I think gas near me cheap youth, not just in Thiruvananthapuram but in the country at large will play a significant role la gasolina in the current polls. And they should if they want to raise their voice against the step-motherly treatment that has been handed out to them by the present ruling dispensation. Unemployment is at an all-time high, job losses are rampant, the economy at large is in a shambles due gas house gorillas to demonetisation and the hasty implementation of GST.

Our education system has also been wrecked through low budgetary allocations. All of these have dented hp gas online booking mobile number the prospects and future of our youth. They must certainly step and express their dissatisfaction through ballot box. Ultimately, my message to the youth of the country is this: Politics is not just about the choices you will have to make in the general elections but about decisions that are being taken every day gas up asheville that will inevitably affect your daily life.

A: I am confident that a Congress-led government will come to power at the Centre, and when it does I will undertake whatever responsibilities electricity per kwh calculator the party sees fit to give me. But that being said, all of the issues that you have raised, including any decision on the PM candidate put forward q mart gas station by the Congress and its allies, will emerge from established processes and conventions, which will, of course, have to be representative of the interests of the larger coalition that the Congress helms.

At a personal level, having had several interactions and discussions in close quarters with the Congress president, to my mind it is evidently clear that Rahul Gandhi has all the right qualities to make electricity nw an excellent Prime Minister. His gas news in hindi inclusive style of leadership, a willingness to reach across the political divide, paired with a distinctive charisma, humility and remarkable awareness, all suggest that he would be able to fittingly match the expectations of the top job.