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INSIDE the park: Rustic dorm rooms are available at a payroll deduction of $40 per week per person for rooms with 2-4 persons. A very few rooms house 6 people; those residents pay $30 per week. Bathroom facilities range from private to shared facilities. Due to our room setup, we are unable to offer mixed-gender housing, with the exception of managers with single housing privileges. Laundry facilities and laundry soap are provided at each dorm unit at no cost to employees.

Employee meals are served in Employee Dining Rooms (EDRs) at a cost of $55 per week. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate strict vegetarian diets. All employees living inside the park are required to participate in the meal plan; no exceptions may be granted. Cooking is not allowed in the dormitories.

OUTSIDE the park: Limited modern apartment-style housing is available outside the park at our warehouse/office location at a weekly cost of $40 per person. No meal plan is available for residents of this housing. Employees must be able to provide their own transportation to and from grocery stores, etc. as there is no public transportation.

RV Owners: We can accommodate RV units at two locations. One location is inside the park in a beautifully wooded campground ($25 weekly), and the other is just outside the park in a quiet and scenic location near our administration office ($60 weekly). As we do not offer shower and bathroom facilities, all RV’s must be fully self-contained – no camper shells, etc. Well-behaved cats and dogs less than 30 pounds are allowed but must be on a leash whenever outdoors, may not be left outside unattended, and must be cleaned up after. Limit of one pet per RV space.

Please note that we are unable to house children or other family members and all housing is non-smoking. Pets are not allowed, with the exception of RV units with restrictions. Wi-fi is available in dorm common areas (with the exception of Sunrise Lodge); please note that wi-fi at Mount Rainier is slow and unreliable by modern standards.

The possibilities for outdoor recreation are incredible, with hiking, backpacking, climbing, fishing, and photography being popular outdoor pursuits. Year-round skiing and snowboarding is available to those able to hike to the snowfields. Nearby lakes outside the park offer opportunities for kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. For those who are less active, simply watching the sunset (or rise!) on the mountain is a fantastic way to enjoy your time.

Employees tend to be a tight-knit group, regularly organizing group hikes, soccer games, and trips to town. Housing staff provides activities throughout the season to meet many interests, including movie nights, ping pong tournaments, Seattle Mariners games, 4th of July fireworks viewing, and day trips to Mount St. Helens National Park.

Large portions of Mount Rainier National Park are surrounded by National Forest, providing even more recreational opportunities. Other recreation opportunities outside the park include Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Area, the Columbia River Gorge, and the entire Puget Sound region.

A summer job in a National Park is special partly because of the different lifestyle it provides. If accepted for employment, you will be working in the mountains over 60 miles from the city. Our facilities are more rustic than those in the city and, because of the remoteness of our location, we have fewer of the conveniences to which you have become accustomed.

Most towns just outside the park are quite small, with limited services. Ashford, at the main Nisqually entrance, has just 220 residents, a convenience store, general store, and small Post Office with limited hours. Anyone searching for the amenities and services of larger cities should recognize that options are limited, with larger cities like Puyallup, Tacoma, and Seattle two or more hours away.

As the tallest mountain in the Cascades, Mt. Rainier experiences heavy precipitation. In fact, for decades Paradise held the world record for most snow in a 12 month period. Employees arriving in April and May (and sometimes early June) should expect a deep snowpack. 15 feet on the ground in May is not uncommon! And of course, it can snow at any time in the mountains. Please be prepared for a variety of weather throughout the season.