Ralph nader_ ready for democracy at breaking through power electricity generation by source

It has been said that democracy is not a spectator sport. Gas engine tom By definition, it must be a participatory duty that we impose on ourselves. Gas efficient cars Apart from jury duty, too easily avoided, there are no obligatory duties in our constitution.

Gas news in hindi So it is up to us to determine how civically engaged we are going to be to improve our community and country. Unfortunately, too many people give up on themselves saying that they are “nobodies” or that “the Big Boys are in control.

” Yet these same people know that American history is full of great advances in justice that started with a few ordinary people who made themselves “somebodies.” Ordinary people doing extraordinary things have improved our society in countless ways. Electricity electricity goodness The abolition movement against slavery, the women’s drive to vote, the major protections for workers, farmers, consumers and the environment, advances in civil rights and civil liberties were jumpstarted by those who had a vision of a better society and the energy to want change. Gas constant Little comes top down without pressure from bottom up. Curiously, citizen energies rise and fall, which is why some scholars have called such declines “justice fatigue.

” That is, striving for justice collectively, without backup civic institutions, exhausts people, resulting in long lull periods of inaction between shorter periods of civic activism. At the end of September, we are gathering many civic leaders — giants in their fields for justice — at the Carnegie Institution of Washington and DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., to elevate the scope, intensity and creativity of the civil society which works for all people. Z gas el salvador empleos (See breakingthroughpower.org.) People are coming to learn, to be inspired, empowered and more connected to initiatives already underway for a better country.

Some people will come to learn how to defend themselves from wrongful injuries and dictatorial, fine-print contracts. C gastronomie plateaux repas They will hear about how they can use tort law and courts to achieve justice. Gas natural Others will come to get their first look at historic leaders who have accomplished greater justice and continue to do so. They will learn about the Time Dollar currency from legendary professor-advocate, Edgar Cahn. Electricity and water They will hear how community business can be revolutionary, how to organize for safe food, how to influence the Congress and regulatory agencies and how to form new powerful organizations.

They will discover that 1 percent or less of the people in Congressional districts advancing reforms and redirections supported by a majority of the people (see “ Unstoppable: the Emerging Left/Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State”) can overcome corporate lobbyists and foot-dragging legislators who resist citizen initiatives. Taking control of our common assets helps advance the public interests as well.

Electricity bill calculator Day two of the Breaking Through Power mobilization covers the astonishing truth that the greatest wealth in our country is collectively owned by the people. 4 gas laws Trillions of dollars of pension, mutual fund monies and savings, coupled with the vast public lands onshore and offshore, and the public airwaves are examples of what “We the People” own but do not control.

Gas after eating pasta This day is devoted to reclaiming control over our commonwealth. E gasoline We should recall that allowing corporations to control what we own has led again and again to disasters.

U save gas station grants pass Witness the Wall Street collapse of 2008, the massive soil erosions of our lands, and the fluff, self-censorship and saturation of commercials on our corporate-controlled public airwaves. The four days of Breaking Through Power will be live streamed by the Real News Network. Gas knife Go to breakingthroughpower.

org, or contact Ticketmaster at 800-653-8000 to sign up for these memorable events. Gas bijoux soho We can make it happen; you can make it historic. Site: http://www.nhregister.com/opinion/20160925/ralph-nader-ready-for-democracy-at-breaking-through-power