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– Ran rose to power via a coup, took control of a city, and sent the Hands of Fate off onto their life-changing mission to Bal Darul. gas utility austin She is rumored to be a grand agent of an unknown deity who is simply disguised as a human. Many find her position of power to be too coincidental and that she is just puppeteering all around her for a greater plan.

You have a military rank from your career as a soldier. Soldiers loyal to your former military organization still recognize your authority and influence, and they defer to you if they are of a lower rank. You can invoke your rank to exert influence over other soldiers and requisition simple equipment or horses for temporary use. gas laws worksheet You can also usually gain access to friendly military encampments and fortresses where your rank is recognized.

Miki Taira – A energetic and talkable kitsune who has quite a penchant for Kotonaru. Ran has developed a bit of a love/hate relationship with her as her highly energetic ways tend to wear the commander thin quickly. Despite this, she has come to respect and appreciate Miki’s company during the time when Kotonaru was traveling abroad. They often spent many nights talking about their shared interests and helping each other prepare the land she tended for the construction of the Starlight Citadel.

Mordecai Flamehammer – An odd young lad that she never really understood or got along with, though with him settling down with Elyna, they both are now highly respected members of the military of Elexsa as they are now both responsible for the production of the firearms that Elexsa now utilizes in their fight against the evil forces of Stibewall.

Olive – A changeling that Ran always thought as shy but capable. z gastroenterol journal She found that Olive was quite the talented healer and have grown a bit of fondness for her in her efforts to keep Kotonaru alive during their adventures. Even though they have not had much of a way of a relationship, she always is happy to see her and Rothilion mend a burnt bridge of love between them and finally set about to call Elexsa their permanent home.

Kotonaru – A kitsune who, with a single feather, changed Ran’s entire life. grade 6 electricity unit ontario She was the first to show her any true compassion and was a comfort during very trying times. The wry kitsune had found a way into her heart, causing the commander of Elexsa to feel something she thought she’d never find. Since that fateful day and the ones following the commander had grown close to the kitsune, finding a life outside of her duty. electricity synonyms Kotonaru continues to bring unexpected joys into her life which only cause her love for her to grow even more. They now make plans for the future, plans on bringing in a new era of peace side by side and fighting the growing darkness that threatens to envelop the world. Kotonaru had become the center of her own universe, propelling herself to further expand her own skills so when the day they could travel side by side, that she would be ready to raise her swords with Kotonaru.

Vuld Whitepeak – A longtime friend that helped her with the coup against Edward. gas numbers stove temperature They have a long history of aiding one another in their military endeavors. Where Vuld helps her obtain power and correct the wrongs of an evil man, she helped him found the Fremen Guard and bring a military presence to the Free Lands. In time Ran would eventually help him set upon the road to Bal Darul to finally claim his rightful position as King of the dwarves. There are many things they leave unsaid between the two as their friendship has always been one of action and not words.

Rothilion Krisnan – A captain of the guard that has always been her right hand in any dealing with Elexsa, or anything at that matter. power usage estimator They have a relationship of brother and sister almost as Ran has found a penchant for teasing the lad whenever there was a chance to do so. Despite this, they have deeply rooted respect for one another and are each other’s close confidants with any matter that plagues them.

Clicker – An adorable Kenku who unfortunately causes Ran to become flustered. Being a secret lover of cute animals, much in the way she loves and adores Umbra, Clicker invariable causes it to bring that out in herself. electricity tattoo designs It’s a battle to keep things professional when around them. Besides that, they find Clickers aptitude with tracking and scouting quite impressive and with them spearheading the Spymaster position within the Heralds and their knack of finding information that many believed that was secured. There is an underlying respect for the kenku’s ability in their tasks and lethality in combat.