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Turns out, the washing machine hack does NOT work for our machine. My son looked up a different video and got through the first step on his own but then he needed a socket wrench. Mine were too small. Called hubby and he brought over ginormous ones Then he had to search his garage for smaller sizes and try several before he found the one that fit.

Rave: Puppy did so well when hubby came over for repairs. We blocked him in the girls’ room. He was concerned at first (he’s not allowed back there, normally), so he peed a little. But when hubby was here, he didn’t bark or carry on one bit. He just sat at attention on the other side of the block (?? part of a bed that metal’s, springy but exposed- sort of like the box spring? We use it to block the girls’ room from the kitchen. It’s the perfect length).

Also, don’t try to change too many big things at once. gas house gorillas You’ll overwhelm yourself and burn out. Let’s say you want to exercise more. Start with a 30 minute walk a day. If that’s too much, cut back until you’re comfortable. Then establish the routine. gas numbers stove temperature After a couple of weeks, the routine will have become a habit and you can slowly build up or intensify things from there.

Zhaylin, first let me say that one of my ambitions is to try to engage with the content that you post more thoroughly. I feel as if you award me a lot of your time and in return I often gloss over a lot of the things you have to say. I hope you don’t take this personally, it’s more of a reflection of me being busy and disjointed. As I said thought it is my ambition to try to change that behaviour. I’m sure your first instinct is to say that it’s okay and you don’t mind, but I really do feel as if it is unfair of me to act in that way, and I would like to take more of an interest in your life because I care about you and it’s important to me.

As for the vaping thing, I have vaped a hand full of times trying other people’s vapes. It’s really amusing seeing how much vapour I can pull and then blow out. Vaping is actually really tasty/smells pleasant and of course is much less damaging than smoking cigarettes. For some reason I never ended up switching, in my country it’s not really freely available, so that could be part of the reason. I guess it was more so me just not taking enough interest though. It’s easier to stick to what you know. I’ve been off cigarettes for a few months now anyway since I’ve been home.

Rant: On Saturday, we decided to look for McDonalds lol. Everyone told us it was easily within walking distance It would have ended up close to 5 miles. Almost right away, my lower back started killing me. But I plugged on. Then, I felt on the verge of vomiting and hubby’s not in the greatest shape, either, so we stopped at an Indian restaurant we happened to see. grade 6 electricity unit ontario Of course, it was up 3 steep flights of stairs I felt BAD. I ordered a rice, some bread (naan?), and a sweet Lassi. I slowly started feeling better and hubby said my "color" was back to looking normal (so, I guess, I LOOKED almost as bad as I felt lol).

Rave: The drive home was MUCH nicer!!!! His daughter lives along the way home (some 2 hours out of Chicago but 7 hours from home), so we stopped and visited for a while. We ate sushi and I was amazed. I LOVE eel. When I eat it at the place closer to home, it ALWAYS blows up my stomach. When we ate, with his daughter, my stomach didn’t complain in the slightest. Which makes me wonder about the quality of the more local stuff

Rant: But several hours after PT, I noticed my left wrist hurt with certain movements. When I woke, it still hurt and I had considerable soreness at the inside (spine) and outside (armpit and downwards) of my right shoulder blade. I think I pushed myself a little too hard. I have PT again today and I’m going to have to ask them to dial it back just a bit until my wrist is better. The soreness is actually nice lol. It’s what I always feel after a proper workout. z gastroenterol journal But my wrist is almost concerning. I don’t think it’s sprained… but it’s close.

Meh: Our long haired ginger kitten was disgusting yesterday so I took a shower with her. It was her first time and she did amazingly well until she was soaked. Then she had had enough! I had to finish MY shower, so I set her in the bathroom itself. I knew she’d be freezing so I rushed. I picked her up, when I was through and wrapped part of my towel around her. I brought her to Miley so they could cuddle. When the kitten was pulled away from my towel, I discovered she had pooped on it…. and the poop was squirming with worms

I was certain she had them, a week ago, because her breath smells like death; but I got too caught up in the trip. Today, she was wobbling on her feet and she lost her bowels again on the floor I bought some soft food for them, when I went shopping earlier. I just hope she can expel them before it’s too late. I’ll dose Maaria, separately as well. electricity synonyms Then on Monday I’ll buy some more wet food and give meds to the older kittens… then the cats… and I have stuff to dose the dogs tomorrow while I’m on a roll.

Rave: They laughed at me today, at PT. As I was doing my wall crawls, I saw a "large" cellar spider along the baseboard. I picked him up… kept dropping and losing him, then finally got him outside safely. I felt bad because cellar spiders are INDOOR spiders… and the temps are nearing freezing. I just placed him on the window sill right outside and hoped he’d make his way back inside. Where I had found him, though, was an invitation to quickly get stomped on!

Rant: The girls got screwed at the car place. The dealership said they were washing their hands of the whole thing. The engine, on her original car, is blown. They’re going to have it towed it… which is going to cause tension with hubby. Hubby’s off tomorrow. He needs a LOT of rest. This week has been brutal on him. I’ve not broken the news about all of this to him yet. Hopefully, he’ll take it well enough to direct the dealership to where he wants the girls car to rest. youtube gas pedal lyrics Otherwise, they’re likely to just dump it in the middle of the driveway which is REALLY tick hubby off.