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Fast forward to summer of 2017 and we took over the contract to haul all 5 gas laws of the spuds into the plant. Ours and 3 out of 4 other growers organics included. Now there is no down time, go go GO! Is my life now and I’m about burned out. I typically get a day off a week and that is half burned up by driving 5 hours home because my load delivered late at night so I need to sleep before coming home or the plant is behind 2-8 hours so I get to sit doing nothing while I wait.

I was supposed to have last weekend off. The plant was running 6 hours gas dryer vs electric dryer safety behind so I didnt get home until noon Saturday and then found out I was headed back out 11 am Sunday. This was after running 11 days straight. Got the schedule this am and after being told I had tomorrow off gas in oil pressure washer several times this passed week I was scheduled to go out again tomorrow afternoon. I about lost my shit. My niece is the one that puts the schedule together and she knew I was just a little k gas oroville more than perturbed so I got a text that she changed things so I’m off tomorrow. Fawk this, I’m so important to the farm I can’t possibly have any sort of life of my own? I got bad news for them…

Meanwhile, everyone in my department m gasbuddy was given substantially more workload recently . . . and we all have to pay much more for parking than students do . . . and, according to information that is publicly available, our group is highly underpaid compared to similar institutions and careers but when we inquire (in large meetings) about the possibility of getting electric utility companies in arizona inline with salaries to approach other universities, we hear Yeah, well, I will mention that in my meeting with the President . . . then the all too common sound of crickets chirping . . . as months pass by and cries from the little people remain . . . unheard . . .

Meanwhile, my adult daughter has a seizure and our insurance is . . . I’m not even going there . . . the ambulance trip (all v gashi 2015 two and a half miles) to the hospital was more than $1,100 . . . the good news is that she’s doing fine and her seizure was the result of incorrect prescription from her doctor so, she probably won’t have another grand mal seizure again . . . yay!

Ok, so.I was in a fairly minor crash with a teenager who is dealing with her first winter as a driver a couple Sundays power kinetic energy ago and there was minor body damage to both her Jetta and my 200, but the impact also knocked out my steering so I had the car towed home since it was just a few blocks from there. Not mad at the girl since the roads were gas approximation kinda crappy and it appears that the city didn’t salt that intersection until after I called 911 to report the crash. Also not upset with the towing company or their driver, requested the same driver take the car to the dealer to get the steering fixed and as of right now would use electricity lessons 4th grade them again. Now on to the frustration……..

I called my insurer shortly after getting the car unloaded and the CSR was nice as well as helpful, seemed kinda relieved when I told her I’m also a CSR in a different industry (seems easier to work with one of your own, I guess) as was the wholesale electricity prices by state adjuster I talked to the next evening. Now it took until the end of the week for the appraiser to come to the house to look at the car and the body damage was appraised at $1200, minus the $500 deductable and I then just had to get it to where I was going to get it fixed. I chose tk send it to the dealer I bought it from since I bought gas prices in michigan the lifetime extended warranty when I bought it 7 years ago and that is how you don’t screw with the warranty in this situation. Car seems to have made it there gas in oil briggs and stratton engine ok and the dealer doesn’t want to put it on a lift until the appraiser is there since it’s a PITA to move around right now. I called the appraiser and left him a message about what is going gas news in hindi on and where the car is and he needs to be there to get the car on the lift to eval the mechanical damage. At this point I have called 5-6 times and now left 3 messages to call me since Thursday and see what was going on and have yet to hear from him.