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Swollen lips. Red clown-like ring. Cracked lips. Burning sensation. Mucus-like oozing from lips. It was 2 weeks ago that i had these problems in one hit! Never had it before and it has been painful for the last two weeks. Tried googling to see if anyone had experienced the same thing and thank God i’m not alone! It was weird waking up with fat swollen lips and the last thing i wanted to do was see a doctor. What do they know?!! Anyways, with much frustration i got rid of lip balms, paw paw ointment and just used my fragrance free moisturiser on my lips to get me through the last couple weeks. Yesterday i was fed up with the burning sensation etc that i thought i should ask a pharmacist. The pharmacist told me as bizarre it may sounded at the time she said try NAPPY RASH ointment! Her baby daughter had the same thing! I’ve been using it for the last 24 hours applying a thicker layer at night and oh my goodness it works a treat! You will notice some difference when you apply it on immediately. She recommended to apply the nappy rash ointment every 2 hours and at night a nice thick layer. I can finally smile again after 24 hours and everything i have felt and been through for the last 2 weeks is like non existent!! Hope this helps peeps!!

OK. There are a couple of things to know about this rash. There are a number of causes, however, there are some usual and likely culprits. The first is Herpes Simplex 1. Although most people associate Herpes Simplex 1 with just cold sores, the truth is that Herpes Simplex typically hides in the trigeminal nerve of the face. It can and does cause different types of breakouts on the skin of the face – principally under the nose and around the mouth. When it is around the mouth, sometimes the breakouts look nothing like traditional cold sore outbreaks. You will experience tingling/burning/itching in the area and the sides of your lips may crack and split and sting. Taking Valtrex for a few days will offer relief. In fact, if you take 2 Valtrex pills right after experiencing the tingling, your rash may clear right up. Of course, you will need a prescription from a doctor. You do NOT have to continually take Valtrex. Taking one at the first sign of a tingle will do the trick. There are certain things that cause the virus to flare up. You will have to learn your personal triggers (i.e. stress, sun, sugar, your period, etc)

Here is the other thing. Please do NOT use anti-fungal cream on your face! That can cause a hyper-reaction and leave you with an even more horrible rash. Cortizone might provide some relief, but it won’t that won’t stop the rash from coming back. There are drugs like Benadryl that can block the histamine response, but, again, they will not offer a long term solution for you. If you are going to take Benadryl, it will help, but the rash will come back. If you take Benadryl, take Benadryl pills and use Calamine lotion on the rash. This will help clear up the rash quicker than using Benadryl on the rash directly. I have found that other things in the creams will sometimes cause reactions in the rash.

I became very ill from asthma symptoms almost a year ago, and finally went to the doctor in December 2011. I was given Albuterol, antibiotics, and Prednisone. I developed oral thrush from the Albuterol, even though I carefully rinsed my mouth thoroughly after each use. I was given "Swish & Swallow", "Swish & Spit", and the thrush did disappear. However, here it is September 2012, and I am suffering from exremely dry skin, dry eyes, and sore mouth, tongue, lips, and corners of mouth. The problem is so severe that the dryness irritates my throat and causes me to cough a lot. I have thoroughly researched all of my symptoms.

I have learned that the medications they gave me can cause an electrolyte imbalance which can cause so many problems. I have started taking potassium, and also trying to eat all Potassium-Rich Foods. Among the highest source of Potassium can be found in raisins. So I started eating about 2 heaping TBS of raisins about 3 times a day. I immediately noticed some improvement. I just started this treatment plus Potassium-Rich Foods. I am on no medication now, and my health has improved, except for symptoms of severe dehydration. I’m sure it will take time.

I was a total mess in January of this year (2012), until about 6 weeks ago when I decided I had to start with my diet. No red meat, lots of raw vegetables and fruits. My improvement has been dramatic. I was almost totally incapactitated, and now I’m getting back some energy and feel so much happier. Now, if I can get rid of my dehydration problem with dryness of mouth, eyes, lips, throat, and skin, I will be even happer.

I have really tried just about everything everyone has recommended I am now using children’s toothpaste because any other toothpaste burns my tongue and mouth. Because of my improvement with my diet, I will continue to follow this course. I have a lot of hope that I will continue to improve.

Okay, I just learned something that I would like to share. Perioral dermatitis is a skin condition characterized by a rash that comes and goes around the mouth. It usually stops before the lip line. This would be treated with Doxycycline, an antibiotic. You cannot use it if you are pregnant or nursing. If you can use it, it will knock the dermatitis right out. Contact dermatitis is from an allergy. If your rash goes down to your lips or is even on your lips, you probably have this. You really want to find what you are allergic to. I did, and it was carrageenan. Check your toothpaste, coffee creamer, makeup, skin lotions, cottage cheese, sour cream, ice cream, soy milk, almond milk, BEER! I have stopped using any products and eating any food with carrageenan and most of the rash went away. Since it was around for about 2 years, I needed something to wipe it out. Doc gave me a topical called Protopic and it did just that. I bet lots of people are allergic to carrageenan but do not know it. It is in so many products and foods. If you find you do have this allergy, be sure to note all of the names that are used for carrageenan on ingredient labels. Typically, they are called algae in makeup. I also love this website: http://www.goodguide.com/ingredients/25561