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today cleaning out the side shed (that’s attached to our brick house I get bum rushed by 2, maybe 3 monster rats. they see me and run off, and since I’m basically just in gym shorts I’m not carrying, so can’t blade 45 and take care of business.

sitting here, watching netflix just now and 2 of these damn sons of bitches come scurrying down the tree in front of my house and just start going after the bird feeder! quick draw the BB gun, which is a red ryder cause anything else here is considered a firearm and go after them. my copper round is deflected by foliage and they run up to the corner of my house. Ok, I’ll go get my (borrowed) sweet as thermal and hunt them. No luck in the tree, along the fence, to the yard. Fine, I’ll go stake out their shed.

one of the traps is tripped! no body, and all the peanut butter is gone! fire up the thermal and see a faint little glow. Ok, game time. Flip on the light and finger nearing the trigger….. fudge, it’s my electric meter. you win this round you crafty bastards!

I just had to deal with the nasty bastards after wild fires drove tons of them down from the hills and into my neighborhood last fall, and they set up shop. I killed a couple dozen in my yard and shed with the T-Rex snap traps. They work much better than the old wood and wire traps, but still are sometimes found tripped with no rat in it. I did find one tripped without a rat in it, but there was blood everywhere, and about 3 inches of severed rat tail lying next to the trap. I hope it hurt. They finally made their way under my house, and into my wall. I heard a noise in my kitchen, and found after investigation that they had chewed a hole through the wall where my gas line penetrated for the stove and oven supply. I decided that my traps were not effective enough at that point, so I bought poison and bait stations. I dropped a few cubes of the poison down the hole in the wall, and sealed it up with steel wool and expanding foam. Then I set the bait stations around the perimeter of the house, and tossed bait cubes around in my shed. Within a week, no sign of any rats except for seeing one haul ass across the top of the fence going to my neighbor’s yard. I still keep the bait stations baited, because I want the assholes to never re-establish themselves in my shed or under my house. No smell of dead rats either. According to the guy that recommended the stuff, it supposedly makes them extremely thirsty as it kills them, and they move to water and die away from where they nest. My reading about the stuff didn’t say that. Apparently, it’s supposed to cause severe swelling of the brain and CNS, paralyzes and kills them, but whatever. They are gone, and I’m okay with whatever suffering they endured.

Bromethalin is the stuff. Tomcat brand and a few others have the 0.010% concentration. Others have 0.005%. There may be some with a higher concentration, but the 0.01% knocked the fuck out of my problem in grand fashion. It comes in blocks that the rats apparently love the taste of. They ate the shit of it for that first week. I’m now without sign of rats, and when I check the bait stations, there is very little if any bait consumed versus when there were more rats around. Use the bait stations to keep non-target animals from eating it. They’re cheap and effective.