Ray fittipaldo’s steelers chat transcript_ 12.5.16 _ pittsburgh post-gazette

POLL: Which of the four games remaining do you consider the most difficult for the Steelers? A. Gas vs electric oven for baking cakes at Buffalo (15%) B. Gas station near me open at Cincinnati (9%) C. Electricity youtube billy elliot Ravens (76%) D. Gas house edwards Browns (0%)

MB1: Hi Ray – I think it was great that J.Harrison downplayed the defense after the game. 7 gas laws With so many young guys I think it easy is for them to get caught up in the 3 wins and forget about the 4 losses. Electricity jokes Great veteran leadership.

Ray Fittipaldo: Good point. Gas dryer vs electric dryer safety A veteran voice is always appreciated by coaches at this time of the year. Gas bubble in eye I heard what James had to say. Wholesale electricity prices by state He said the defense is getting better but not anywhere near where it needs to be. Electricity bill average He also took some young players to task for allowing the TD on that final drive.

Steeler in Charlotte: When Deangelo Williams comes back, do you expect him to get worked in now and then or for Bell to continue getting this many touches?

Ray Fittipaldo: Not really. Gas x extra strength vs ultra strength Le’Veon Bell is one of their best players and they want him in the game as much as possible. Electricity transmission and distribution costs Now Williams could get more work than Fitzgerald Toussaint, but I’m talking only 5 or 6 snaps a game. Electricity in the body causes Bell is such an important part of the offense. U gas station near me They really can’t afford to have him out of the game for very long.

Nathan in AZ: Do you think that Ross Cockerel’s early success was a little too exaggerated? Do you think he is still playing up to that same level?

Ray Fittipaldo: I think Cockrell is playing all right. Gas in oil pan I don’t think he’s one of the best corners in the league or anything like that, but he’s doing a nice job in what the Steelers are asking him to do. Electricity meaning Let’s give the secondary some credit. Gas company They held Eli Manning to 195 passing yards. Electricity a level physics That’s a pretty good day at the office especially for a secondary that has struggled against good QBs this season.

Steeler in Charlotte: Maybe I’ve missed it, but every catch I’ve seen Green make has been completely wide open. Gas or electricity more expensive Has he made a contested catch in traffic in his return? And how does a guy that big keep getting wide open?

Ray Fittipaldo: He made a big contested catch for a first down Sunday. Gas vs diesel mpg But yes, he has been wide open a bunch. Electricity outage compensation On his TD, the safety bit on a screen and Green just ran past him. Electricity usage by country On his 37-yard catch it was a broken play where Ben signaled to him to break off his pattern. Electricity symbols ks2 worksheet In the Colts game he was matched up on linebackers, and he should win those matchups most of the time. Electricity and magnetism purcell It’s nice to have a tight end who can get that open and stretch the defense. Electricity bill cost Could be big for this offense down the stretch.

MB1: With the defense starting to click and the offense starting to expand outside of LB and AB, I think the biggest issue going forward could be discipline. Gas city indiana restaurants Too many penalties the past few weeks, luckily none at too inopportune moments. Electricity measurements units Is this something coaches, players, captains, (all the above?) need to address?

Ray Fittipaldo: The special teams penalties are most troublesome to me. Gas monkey Coates had a big one for 15 yards when he grabbed a face mask. Electricity sources in us You can’t have that. 10 ethanol gas problems As for the holding calls and things like that, those are going to happen. Electricity experiments for high school You just have to make sure you’re fundamentally sound and in good position to you don’t have to get in those positions.

Ray Fittipaldo: The $100,000 question. Z gas tijuana telefono He’s seeing limited action the past several weeks. Grade 9 electricity unit review Ben threw to him against the Colts. Electricity projects for 4th graders He didn’t catch any, but Ben threw his way. U gas cedar hill mo I don’t think Coates even had a target yesterday.

MB1: Did you question the call to go for it on 4th with 2:30 remaining? Why not take the 3 points to make it a three score game? It worked out in the end but seemed to be an unnecessary risk.

Ray Fittipaldo: I had no problem with it because if you get the kicked blocked and returned for a touchdown you open the door for the Giants. Npower gas price per unit Lower risk by going for it in my mind.

Andy: Steelers still don’t have a quality second or third receiving option for Ben. Electricity usage calculator Green is a tight end. Wb state electricity board recruitment Where was Coates again on Sunday? If he can catch a kickoff, why can’t he catch a pass?

Ray Fittipaldo: Yes, Green is a tight end, but he can serve as a receiver. Save electricity pictures He lines up detached from the LOS as often as he’s attached to it. Gas kush I agree that it would be nice if Coates or another receiver stepped up, but Green can serve in that role, and his performance Sunday should give the coaches confidence that he can handle it more consistently down the stretch.

Jon: Hi Ray. Gas leak in house Obviously a solid performance by the defense yesterday, but until this team knocks off the penalties I don’t think they will win the division. Gas vs electric oven The Ravens seem to be a much more disciplined team. Gas kansas city Your thoughts on WHY the Steelers cannot seem to stop making dumb penalties? .

Ray Fittipaldo: I’m trying to think of the “dumb” penalties on defense. Electricity electricity goodness There was the one on Tuitt on the final drive. Gas house gang But the game was over at that point. Gas knife I don’t think he takes that shot in a one-score game. Electricity billy elliot backing track What were the others? Mitchell’s personal foul was taken back after the officials consulted. Electricity facts for 4th graders Am I missing other obvious ones?

Ray Fittipaldo: He’s not strong. Electricity kanji He doesn’t have any pass rush moves. Gas density problems I know that sounds simple, but that’s essentially it. Electricity history pdf He doesn’t even get close to the QB because of those two things.

Bake: Ray, Other than the Ravens game, is this week’s match up with the Bills the most important remaining game, considering the tie-breaking system?

Ray Fittipaldo: They’re all important from here on out. Gas national average They’re all AFC games. Electricity and circuits test I know the Baltimore games looms large, but you have to keep winning for that game to mean something. Duke electric orlando So yes, Buffalo is huge.

Andy: Honestly, what realistic chance do you think the Steelers have of beating a tough run team this weekend in Buffalo, who can dominate the lines of scrimmage, then beating Cincy, for whom the game will be their Superbowl and payback, and then beating a Ravens team that they have beaten in two years? I’m sorry but given how the team keeps shooting itself in the foot with penalties, I really don’t see that happening and I think they’ll need to win all three to win the division. Gas station Agree?

Ray Fittipaldo: The Bills just gave up 38 points to the Raiders. Gas z factor I understand they have a good running game, but they’re 6-6. Gas zauberberg 1 The Steelers must keep leSean McCoy in check and force Tyrod Taylor into obvious passing situations. Electricity usage calculator kwh If they do that they’ll have a great chance. Ag gaston birmingham 120 If not, they’ll have some trouble. Gas vs electric water heater They always do when they don’t stop the run. Electricity quiz and answers I actually think winning the final four is doable. K electric share price I’d be surprised if they didn’t go at least 3-1.

Ray Fittipaldo: Yes. Hp gas He got a sack and the run defense didn’t suffer all that much after Hargrave left the game. Gas refrigerator not cooling Good for him. Gas 87 They’ll need him to continue playing well if Hargrave is out again this week.

Average Joe Flaccid: Do you think the refs were biased to not throw PI flsgs for OBJ? He acted like such a baby and was so demonstrative toward the officials after EVERY pass attempt. Gas x ultra strength directions What a crybaby…

Ray Fittipaldo: I have to admit I was confused why they called that offensive pass interference against OBJ. M gasbuddy app It looked like Cockrell impeded his progress and OBJ was just hand fighting with him. Wb state electricity board recruitment 2015 That might have been a good no-call. R gasquet tennis But yes he cries too much and the officials aren’t going to give you the benefit of the doubt if you act like that. Gasco abu dhabi email address They especially won’t give you the benefit of the doubt if you rip the officials, which is what Beckham did after the game.

JamesinNYC: Would have said anyone from AFC North would have to win division to get in but now looks a little brighter for Steelers and Ravens. Origin electricity account AFC N schedules look a little easier what do you think the chances are they both make the playoffs?

Ray Fittipaldo: Still a long shot for the second place team from the North to get a wild card, but the chances are much better than they were two or three weeks ago. Electricity allergy Denver is the No. D cypha electricity 6 seed, one game ahead of the Steelers, Ravens and Dolphins. Gas explosion I broke down the schedules on the Steelers blog today. Electricity electricity song The Broncos have a brutal finishing stretch. Gas water heater reviews 2013 I think it would be a great accomplishment if they went 2-2 to finish 10-6. E gasoline If that happens and the Dolphins finish 9-7 the Steelers would have the edge over the Broncos in the wild card tiebreaker, I think. Electricity balloon experiment Still, the easiest way to get in is by winning the division.

Tony in Pittsburgh: What’s your evaluation of Artie Burns? Do you think he’s becoming a good corner, or has he just had a couple of decent games now?

Ray Fittipaldo: I think he has a lot of potential. Electricity calculator He’s getting better every week and you like to see that week-to-week improvement from younger players.

TeddyBallGame14: With Lawrence Timmons still playing a vital role (especially yesterday), do you believe the Steelers will bring him back next year? Or, is he likely to be a cap casualty?

Ray Fittipaldo: I think they would have signed Timmons before the season if they really wanted him to come back. Gas 91 He still might return, but I think it’s less likely now because they signed Vince Williams in August and appear ready to let Timmons walk.

Big Chuck: Can we get away from these 1 yard quick passes out to the WR’s? They seldom work. Electricity magnetism and electromagnetic theory pdf We need to try and stretch the field more with attempts, even if they don’t connect. Grade 9 electricity test and answers I think it will open up everything else. E 87 gasoline What say you?

Ray Fittipaldo: True in theory. Power outage houston report But who are you stretching the field with? Coates hasn’t caught a pass in two months. 3 gas laws Are teams really going to respect him as a deep threat? They might if he catches one or two, but they won’t if he’s merely a decoy.

Guest: For the team to progress I think they really need Eli R. 76 gas station hours or Sammy C. K gas oroville to step up. Gas efficient suv 2010 Is Coats injury that severe or is he hiting a mental wall?

Ray Fittipaldo: If the injury was that severe he wouldn’t be playing at all. Gas city indiana post office They have no problem using him on special teams which is why I think a lot of this is mental. E gaskell north and south He has to learn how to catch with broken fingers.

Ray Fittipaldo: Davis is a rookie. Electricity video ks1 I’m not even sure a veteran makes that play. Wireless electricity how it works The receiver is right behind him. Zyklon b gas effects Your instinct tells you to catch that ball and return it. Electricity history united states And it would have been a good decision if the official didn’t call a ticky-tacky penalty on Burns for a block in the back.

Ray Fittipaldo: He doesn;t get benched for 15-yard penalties for excessive celebration and you think he’s going to be benched for not getting off the field for a 5-yard penalty? You haven’t been paying attention.

Big Chuck: The defense seems to be getting more QB pressure since Heyward’s injury and the added playing time of Harrison. Electricity 1 7 pdf How? Is it scheme or personell? Harrison still looks like he got gas in the tank and is causing havoc even when he doesn’t reach the QB.

Ray Fittipaldo: Harrison is playing well. Electricity generation definition They need the other OLBs to follow suit. Gas in back relief There is no excuse for a 38-year old to be your best pass rusher. Z gas ensenada Guys like Chickillo and Dupree have to step up and produce more sacks and pressure.

Jeremy: Last wee teamates hit harrison on the helmet in celebration then he got up woozy but nothing was said of it. Grade 6 electricity test Was he checked for a concussion?

Ray Fittipaldo: Sure. Gas dryer vs electric dryer operating cost It would be nice if the Patriots won, but the Steelers control their own destiny. Electricity electricity lyrics If they win their final four they’re in.

Lambert Lunatic: Hi Ray, we heard Ben and E. Electricity generation in india Rogers had this great chemistry in last 2 camps and most practices. 5 gases found in the environment Why is it not showing up in games?

Ray Fittipaldo: Good question. Sgas belfast I was expecting more, too. Static electricity images They need him to step up and be productive. Electricity and magnetism worksheets middle school He had one nice catch for 18 yards yesterday, but more would be nice.

Steelers7: Under Tomlin the Steelers have never won more than 5 games in a row. K electric jobs 2015 What do you believe will be the difference this time in order for them to extend this and make the playoffs?

Ray Fittipaldo: Just keep getting better. Electricity units calculator in pakistan They’re playing complementary football now — the offense and defense are playing well together. R gasquet That’s what you need.

Average Joe Flaccid: If Hargrave is forced to miss time with concussion, will they sign or activate someone? Who? They’re getting dangerously thin on the DL now…

Ray Fittipaldo: They have a couple of guys on the practice squad they could elevate. Gas utility cost Maybe they’d sign someone, but most of the good ones are employed.

BedfordBill: How was the officiating yesterday in your estimation? The Giants, especially OJB and Eli seemed to really be unhappy about it. Q gastrobar leblon I thought it was pretty even across the board.

Ryno: Did you notice how easily Harrison seemed to be pushing his guy around yesterday? About the second play in, he bullrushed the guy back about six feet. Gas stoichiometry practice sheet How long do you think it took the guy to realize it was going to be a long day?

Ray Fittipaldo: OK that’s all the time I have this week. U save gas station grants pass Thanks for taking part in the chat. Gas x ultra strength during pregnancy We’ll do it again next week after the Buffalo game.