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20"x16" oil on canvas • • • ( 5 DETAIL SHOTS BELOW) As it is with cameras, so it is becoming with old movie projectors—I have too many of them. I do not know how it happened. One day I have none and the next… BAM! I have eight. Just like that. Unless there is an Old Movie Projector Fairy sticking these under my pillow (and how uncomfortable would that be?), I cannot explain it. • When I have an upcoming show, and there is sufficient lead time, I try to paint pieces specifically for that show. grade 6 electricity unit This piece is one of many that I painted for my current show at Art in the Arthouse in the Laemmle Theatre in Glendale. You see the connection? Theater… Projector… Well, it’s the best I could come up with. • My show is entitled "Carving in Paint." It is a good representation of my work, consisting of 15 of my pieces. gas bloating pain We have not had my opening reception yet (I will keep you posted), but the show is up and viewable. You do not need to see a movie to see my work, just walk in and ask to see the art and they will let you. If you see a movie, you will get to see the trailer I made for the show. It runs before every movie shown at that facility. (Do not worry, I made sure to omit my face from the video.) If you get a chance, and you just so happen to be in Glendale, California, go check out my show!

6"x4" oil on panel • • • ( As promised, here is the second piece from my email twofer.) I have yet to paint a larger version of the above piece. That was a tough little piece to paint. Not because of how much stuff is represented in its small borders. Rather, it was a hard piece because of the hundreds of decisions of what to omit or transform to make the piece work. Chinatown alleys can be insanely busy environments. This one is amazingly tame—and wide—in comparison to the "ordinary" alley in Chinatown and yet there is still way too much going on in it. • I also manipulate the heck out of the light in my work—all of my work. electricity outage in fort worth The lighting decisions in this alley have competing priorities. No matter how much I tried to make them bend to my will, they still bickered with each other. It was kind of like painting in the third person. • Still, after all my whining, I think I might take a shot at a larger version. ••• I never know day to day what is going to happen with my painting. It is an uncertainty that provides me much comfort.

48"x32" oil on canvas • • • Well, she’s gone. The woman up and left me. Oh, I am not talking about The Spousal Unit, though people are continually surprised She has not amscrayed as well (I do not know why, but the people who seem to know me the best are the ones who are always the most surprised by Her staying). The woman in question is my Frida painting. Somebody bought her and she is already gone. • I am pretty sure that I already showed you an easel shot of her, but since she has gone, I thought maybe it would be a good time to show you a proper picture of her along with some detail shots ( Sign Up! to my emails to see the detail shots). • I do not have much more to say about her other than to say those $&%$#@! flowers in her hair drove me nuts. After I thought I had finished them, I decided to destroy them and paint them all over again. gasbuddy diesel NOTE: In the context of my painting "style," the term "destroy" usually means "spackle over" and yes, "$&%$#@!" is in the official lexicon of painting terminology.

6"x4" oil on panel • • • ( As promised, here is the second piece from my email twofer.) Candy in a lawyer’s office always seems like more of a dare than a welcoming gesture. Does hard candy really stay edible for eternity—like Twinkies do? Is the candy there to test your intestinal fortitude? If you can survive that rock candy, you can surely survive a tough grilling on the witness stand(?). • As it is with so many things in my life, I don’t care. I don’t want to eat those petrified biscuits of death; I want to paint them. High powered attorney or not, when Raymond is around, guard your 25 year old candy. gas after eating salad Turn your head for just a second and… voila… a whole bowl of beautifully colored cement is gone. If I am in a particularly surly mood, I will just sit there ignoring you while I inspect your candy; holding it up to the light to inspect the color and clarity and casually disposing of any with cellophane wrappers that don’t look quite right. • Actually, maybe the candy is my way of testing the candied counselor: If he or she doesn’t have good cellophane on their candy, they cannot be trusted! • And yes, to answer your question, I am easily distracted by shiny things (and squirrels).

24"x24" oil on canvas • • • As you may know, I do not always talk about the paintings displayed in these emails. This painting is a bit different for me and so a bit hard not to talk about (i.e., you will just have to suffer with the following tome). • Here is the backstory: I will be having a solo show at a new Laemmle Theatre and I thought it appropriate to possibly have "movie/film" related pieces for the show. Outside of a few old home movie projectors and movie cameras collecting dust in my crash site of a studio, I didn’t have much in the way of subject matter that fit the bill. • At first I thought some old movie house posters would be good subject matter. But a little research revealed the vintage posters were either too poorly designed or too well designed/illustrated. Painting something that is poorly designed would be torture and painting a poster that is already very well designed is just too weird: At that level of illustration, the poster is already a piece of art and I am not touching it. ••• Then, quite by chance, I stumbled upon this little box for a Krazy Kat movie. This is the type of movie you purchased to view on your hand crank 16mm projector in the comfort of your home. I had to take a shot at painting it. I mean, c’mon, a cat tipping his hat, smoking a cigar AND about to get brained by a brick thrown by a mouse! Who could resist that? • I am not sure why, unlike any other painting I have done, I decided to paint this edge to edge on the canvas. I still do not know why and I still do not know if I like it. gas 85 That means the odds of me doing it again are pretty slim, but you never know. • So, I present to you an oddball painting of mine starring Krazy Kat and Ignatz (the brick hurling mouse).

12"x12" oil on canvas • • • We all seem to have "going out and partying with our friends in a VW Bus" stories (don’t we?). I remember trying to get to a party with some friends in a VW Bus on a steep Los Angeles street—sections of Los Angeles have steeper streets than San Francisco. Ah, San Francisco, such fond memories. Remind me to tell you about the time I once fell out of a parked car and rolled down a street in wonderful old San Francisco. electricity n and l On second thought, don’t remind me. • Where was I? Oh yeah, stuck on an almost vertical L.A. street with a bunch of my still sober (vertical) friends. VW Bus engines are so weak and that street was so steep that the van just stopped in the middle of the street and refused to go up the hill. We all had to get out and push it to get it going again AND we had to walk to the party. As they say, nobody walks in L.A. (I think it might be a city ordinance violation to walk in L.A.) so the whole walking concept was new to us. • Actually, going down the hill after the party in the VW Bus was much more terrifying than getting stuck going up the hill.

10"x10" oil on canvas • • • The original title for this diminutive piece was actually going to be "My #@#?$%€ Meat Grinder from Hell That I Want to Fling Into My Neighbor’s Yard." I thought it had a nice ring to it and, at the time, seemed wholly appropriate. You see, for such a small piece, I had spent far too much time on it and had over painted it—in other words, the piece and I were not on friendly terms. The original drawing (see below) had life to it, but the resultant painting did not. • Now, in such instances as these, I have varying options. The main three being: Let it ride and let the market decide OR completely scrape it off and paint something else later OR destroy-to-save. Destruction being a firm component of my bent personality (probably because I listen to way too much Tito Puente—he really attacked those timbales), destroy-to-save seemed the obvious choice. I pushed myself and attacked it, completely painting over and mushing into the original abomination. This rescue mission probably took about a quarter of the time it took to paint the original iteration and I think came out far superior with much more life. gas constant for air It also took a ton of paint, but my color work is more in sync, so it was worth the extra five gallons or so. • I sometimes tell people that the process of painting a 4" piece can draw out strong emotions and drain me just like a 60" piece can, and this #@#?$%€ little piece proves my point.