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Akito had to wonder why Kidokawa Seishuu and Zeus are even among the list… but it’s possible that Kidokawa and Zeus are both interested to find out about what sort of player both Tsubaki and himself are since it got spread out that both of them are helping and basically coached Raimon. And any player who can coach a new team to get a tie against the supposedly invincible Teikoku must have meant that they are really good for Kidokawa Seishuu and Zeus standards.

But gas x dosage pregnancy still, he didn’t think about the possibility that Gouenji is what Teikoku are after, they were more focused on making sure Raimon actually survived and got a chance to fight back against Teikoku and while he was disappointed and felt really horrible that their help wasn’t enough to get Raimon to win the match, he is now feeling glad that they got out of the match with a tie.

Maybe he and Tsubaki should keep an eye out of names to watch for in the Middle School soccer world… they really didn’t know Gouenji was Kidokawa Seishuu’s former ace but heard enough rumors about Teikoku having a ruthless, genius playmaker. That’s what the twins get for not following the electricity lesson plans 4th grade local soccer news over the year when they returned to Japan.

Tsubaki nods. “There’s Minodouzan, but it’s a team full of defensive plays and it’s going to take more than just Someoka and Handa to get that defense to crack and they’re a rival to Senbayama for defensive teams. Seishou academy… it’s a good school whose soccer team’s power is on the same vein as Kidokawa Seishuu, definitely not a good choice either. We still haven’t gotten through the list of the schools asking for a practice match either…”

“I’m fluent enough with Japanese sign language. However, just in case, I learned a little bit of American sign language so I was able to understand some of the things you were saying.” She paused before she spoke once more. “Before you ask gas and bloating after every meal, I’m the student council president, it’s my duty to make sure that students had an easy time during their enrollment in Raimon.”

Raimon Natsumi then suggested. “Rather than talking among yourselves, I suggested that you should accept the practice match request with Occult Middle School. They were very insistent to the point of sending a blood soaked letter to us. And from what I can gather of what you were saying, some of the teams requesting the match are too powerful for Raimon at the moment, yes?”

The student council president actually gave them an easy way out. And Occult Middle gas leak in car School had a decently trained team, not too strong, not too weak. “Raimon should accept the practice match offer with Occult Middle School. The other teams requesting the practice match in the list are all too tough for the club to beat at their current level.”

There is not a single mention about them in the soccer junior leagues in Japan despite the fact that they had mentioned that they lived in Japan before transfering out to America gas 2015 four years ago until their return last year from what she gathered from Kino-Senpai and their classmates back in their first year. Even when she tried searching in the American soccer news for articles concerning the twins, there is nothing about them at all.

Not everyone appreciates the spotlight and from what little she gas monkey know of them at first before that practice match, the twins prefer to keep their personal affairs private and never flaunt their achievements around. And she can see that they were very fidgety with all the attention they got after that practice match and when another member of the Newspaper Club hounded them for an interview in the most forceful way possible, she saw the twins resorting to calling for Raimon Natsumi to call them off and said member got a warning that if they don’t respect the twins’ privacy, they’ll be banned from the Newspaper club.