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Look over your tires carefully. Cracks in the rubber, flat spots or nails and screws that may have punctured holes mean it’s time to get some new ones. Also, if you see exposed electricity worksheets for grade 1 wire or metal meshing coming through the tread, it’s definitely time for some new rubber. If you don’t see any of these red flags, check the tire pressure bp gas station and make sure they’re properly inflated. Belt or Chain

Depending on what type of motorcycle you have, a spark plug can be an easy roadside change. However, if you own a bike like mine, it might be best to check it beforehand. A spark plug change on my motorcycle is not a simple fix because the seat and gas tank need to be removed. A spark plug costs a few bucks, and it’s better to check and replace it now than wait for it to fail in the middle of your next trip.

If you haven’t started your motorcycle all winter, pull the when was gas 99 cents in california battery out and charge it overnight. While you have it out, check the fluid levels in each cell. Fill the cells that are below the recommended level with distilled water. Consider purchasing a new battery if it’s more than 4 years old. It’s easier to change a dying battery now than fuss with charging it and gas 4 less manhattan ks hoping it still works later. Air Filter

Proper airflow into the engine ensures that it runs smoothly and efficiently. Filthy air filters prevent oxygen from entering the engine; thus the combustion process that runs your motorcycle can’t occur. Pull the filter out gas national average 2013 and hold it up to a light source. If you can’t see any light through it, you need to replace or clean it. Fluid Levels

Stand up your motorcycle so it’s completely level to ensure accurate readings of the oil and brake fluid levels. Check the brake fluid electricity invented timeline first. Start by covering your gas tank with a cloth or towel because brake fluid can damage the paint. Most motorcycles have a little window on the front of the reservoir indicating the fluid level. If it’s on the low side, open the reservoir and top it off.

Maintaining the engine oil level is, in my opinion, one of the easiest and most inexpensive year 6 electricity assessment ways you can prevent major engine repairs down the road. Low oil levels prevent proper lubrication. Lack of oil prevents parts from moving smoothly, which causes heat friction and can ultimately destroy your engine. Your local motorcycle mechanic will be more than happy to replace the engine power usage estimator but it may cost a few thousand dollars. Brakes

Aside from checking the oil, taking a second to look at your brakes can save you a lot of money down the road, too. Letting your brakes wear down to the metal part of the pad destroys the drums or the disks, which can cost a pretty penny to replace. Most brake pads have a notch on the top to track its wearing. If you don’t see the notch at all, it’s time to replace the pad gas smoker recipes. Lubricate the Cables

Now that the hard stuff is done, you only have a few more things to do. My bike gets kind of dusty from sitting all winter, so I always give it a bath and a thorough wax job before hitting electricity formulas grade 9 the road. Not only does wax bring out the pristine, just-off-the-shop-floor look back to your paint and chrome, it also protects your bike’s paint job from the elements, helping it last longer. Gear

• While the bike is still electricity in the body warm from the ride, now is a good time to lubricate the chain. This will allow the oils to stay viscous and soak into the chain rather than coagulating in globs only to fling off when you next ride. When spraying lube on a chain, point the nozzle forward toward the front sprocket spraying the top side of the chain as it comes out the bottom of the sprocket. This gas zauberberg will ensure no slippery lubricant oversprays on to the tyre. Spin the tyre with your other hand and spray at least one full chain rotation. Also check the chain tension again.