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Imagine having a miniature army of seasoned technicians watching over your data center infrastructure. These technicians are so experienced that they know when a piece of equipment is going to fault just by how it smells or sounds and can speed-dial you before an outage occurs. And, they never get tired or hungry, so they’re monitoring gas chamber your equipment 24x7x365. Because they are so knowledgeable, they can also answer common infrastructure management questions such as:

While this may seem like an unrealistic ideal, it is the premise behind data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software, which is designed to provide information about data center assets, resource use and operational status. A recent data center report by Uptime Institute notes that DCIM is often described as “one of the most powerful and electricity 101 presentation productive technologies that can be applied in the modern data center.” Bearing this out, the report also states that 62% of the survey respondents who had implemented DCIM realized significant benefits from it within the first full year. i

While the cost electricity word search j farkas answers basis of various DCIM software products vary, most charge license fees for using the product as well as annual maintenance fees to get access to the latest updates, new features, and patches. These maintenance fees are typically 5% to 10% of the license fees, which can run into tens of thousands of dollars each year to keep the software current and useful, depending on the scope and scale of the deployment. As an example, one article mentions a cost of $49,000 for a DCIM solution for 100 cabinets, including one year of software maintenance. ii Moreover, integrating these solutions into your existing data center deployments around the world can take a long time.

Equinix IBX SmartView is a DCIM as a service solution that unifies building management system (BMS) sensor data from Equinix International Business Exchange TM ( IBX®) locations worldwide, providing real-time and trended environmental and infrastructure operating status information. The cost of IBX SmartView is a fraction of third party gas tax by state DCIM solutions because IBX SmartView is pre-integrated to all the gas bubble in eye critical infrastructure running the data center, including all power circuits and environmental sensors located throughout each data center. The application and all the data relevant to your deployments is available immediately after you order the product. There are no set-up activities after purchasing to enable full use of the application.

RESTful APIs – REST APIs are responsible for providing you with metadata about the assets that you own in an IBX location or the Equinix owned assets that are serving your electricity production in india deployment. They also provide you with visibility on the attributes of the assets that are hosted at these locations. These attributes are called tag points. Rest APIs can also provide historical data about particular asset tag points, all the alarms that were ever triggered across your Equinix deployment or a list of alarms that are currently active (triggered but not acknowledged yet).

Streaming near real-time APIs Real-time APIs give the user the capability to stream the asset data attributes as they are collected at different IBX locations onto different asynchronous communication channels. At this time, private cloud (Kafka) and public cloud Google is supported, but Microsoft Azure and AWS are in the works electricity worksheets for 4th grade and will be available in the future. Machine native protocols (SNMP/OPC) are also available for customers that want to build machine-to-machine (M2M) integration for workflow automation use cases or real-time dashboards. For example, a customer might want to integrate these feeds directly into an application or billing management system.

Real-time remote electricity load profile monitoring scenario: A tier-1 cloud service provider has multiple deployments with Equinix. Their headquarters are in the U.S. but they need to be able to remotely monitor their data center operations in Asia and Europe. IBX SmartView’s real-time remote monitoring of the core operating data sections provides this customer the peace-of-mind knowing their data center operations are up and running. Through the portal, customers can customize alerts and reports for operating data relevant to their organization and access the data anytime and anywhere they need it. The data in IBX SmartView is refreshed continuously across all four data sections.

Power utilization electricity definition science alert scenario: When it comes to data center operations, power utilization is a key risk factor that needs to be managed closely. Customers need to know whether their cages, cabinets or power circuits are at risk of overdrawing the allocated power draw limits and how much capacity they have remaining to turn up new gear or onboard more users to their applications. With IBX SmartView’s power monitoring feature, customers can easily understand power draw profiles and historic trends from the electricity distribution map IBX data center level all the way down to the AC power circuit level. For this scenario, the customer has set an alert for the following condition – when the power draw in a cage exceeds 90% of draw cap.