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S-cube and gujarat funworld is the place to be. This is two in one entertainment spot for the perfect summer vacation. It is one of the most happening place in the whole of Gujarat. Our group went a level physics electricity notes for a short one day trip to Baroda specially just because I was recommended by so many people. It was one of the best decision for our summer break. It became a very unforgettable experience of our lives. It is the most entertaining place with various elements coming together hp gas online refill booking status to make a perfect holiday spot like gujarat’s one and only boomerang, various thrilling and waterslides, kiddie pool for small kids, dancing to the latest beat in wave pool. It is a perfect combination of a waterpark and amusement park in one. I wish for a replica of s-cube in Ahmedabad. Lucky people of Baroda! Coming to the details:- 》Amazing and unique waterslides 》Awesome finger licking food at food court 》Very cooperative electricity vs magnetism staff 》Great ambience 》On spot first aid available 》Dj with latest tunes 》Locker facility 》Maintenance of good quality 》Cleanliness is maintained 》Regular chlorination of the water 》Tight security for our loved one’s. In all q mart gas station it is a place to make memories with your friends and family! One of the MUST GO places in gujarat Thankful s-cube and s-cube authorities to make our summer an unforgettable one! Don’t forget to visit this amazing place if you’re in baroda and don’t forget to take a selfie!

I went with family on a weekday in summer vacation, so there was average crowd. It is a good water park for those thitima electricity sound effect who have never been to water parks and the experience is first time., otherwise it is average experience. Points for improvement : 1.There is one wave pool and only 3 different types of rides (slide with rubber chattai lying on your chest, slide with hands behind head lying on back and slide with rubber dinghy). You have to carry your rubber dinghy / rubber chattai slide ) all the way up 4 floors (50+ feet) on the stairs, also be sure not to wear current electricity examples footwear, if you climb up the stairs even though the stairs are not clean as footwear is not allowed in the rides.(remove your footwear at the base of the stairs). The gas near me cheap mgmt could have arranged a rope/pulley type design to pull the dinghys – no reason why customers have to carry the load up 4 floors and waste time !! 2.Wave pool can work only when all other rides are shut down(Cost saving) 3.Wave pool surface is rough unpolished cement concrete not paved with tiles so it discourages you to spend more time in pool. 4.Regarding rides many people including adults and children stop in between and they have to manually push themselves to the end of ride. To save electricity cost, the water is not sufficiently gas vs diesel cars pumped in the slides. 5.Food is very oily and very less quantity for the price paid. It is a big let down particularly as you are very hungry after water park activity. Only hair electricity dance moms mineral water bottle is the 500ml size. 6.Water in wave pool is salty and will damage skin and hair. 7.Swimming costumes are torn and have holes in them. 8.There is really no logic for locker fees, I feel everyone purchasing ticket for water park must be given locker free of cost. On top of that they take deposit for locker and swimming electricity per kwh calculator costume we have to do safe-keeping of multiple receipts – why this and costume charge cannot be added to entry fee receipt ? 9.There are a couple of supervisors who keep an eye on the goings on in the water park but they seem to have missed the shortage of jute chattais that were strewn on the way to the rides. With temperatures as high electricity dance moms as 46+degrees the paver blocks burn your feet and almost for every ride the last few feet are not covered with the jute chattais and you have to walk on the burning paver blocks.