Really an amazing place – review of big blue diving, koh tao, thailand – tripadvisor electricity 101 presentation


I booked with Big Blue after a close friend recommended them. I completed my advanced course at Big gas pressure definition chemistry Blue and did a few fun dives as I was only there for a week. Sonya was our instructor and she was brilliant. Very helpful, gave clear instructions and had a wicked sense of humour – everything you need in a great instructor! The conditions were a bit rubbish because there was a storm that had passed through just before we arrived, but vis was certainly improving gas x strips instructions by the end of the week. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the whale shark – but that just means ill have kd 7 electricity socks to come back! We booked the 100baht/night accom (with aircon) and there were no issues – some might like a softer mattress though. The food at the resort was reasonably priced and tasted amaaazing, and beers were pretty cheap at happy hour (80baht for a long neck). After experiencing the family-like atmosphere gas after eating dairy of Big Blue I’m convinced that I will be returning next year to complete my DMT. Don’t dive with anyone else in Koh Tao, Big Blue is where its at!

Can not recommend this place highly enough, we chose big blue as it was recommended to us. We contacted them before hand via email, they were prompt la gasolina in reply and also gave advice on options on getting to the island. Once there, we checked into a double room which is located just one road back from the main dive school and dorms which ended up a blessing when it came to getting up at 5.30 for early morning dives. The room electricity generation by state was clean, spacious, it came with air con, balcony, towels and a fridge, the only downside was the TV didn’t work but we didn’t spend much time in the room. The diving itself was fantastic! We had a welcome brief the first evening explaining what we were going to do during the course, we the went through some paperwork and videos. Day 2 was some more theory and then pool work. Our group was of 5 people and 2 instructors, my husband and I are not too keen on open water etc but our teachers Ant electricity quiz 4th grade 1 and Lyndon were so calm and supportive e85 gas stations in iowa. At the end of the day we had a debrief over a cold beer…perfect We completed our open water course which takes 3 days, once we were finished we decided to get the advanced. This means you can dive to 30 meters and at night (highly recommend) we will definately be back for fun diving in the future, even if you don’t dive, just go for the atmosphere and views! Big Blue is addictive

WHY- I went into about 8 dive shops before I came to Big Blue’s office ~ and then electricity and water it was no contest. The vibe was much different in way that they’re not just wanting take money and crank out divers like other schools. Erik at the dive office was so polite and won me over instantly 🙂 Big Blue is professional, employs only the best instructors, has a great atmosphere, is tons of fun, and has well earned gaz 67b tamiya 1 35 its top ratings. COURSES: —I took my Open Water with Alex gas density at stp. Our group of 5 had a blast together and Alex was the fuel behind that. The course was very comprehensive and after a day in the pool our entire group felt really comfortable under the water. The 4 dives we went on were incredible. Your first time underwater is like coming into another world. 🙂 It’ll get you hooked z gastroenterol journal. —Next I got my Advanced with Tim. This guy knows his stuff. Seriously. We went on 5 dives in total but my advice is this: GO ADVANCED SO YOU CAN DO THE NIGHT DIVE. It’s such a surreal, incredible feeling. Plus I saw an moray eel and a touch of bioluminescence. —Finally I took a specialty Nitrox course with Erik. What a wonderful teacher ~ Patient, charming, helpful gas vs diesel prices and so easy going, he taught with lots of visuals and examples which was a huge plus. In one afternoon you receive your certification. Worth it. Pros + Atmosphere – beach front, bar and restaurant, vibe, people of many diverse ages and backgrounds, great place to make friends gas mask drawing or chill + Accommodation- dorm rooms are free when you do multi-day courses + Price- BB is not only fair but very competitive (and being on a budget I did a fair bit of comparisons) –PS you get 10% off when you book consecutive courses with them + Equipment and boats- top notch + Training pool- is a huge advantage k electric bill payment online for beginners (vs the ocean w/ other schools) + Staff- exceptional. every one. Cons – You’ll probably just spend too much money because you won’t want to leave and keep diving. But hey, money spent this well leaves nothing but happiness. 🙂