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WMSP has always been a special place for me having been going there since I was 5 years old (and now 32!) – remembering what it was back then it’s come a long way, and as an ex employee I’m very happy to see the Park is still being very successful. That gas in oil tank being said there are still some general improvements I would love to see made (many of which I’m sorry to say have been suggested for many years!) to get the Park up to 5 stars in my estimations. THE GOOD – Carpark toilets have been massively improved. The new toilets include an adult changing electricity symbols ks2 facility with hoist and two spacious disabled / baby change units which is a massive improvement from the old single baby change with door that usually didn’t lock! Can’t speak for the women’s facilities however the men’s toilets have improved from a small urinal trough and 2 cubicles to 8 cubicles and 10 urinals including two reduced height options for chileren. Carpark eating area has had the tent removed and replaced with brand new covers – no more getting wet heads whilst eating “under cover”. The picnic area to the front of the toilets is also fenced off from the grass area where cars park clearly identifying where children are safe to be. The gas 99 cents a litre area between the food plaza and discovery zone has had new fencing looks a lot smarter. We especially liked the new statues with interesting animal facts below them as this space didn’t offer much previously other then a path to travel down! Ice Age exhibit! Some serious work has gone into this new experience. It’s obvious lessons have been learned from the dinosaur exhibit, which whilst excellent is clearly the “beta test” for a themed anamatronic exhibit and doesn’t come close to the immersion of Ice Age. The volcano you walk through twice was amazing and I love the different use of height throughout the exhibit. Dinosaurs are very flat as a comparison and feels like the theming was thought about after the dinosaurs whereas everything within Ice Age gas under 2 dollars just feels like it belongs. Dinosaurs.. not as impressive as ice age however my little one loved it! It’s a shame it’s not been kept in great condition compared to release – a large amount of the dinosaurs no longer properly function, some of the speakers don’t work , the mist machine present at launch is either removed or not functioning which is a shame. The fountain in the middle pool also wasn’t fully functioning. The renovated eating area in discovery zone looks amazing – we never tried the food however inside it’s themed very well and fits within the overall aesthetic of the park. I liked the fact the outside area is now covered electricity basics allowing shade in the hot weather and grade 6 electricity unit test protection in less perfect weather. Boj Land. A few years old now and still looks and functions like it did when new. My little one loved it and gives us a reason to travel through the adventure theme park – he would rather come here and play then get into the usual argument around rides (he’s too small to utilise the theme park to its fullest so was an area we typically avoided). The Diner in the theme park has also been improved massively. Value was good and quality much better then 3 years ago. Not sure how well it would work on a very busy day as it’s an environment encouraging eating over longer period of time. THE BAD Reserve – although the reserve has new signage it still looks quite dated. During busy periods be prepared to stare at the back of a car more frequently then any animals , especially exotic grade 9 electricity unit test ones. We frequent the park enough to know when to visit the reserve to enjoy it as it should but its easy to see why others get frustrated. The electric gates are the main culprit as they cause a bottleneck, not sure what can be used instead and I understand why they are required but some thought could be given here to help with traffic flow. Widening the reserve road to allow 3 streams of traffic electricity facts history – potentially allowing move and stop in the left and right sides and “cruising only” in the middle would also help with traffic flow. Car park – the lay out could be improved especially during busy periods, there’s too many areas where traffic has to cross each other which causes conjestion. The attendants do their best but gas bubble retinal detachment the layout is fighting against them. THE UGLY Nothing particularly wrong but a few parts of the park could use a bit of touching up to get them to the same standards as the newer attractions. The reptile house is one example – whilst functional it’s very dark and dated. Also African Villiage! Great back in the day however I wish it could be re-created with the lessons from Ice Age in mind to make it more immersive .

We arrived having booked tickets for the private tour , but had over two hours to spare , so we thought we’d drive round ourselves first . What we hadn’t banked on was the ridiculous amount of vehicles flooding the park at the same time , therefore it took us way longer to get round than the predicted ( by the staff ) two hours …. We therefore missed storing electricity in water our private tour , and went to the ticket desk to explain what had happened . They informed us that they couldn’t deal with it , but we should take a reference code over to the tour manager and she would sort something out . We did so and encountered the rudest woman on earth , who had no sympathy for us whatsoever !!!!! She kept saying ‘ it’s not my problem that you electricity in india travel chose to drive yourself round ‘ and refused to either swap our tickets to a different day or offer a refund , despite our explanation of how ridiculously busy it was !!!!! Deplorable customer service, the likes of which we have never encountered before ! We left with a very nasty taste in our mouths and will not return !!!! Overcrowded , disorganized and rude staff ! We will be spending our money elsewhere in future !!!

Nahhh, so overpriced, took hours to do the safari as so busy and when we came to feed the animals we were told to move on quickly because of the queues, didn’t see any of the lions, tigers, hienas, cheetahs, wild dogs etc, only the deer, which I didn’t want to pay £25 just to see, but still took hours to drive gas you up through. Were told to close windows and not stop at the camels, even though it said windows were allowed down, wasn’t even able to stop and take a nice picture. Bought the animal food which was so overpriced and ended up not being able to use any of it because of being told to drive on, and there also being literally no animals to feed. Was glad to leave the safari in the end as it was so hot and having paid £25 to not see any animals and be trapped in queues all the way round which took 3 1/2 hours! Basically having paid a lot to sit in traffic. Many cars were having to be escorted out because of needing the toilet and getting fed up of waiting to see nothing! Overall really disappointing considering I used to love this place, a system really needs to be put electricity song lyrics in order around safari for a better flowing trip.