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The Realm of Shyish, also known as the Amethyst Realm or the Realm of Death, is one of the eight Mortal Realms and is aligned with the wind of Shyish. Nagash ruled the realm until it was overrun by the forces of Chaos during the Age of Chaos. [6a]

Shyish was once the resting place for the souls of the departed in the Mortal Realms, who having travelled across the void to the realm of the dead would become a spectral inhabitant of one of the myriad of underworlds. Each was different, shaped by the beliefs of a specific civilisation, race and culture. The realm was beyond the concepts of good or evil and was merely a resting place for the dead before they moved on. When Nagash took control of the realm, he was able to use these legions of spirits for building vast monuments and places of power, as terrifying armies or for other purposes. [17]

In turn Chaos rested control from the Great Necromancer and many of the underworlds became mere playthings of the champions of the dark god and places of torment for the souls of the dead, a true living hell. It was only in the Age of Sigmar that Nagash arose again to free them from this torturous existence. [17]

When first the living began to colonise the realm, they co-existed with many of those spirits that dwelt there, some being their ancestors. Out of necessity they also learned to guard against those that had become malign or had taken hatred into the next phase of their existence. [18]

The energy of death flowed to the edges of the realm with little in its centre, this also allowed mortal civilisations of mankind, aelf and duardin to set roots and flourish in what became known as the Innerlands. Great cities and powerful empires arose, guarded against night terrors with soulful music and amethyst sky-lanterns. [18]

The Amethyst Princes established trade with the Realm of Ghur via the Penultima Realmgate network. Freed by Sigmar, Nagash joined his Pantheon and made his home also in the Innerlands, apparently lending his own power to aid these growing empires. However he planned to slowly gain control of the entire realm. [18]

During the Age of Chaos, both sides initially fought to a stalemate, as Nagash’s alliance with Sigmar bolstered his forces. Archaon and Tzeentch conspired to drive the allies apart, leading to a breaking of this alliance and the conquest of the All-Points by Chaos.

After the Nagash was left vulnerable by the War of Heavens and the Underworlds, the realm was invaded by the forces of Chaos an event that would be known as the Wars of the Dead. Nagash was slain in the Battle of the Black Skies but the Mortarchs managed to rescue his corpse and retreat to the underworld of Stygxx. The stronghold of Nagashizzar was razed by skaven during the War of Bones. Nagash later returned slaughtering the Chaos forces at the Starless Gates and reawakening monuments of necromantic power from Helspoint to Morrsend. [1a]

The lord of death conceived of a plan to consolidate his power and ensure eternal dominance over the realm and beyond. Undead minions were set the task of gathering realmstone and amassing it at Nagashizzar, creating gigantic monuments to concentrate the power of shyish in these structures – in particular the Great Black Pyramid. [18]

During the Realmgate Wars, the Anvils of the Heldenhammer Stormcast Eternals came to the aid of Neferata to defend her city Nulahmia against a Slaaneshi champion, Lord Lascilion with Sigmar offering Nagash the chance to re-forge their alliance. [6d]

Kharadron Overlords, renowned traders, still venture to Shyish, though it is rare they descend past the highest mountain peaks, where the duardin clans of Shyish mainly live. They rarely built their strongholds beneath the earth itself – too many things came creeping through the dark of the underworld for their liking, although a few still lived in the old manner – the duardin of the deserts and wastelands of the south, for instance. [10] Locations Innerland Marches

• The ruins of Shadespire: Once a grand city, founded in the Age of Myth as a waypoint for travellers crossing the Desert of Bones – it was cursed by Nagash when its inhabitants discovered they could use shadeglass to live on beyond death. The dust blown remnants of the city in the realm still attract refuges, adventurers and treasure seekers but the unwary can be transported to the cursed city itself that hangs in the void between the Realm of Ulgu and the Realm of Hysh [11] [16]

A vast desert made mostly from powdered blood. Before the coming of Nagash it was populated by the ‘Duchys of Geist’ that raised the raiding giants bats there. Nagash fought with the Duchys of Geist and ultimately conquered them. Powdered blood and some giant carcasses – is all that left from the defenders. Also it is a location of the ‘Temple of Final Rest’. [4] The Carrionlands

The buildings of the captial, Nulahmia are saturated with death magic from the many sacrifices to Neferata whilst spirits and ghosts haunt the city and the unwary traveller or pilgrim can be consumed by hungry shadows. The palace itself has many secret escape routes including one with its own Realmgate. [6e] It lay in ruins following the assault by forces of Slaanesh. [6b]

The River of Souls also runs through it, moving from the Arch of Secrets to the DeathLords’ Gate, this area was ruled by Queen Aylessa, a vampire servant of Queen Neferata, but both her great barge-keep and city of Crookback were destroyed by the Ironjawz Megaboss Dakkbad Grotkicker [8a] Silver Moons