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When looking at precision, when you say you want to go 400 to 700, you will want to go further. Don’t go Remington, too many QC issues. electricity dance moms full episode Budget needs to include mounts and glass. I’d rather have a $1000 optic on a $400 rifle than a $400 optic on a $1000 rifle. Reload or not, anticipated round count annually. I know you said .308, but really there are better choices, especially if you are just plinking and target shooting. 6.5CM really is a sweet spot. The Swedes knew what they were doing, it just took the US market 100 years to catch up.

The Ruger American Predators are pretty nice, but they need a new stock. A fixed power SWFA Super sniper on top and you can be under $1K for a rig that will do most of what the $2K and up rigs will do. Howa 1500 barreled actions are another budget approach where you can choose a stock, mini-chassis or chassis. Maybe in the $1500 range with a good optic.

Then you have the "about $1K" rigs from a slew of manufacturers and 90% of the recommendations are going to come in this group, usually from folks like yourself who wanted to do the same thing and have one data point…the rifle they decided to buy. There are a lot of good to great in this space. Tikka T3X, Bergara HMR and LRP, Ruger Precision and Predator, Weatherby Vanguard Modular , Savage LRP, Mossberg MVP Precision. There are a few others, but these can be had from about $700 to $1300 and for the most part will deliver MOA accuracy with factory ammo. gas vs electric oven running cost Most of it is about the look to be honest. gas works park address I own several of them and have shot the others either during T&E, for a show or at a range day.

With a $3k custom R700 in hand, I could not resist the Ruger Precision and I picked one up. Won a few matches with it and then it kind of fell into the back of the safe. I was given another and won a 3rd at a match. I ended up selling 2 and turned one into a highly modified integrally suppressed .308. Since I got them, the rest of these have cropped up into what I consider a very crowded space. Last year, my then 13 year old wanted to shoot precision and had won a JP chassis. After a lot of research, he decided to sell that and go with a production rifle in 6.5CM. electricity 80s song He came down to the Tikka and the Bergara and decided on the Bergara. He shot his first precision match with it about a year ago, finished in about the middle of the pack besting 5 others shooting their first match who were all adults. The Bergaras, with a 700 footprint are very impressive. They also do rebarrel for $500, which is a good price. No, it does not outshoot my R700 (in .260Rem), but at 1/3 the price, it comes pretty close. gas engine efficiency After that the next would be the Tikkas. They are really good and there is decent aftermarket support. At this point, I would not suggest a Ruger Precision. The Predator (AICS mag version) is the same action, same accuracy, a LOT less money and you can use that to drop it into a stock that you like. When you get to the Predator, you are no longer rebarreling…shoot about 70% of the useful life, put it back in the factory stock, sell it and get another and carry on. Same with a Howa. Savage does a really good job and they have the benefit of pre-fit barrels you can change at home. Mossberg and Weatherby versions are okay for what they are, but not worth rebarreling. The Weatherby maybe if the annual round count it say a few hundred a year. One of my really good friends has the Mossberg, and it is just clunky, but it does shoot. He will only put a few boxes a year through it.

Optics are, to me a more important topic. Your rig will only be as good as the glass. SWFA Super Sniper, Burris XTRII, Nightforce SHV are the three in the $1000 space that are proven and check all of the boxes. hp gas online booking mobile number There are others that are out there, not as good a track record. If you bump up to about $1500, then the doors open wider and you can add in the HD Vortex, Kahles, Steiner.