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Graduation cum laude or magna cum laude is possible from those divisions of Western Washington University which employ the A-F grading system: College of Business and Economics, College of Fine and Performing Arts, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Huxley electricity billy elliot karaoke with lyrics College of the Environment, College of Science and Engineering, and Woodring College of Education. Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies, which employs a different grading system, may develop alternate ways to honor outstanding graduates, subject to approval of the Academic Coordinating Commission.

Within each division which awards cum laude or magna cum laude status upon graduation, the determining factor in granting such distinction shall be based on the honors grade average. The honors grade average is computed using only the grades earned at Western Washington University after the quarter in which gas efficient suv 2014 the student attains junior standing, but excluding grades in courses subsequently repeated and excluding all grades earned prior to approval of a “fresh start” grading average.

Magna cum laude shall be awarded to each student electricity flows through whose honors grade average places him or her at the 97th percentile or higher among graduating seniors during the previous academic year. Cum laude shall be awarded to each student whose honors grade average places him or her from the 92nd through 96th percentiles among gas laws definition chemistry graduating seniors during the previous academic year.

The University has set the standards described below to ensure that students who are earning poor grades will examine their objectives carefully before continuing enrollment. In some cases, students will be dropped from the University. The standards are designed to ensure that a student will examine their objectives and seek assistance mafia 2 gas meter before grades deteriorate to the point that continued enrollment or admission to another college or university becomes impossible. In all cases involving poor scholarship, students are encouraged to consult with the Academic Advising Center, their instructors, or major advisor.

The low scholarship categories below apply to all divisions of Western Washington University except Fairhaven. (See the Fairhaven College section for that division’s scholarship standards.) Students dropped from one college division may not transfer to another college division without reinstatement by the Scholastic Standing Committee. These standards apply to students enrolled in self-supporting courses.

Academic Probation. Any student except a first-quarter freshman or first-quarter transfer gas variables pogil key student (who has not previously attended Western) whose cumulative grade average falls below a 2.00 is placed on academic probation. A student who begins the quarter on probation must earn at least a quarterly grade average of 2.00 to avoid academic dismissal (see below).

Continuing Probation. A student who begins a quarter on probation and, during that quarter, earns a grade average of 2.00 or higher without raising his or her gas constant cumulative grade average to at least 2.00 is placed on continuing probation. The student must then improve his or her cumulative grade average to at least 2.00 or attain at least a 2.30 quarterly average during the next quarter of enrollment.