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After having abdominal pain issues, constipation, many symptoms, I went to see a gastoenterologist who sent me to a colorectal surgeon. The last 2 weeks, I have had a barium enema, CT scan, colonoscopy, and a defecating proctogram study. I found out I have a rectal prolapse and a rectocele which explains my symptoms. I’m really apprehensive and scared about the prospects of surgery. I’m 52 and worry about the post-op recovery. I have full guardianship of my grandson soon to be 11 years wd gaster x reader old, his Mom my daughter passed 7/4/2008. I also was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 7 weeks ago, have a vitamin D deficiency that renders me constant fatique, and overall weakness. At this point I already have a hard time keeping up with my daily responsibilities and do not want this surgery to affect my abiliy to keep up with the care of my grandson. Also Nathan worries so much, he associates hospitals with death. I try to reassure him, but he is very concerned. I take the generic brand of miralax daily for constipation and this works well for me without the side effects such as severe cramping other laxitives have caused. I also have back problems, disc bulges and protrusions in my C, T, and lumbar spine, the worst being the lower back incurred during a bad fall so I already take strong narcotics to releive the daily pain. My vitamin D deficiany also causes severe bone pain, which is why at this time I am dependent on pain meds to function. The miralax takes care of my constipation issues. I would really electricity kwh cost calculator like to know how the rest of you are coping with the post op recovery. From what I have read so far, it does not sound good.

The rectocele is my biggest problem right now. I too take pain meds because of my lower lumbar disc degeneration and cannot stop them or I wont be able to function at work or home (4 kids and husband travels). I assume the pain meds are causing my constipation and have for the last 4 years since i have been on them. I also had twins who are 2, and I am able to take care of them I just cant pick them gas out game instructions up. Nevertheless, I am having contipation big time and the pressure is killing me. I put on a glove and vaseline and tried to move it out, did not work, my bowel movements are big and round and hard. My rectum now is smaller either from the reconstruction or the swelling. I got 6 weeks off work so I have 3.5 more weeks to figure this out. I called my doctor to see if I can do an emema. I am afraid that i am going to strect my stitches grade 6 science electricity unit test and ruin my repair. i will post when i figure it out. Thank you to the nurse that said take the Milk of Magnesia (MOM). I refused it at first because it gave me gas, but now I do not care. Directions say take 2 tbls after each meal with a large glass of water.

Well I had my surgery May 27th, so I am almost 4 weeks post op. They repaired my rectocele and rectal prolapse by removing 12 inches of my colon. I was in the hospital for 7 days without a bowel movement. They would not give me any type of laxitive. I finally told them I have to have miralax or I will not have a bowel movement. Opiates cause constipation, I also have IBS which causes constipation. Finally on the 5th day they gave me like a teaspoon of miralax. I asked the fellowship doctor if this was a joke. They also cut my pain meds down to what I normally take at home for my back pain. The doctor said you didnt tell me that and I told him you didnt ask. On the 7th day I told them I was leaving, I would get better pain control at home, so they better start writing up the paperwork or I would go what they call AMA. When that happens your insurance company can 4 main gases in the atmosphere refuse to pay them. I also asked the doctor if he ever had any major surgery, he said no so I told him how can you tell me how much pain Im in when you dont understand what pain is. The young fellowship doctors have so much to learn. When I went to my post op appt. I told the surgeon about it and he said he had no idea, his student did not relay anything I said to him. He said he would be having a conversation with him about it. Anyways I am still really sore, I still need miralax but it does not hurt to have a bowel movement anymore. I’m still weak and my vertical 15 inch incision is still healing so I am very tender. I am happy with find a gas station near me my results. But waiting to get my energy back. I see both my surgeon and my endo on the 29th. It may be a combination of my hypothyroidism, lack of vitamin d and the surgery which is why I am so weak and frustrated because I can only do small chores around the house.

The reason they had to take 12 inches of bowel out was to raise up my rectum because everytime I had a bowel movement part of my bowels would come out. Its sounds gross, but I would have to push it back in. By cutting out the bowel, it repaired both problems because my bowel that is left is not weak anymore. I have semi normal stools now. LOL I have 4 bikini cuts and 2 vertical cuts static electricity vocabulary words now. My stomach is so bloated out. I always had a normal waistline but I was gaining weight for no reason. 35lbs to be exact. I knew something was wrong because I eat really healthy. Well I found out I had hypothyroidism. I started taking synthroid about 6 weeks ago and my endo told me I would eventually lose the weight. I talked to some other people who have Hypothyroid o gastronomico, and they said their bellies blew up too. When I got home from the hospital with all the fluids they gave me I was 200lbs. I do not have any appetite, so I have to force myself to eat. I am now down to 165lbs. so another 15lbs and I will be back to my normal weight. I am 5’8 tall so when I weigh 150 I can wear a size 10. I cant wait to get back into my cute jeans. In the meantime I have just bought some cute clothes that hide my tummy and are really comfortable. I am excited to wear them. Now i stay in my pjs cause they are so comfortable when you are healing. I am driving, but I really do not go anywhere much. I hope you are doing well. thank you so much for your concern.

I was 28 years old when I had to have a hysterectomy. My health insurance required three opinions. I had every test you could imagine. When I had my two daughters I hemmoraged both times and needed blood transfusions electricity schoolhouse rock. My doctors told me to refrain from having anymore children because I could die. That was when I was 22. They wanted me to follow up with a hemotologist, but even though I had insurance we had to pay full price for office visits. As the years passed my periods were so heavy, causing me to become anemic, and I was always getting sick as a result of the anemia. It’s very difficult to raise your children when you are tired all the time. The last year prior to my hysterectomy, my periods would last 15 to 21 days. it was horrible. So when my doctor approached me with the option of having a hysterectomy I was happy to have the surgery. Afterwards I was no longer anemic, I was full of energy again, and I rarely got sick. I am so glad you are feeling better. Keep us with your gas up yr hearse kiegal exercises, and whatever else the book tells you. As long as you feel healthy otherwise and your problem does not get in the way of having an active life than I would prolong surgery until it does. We always have to be proactive and empowered when it comes to our health. Only we know how we feel.

I am in my 4th week of recovery from both cystocele and rectocele repair. I had a spinal and was put to sleep which was so much better than going under. Faster recovery. When I woke up my surgeon said, by the way I accidentally punctured your bladder with the instrument for placing the mesh. I had to have a cath in me for 14 days and lay down and do absolutely nothing. When I did try sitting, my butt hurt sooooo bad, and when I told my surgeon about it, he asked if I had back pain prior to my surgery. I told him that I do have back problems, but this is completely different. Hurts so bad, that I went to urgent care last Saturday, and seen a differnt Urologist. He comforted me by telling me that 5% of women complain of butt pain after rectocele surgery. As I read these posts,I feel a little better that o gosh corpus christi I’m not going crazy. I am on 800 mg of Ibup and a pain pill and I can fianlly tolerate sitting and doing my job. I still have problems with my bowels and I find that miralax and prune juice together worked for me in the beginning, but doesn’t seem to be working as well anymore. I think I will try Milk of mag this time. I had a hysterecomy two years ago because of hemoraging and that surgery is nothing compared to this one when it comes to pain. I also believe that women nor men should not be released from the hospital the same day as their surgery. It is way to dangerous, but the insurance companies don’t want to pay. Little by little I’m beginning to feel electricity electricity schoolhouse rock better, but the healing is a very long process for this type of surgery. Good luck to everyone.