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I had a Rectocele Repair done on May 10, 2011 and I’m so glad I did, very little pain and discomfort, I stayed one night in the hospital because I could not pee on my own. went home the next morning. it took four days before I could have a bowel movement and that hurt like hell, I felt like I had a rock, baseball in my butt, and I had started one week prior to the surgery to elimanate meats and eat veggies and stuff, and I did take several laxatives before to get most of the waste out, I’m glad I did, although I did have trouble going , I’m sure it could have been worse, I took Senokot to help move this whopper of poop, and let me tell you stand up and let it come out because sitting it tends to go back up, so I had to stand and lean over my bathroom sink and let gravity move it out, and this took at least 40 minutes of discomfort, and I even stood in a hot shower hoping this would relax me and the muscles, once it got out a bit, then I was able to go to the toilet. , however up to that point, I had to take pain pills every 4 hours, because it hurt, once I went, no more pain and I was good, I had some discomfort here and there and used the pain meds sparingly. It’s now been almost 5 weeks and I’m up and around like nothing ever happened. Can’t wait to have sex, I think I will be singing Like a Virgin touch for the Very first Time… ladies get the surgery, because pooping has been so easy ever since.

Hi…….I had a cystocele, enterocele repair in July, 2011. The surgery went well and I felt pretty good considering it all. I was in the hosptial for two days. Only had Tylenol extra strength once I went home. It is now five months later. At four months I started noticed pressure and some cramping. I made a doctors appointment wondering what was happening. I was also noticing that my bladder seemed to have dropped again. Had my doctors appointment today and found out that the suture that held my bladder to the abdominal wall had let go. I now must decided to not have surgery and live with it bulging from my vagina or have more extensive surgery in April. My doctor explained to me after my surgery that I had quite a bit of damage when the sugery was done and he only repaired 80% of it due to complications that could arise if he proceeded to repair it 100%. I do trust my doctor and I do feel that he is taking percautions but now I am concerned if I should go ahead and have the second surgery done or live with the bladder protruding from my vagina. Has this happened to anyone else??

I had a rectocele repair, & hysterectomy as I was having a prolapse of the womb as well March 2011. Things seemed fine & I thought I was recovering well, trying not to overdo things, e.g. lifting or carrying heavy stuff or being overactive, but gradually the rectocele has come back. By last November I realised the repair really has failed & now it is worse than before when I try to have a bowel movement. When I try to ‘help it out’ as I used to have to do before the surgery, by ‘splinting’, i.e. supporting the rectum by inserting 2 fingers into the vagina, it doesn’t work and I can feel the tissues in the vagina have come down again. I think this has happened partly because I seem to be so prone to constipation even though I take stool softeners and drink water. This is a warning really – this surgery is major surgery and it CAN fail. I am going to the incontinence clinic next week to see what I should do next. My surgeon has a good reputation but I don’t feel further surgery can help. I love to walk in the country & am worried I won’t be able to do the things I love to do in future – I’m a reasonably fit, active and healthy 51. I love & still fancy my husband What will happen to my sex life if this gets worse? Really disappointed and worried.