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In Naruto I absolutely hate Sakura, I will only rarely make her good, Sasuke it honestly depends on the story its a love/hate relationship with him, Kakashi is honestly wayyy to lazy, if Naruto got another team and Sensei then honestly I would love the Naruto serious much more, With the Uchiha grade 9 electricity review massacre I feel like it was necessary but in the end it only ended up making sasuke much more of an ass.

As soon as I saw Grayfia, i instantly liked her character, (again I think i have a fetish for MILF’s and strict females.) I don’t know why, but I love seeing her in different stories and wished she had more screen time and a better backstory to her. I don’t think that she belongs with Sirzechs, its just too much of an opposite to her blunt, cold personality.

Koneko – I like Koneko, because I feel like her character was done perfectly, she is the blunt person of the group and can be powerful when the time is needed, I feel like she is the perfect change in pace with all the females that fight after Issei electricity in the body symptoms, she doesn’t put herself out there that much, but still gets some time with Issei. She also is very, very cute when it comes to some situations and she is just one of my favourite DXD characters, after Grayfia of course. I also like it when fanfictions get her character right and not compleetly over exhadderated. Plus cats/kittens are just completely adorable, and when i first watched DXD, Koneko instantly reminded me of a cat due to her looks.

Asia electricity el paso apartments Argento – I love Anime females with blonde hair and have a different personality than the typical, dumb blonde persona. I enjoy her character because Issei tries and stops being perverted with her around during most seasons because of her naive innocence. She is also very cute and can be the comedic relief when she tries fighting for Issei’s attention. I can also relate to her on some level, being that I feel like I have to purposefully become loud and d cypha electricity futures try to be recognised by certain people, and she also has the Innocence of my little nephew, which I want to protect.

At first I didn’t enjoy Weiss at all when i first watched the series, mostly because I thought she was just being a bitch for no reason, but as the series kept on going, I started enjoying Weiss’ moments in the show. I like how she had her backstory explained, and know I know why she is how she is. Her character development is nice as well, with her trying to become more use to being in a team and working with others. She is another character who I like seeing her character done right in fanfictions.

Velvet – I like Velvet because her gastritis character is very shy. I also love the accent on her, it seems so fitting. Honestly I wished she had more screen time because I feel like she could become a very handy character and not just another side character in the show. Her semblance is very unique and can become very useful in a tough situation, she also a character that I can relate too, being bullied just because I am different, and not fully Australian, i’m socially awkward and can’t keep conversations very well or fit in that well, unless I’m with friends or people that I can trust.

I liked Mei Terumi, because it was something new for a female, inmost series that I watched, they were very one dimensional, Mei is the type of female who doesn’t put down a pervert, unless he says something about her age and getting a boyfriend e85 gas stations in ohio. I find her personality great, she also has two bloodlines that can have a lot of diversity to it. I honestly love seeing her character in most fanfictions, even better if she is with Naruto.