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Traffic light cameras are triggered either by using ground loops that are cut into road surface or radar technology. When using loops, as the traffic lights turn red the system becomes active, any vehicle passing over the sensor in the road after this time is then photographed. Radar based traffic light cameras work in the same manner as fixed Gatso speed cameras.

A news story that appeared in the Daily Mail newspaper reported that the Home Office plan to turn over 1,000 traffic light cameras into speed cameras. "More than 1,000 traffic-cameras used to catch drivers jumping red lights are to converted so they can also trap speeders".

The traffic light camera was originally used to measure red light offences. Nowadays the camera can also be used in combination with speed measurement, similar to that of a Gatso speed camera. So you could end with a speeding offence as well as a traffic light offence, if you go through a red light camera!

However, depending on the road speed limit and your actual recorded speed in the speeding offence a court summons may be generated in place of the Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) through the post with the code SP10, SP20, SP30, SP40 or SP50. For more information click here.

Answer: Yes, many traffic light cameras are speed cameras as well and will operate at any stage of the lights sequence – red, green or amber. The vast majority of red light cameras are made by the same company that make the Gatso speed camera.

Question: I’ve just had a speeding offence come through saying I was caught speeding on the Waterhouse Lane / Writtle Road junction in Chelmsford. As far as I was aware there is only a red light camera there. If Essex police have updated this camera to a dual purpose camera should there be lines. The road and/or different signage?

Question: At the junction of Writtle Road and Waterhouse Lane in Chelmsford there is a camera. I thought it was for the traffic lights only as there are about 3 white lines marked on the road in front of the camera. I was flashed going through it a couple of weeks ago and have had a letter asking if i was the driver etc, however the letter was for speeding and not for going through the red light. I did speed up to get through as the lights had changed to amber and I thought I could make it. It states 37mph which I find hard to believe as the reason I went for it was I was being delayed by cars in front going slow. I thought to be done for speeding you had to be doing that speed for a set distance, mine could only have been about 30 yards at the most.

Question: The camera in question is a red light camera with a yellow box just after. I past the light before it turned amber but had to slow as the car infront of the car infront of me slammed on brakes to reverse into a parking bay. I was still moving but got flashed once, I was about two car lengths past the "wait line" for the lights but still got flashed, am I liable to a fine or not? I’m usually extremely careful when it comes to red light cameras as would like to keep my license clean as I have done for it years.

We are therefore unable to comment how the Police will view the incident when reviewing the photos captured by the red light camera. I would recommend that you contact the Police force who operate the red light camera for a definitive answer.

Question: A faulty red light camera on Shoot Up Hill at the intersection with Mill Lane facing direction of Maida Vale ie facing away from Cricklewood had flashed about ten times. I wasn’t even passing the street light and actually came off Mill Lane. The camera flashed myself as well as others. I wondered who I could report this to before getting any ticket. I contacted the MET office and they couldn’t help and neither could TFL. I doubt it’s Brent Council as they have nothing on their website. The issue that concerns me is that people collecting debts are sometimes compensated or have targets to meet for collections. I’m worried about being sent a fine and being told the camera was not faulty. I have a receipt from a store which proves the direction and route I took but still I would like to report it to avoid any issues. This was on the 28th July 2016 at about 19:20. Can you help me by providing me details of whom I need to get in contact with?

Answer: We don’t know who you should or could contact. We would say contact the MET Police, but you’ve already contacted them. If you were to receive a red light driving offence through the post, photographic evidence would also be recorded and available to you.

Question: I have often wondered about this type of incident. I am at a fairly straight forward crossroads or junction controlled by traffic lights and I am held by the red light at the front of the traffic queue. An emergency vehicle (let us say a fire engine) pulls up behind me with blue lights flashing and sirens on in full sound. The fire engine cannot navigate around me as it is a tight junction and I am under pressure to break the red light to allow the fire engine to pass, all other traffic has given way for me to do so, I do so and I get flashed by the red light camera. By default do I get nicked? Is it still my responsibility to prove my innocence? Has anybody else out there had to deal with this type of situation and if so, what happened?

Answer: We don’t know the answer to your question. Has another UK motorist encountered the same incidence on a set of traffic lights enforced by a red light camera? If so, please contact us and tell us your experience and the answer to the question above.

Another motorist adds: After reading a post regarding been stationary at a solid white line and an emergency vehicle coming up behind you. I’m afraid to say you are not suppose to move until the lights go green or you as the driver are liable for a fine and fixed points. Drivers of these said emergency vehicles are aware of this law and should not use force to get through.

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