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In Ocarina of Time, ReDeads are brown and wear wooden masks. They usually appear in small groups or sometimes alone in dead or ruinous places, such as tombs or dungeons, and make their presence known with periodic, low-pitched moans. ReDeads are encountered the earliest inside the Royal Family’s Tomb, where they gather in a chamber leading to the room where Link learns the Sun’s Song. They can later be found in Castle Town‘s ruined market place, presumbly as the town’s deceased residents, and at the Bottom of the Well and inside the Shadow Temple.

ReDeads can either be found idly standing slightly hunched over or sitting crouched down in the fetal position, until Link approaches, at which they will rise and slowly shuffle towards him. When Link is within their range, they will paralyze him with a bone-chilling scream, jump onto his back if close enough, and gradually drain his health by squeezing him. Link will then have to struggle free with a series of A and B-Button presses. Once released from their hold, Link can either strike back with the Sword or run away to attack from a safer distance. ReDeads, however, have a flaw in that they are blind. Link can walk by slowly or with the Iron Boots equipped to pass by unnoticed. If Link takes out or puts away any weapon, or runs near them, they will hear him and attempt to paralyze him with their vivid scream. Interestingly, Link cannot become paralyzed in areas with a fixed camera position, namely Castle Town‘s market, possibly because of the way the camera usually zooms in when the monster screams.

ReDeads are quite slow, both in motion and recovering from an attack, making them fairly easy to slay, particularly if Link can get behind them. When a ReDead is slain, any other ReDeads in the area will walk towards and crouch beside the fallen ReDead until its body fades away, ignoring Link and making killing the whole group easier. This behavior is never explained in the game, although plausible explanations could be that they are mourning its death or even consuming its corpse.

In The Wind Waker, ReDeads appear significantly different as turquoise, skeletal beings with earrings. They mainly appear in the Earth Temple, as well as in the Ghost Ship, the Savage Labyrinth, Ganon’s Tower, and unusually in the sewer tunnels of the Private Oasis. [3] Their method of attack is the same as their earlier incarnations, often hiding in coffins and leaping out when Link gets too close. Instead of draining his life, they will bite down and deal only one Heart-worth of damage before releasing him, but will quickly try to attack again. Unlike those of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, these ReDeads do not appear to be blind, as they will look up at Link whenever he moves close to them; in fact, while their eyes are initially black and lifeless, they glow red when they scream and advance upon their target. They cannot be fooled by walking slowly, and will always attack once Link comes within range.

In Tri Force Heroes, ReDeads [4] appear in the Lone Labyrinth and Grim Temple of The Ruins. They appear and behave slightly differently from their past incarnations, as their clay-like bodies are partially melted to the ground, which somewhat resembles Dead Hand, but become fully bodied when stunned. They also wear bright, blue masks. They are able to dissolve their bodies into a puddle to quickly move around the area. When one of the Links draws near, they emit a piercing scream, which travels in a shock wave radius. Any of the Links caught in this shock wave will become petrified to the ReDead’s scream. The monster will then approach the nearest Link and proceed to grab and repeatedly bite him, which will drain the Links’ shared health. The other Links can come to their teammate’s rescue by attacking the ReDead, which will free the trapped Link.

Under most circumstances, ReDeads can only be attacked once they are stunned by an item, such as the Gust Jar or the Gripshot. This allows the Links to attack them during this brief period. They can also be attacked from afar with the Fire Gloves.