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Solar does not scale and most of the light that hits the cells is downconverted to heat, which makes things worse. Perhaps one day they will be efficient enough, but there are physical limits. We could see commercial fusion reactors before that happens and they have a very small ecological footprint in comparison to all other forms of RET. In the meantime that just leaves one viable option, nuclear fission reactors, preferably the new generation ones that are engineered to fail safely. There is one fusion tech that works now, it uses neutrons to get a reaction out of thorium so the moment the fusion part stops the reaction does too, the trick electricity merit badge requirements is to have the thorium part efficient enough to produce enough power for your electricity needs and also run the fusor that generates the neutrons. In a way it is the nuclear equivalent of a jet engine, but not literally, just in the way power feeds back into the device to make more power output. These hybrid devices can actually be very small depending on what tech you use on the thermal side of the energy production cycle. Perhaps even less than 1 cubic meter in volume, but obviously the smaller they are the smaller the output in kilowatts.

I avoided his videos for a long time, now I checked his channel again just to give you some examples, but sorry power per kwh, I just can’t stand more than a couple of minutes and my mouse suddenly mysteriously stops working when it gets close to some of the thumbnails. It seems he is still preoccupied by solar roadways and some obviously bad kickstarted projects, and apparently strongly against Musk, which is itself is very indicative. But it’s mostly in *how* he debunks anything. The logic he follows is just super weak, full of strawmen, and other fallacies, following irrelevant tangents. Example – video about how Tesla batteries suck, his main argument is that hydrogen has higher energy density. There is nothing about Tesla batteries in that 22 minute long video and he completely avoids all the arguments against hydrogen which were for example nicely explained by Real Engineering So to wrap it up, Thunderf00t really is a very bad source of scientific information.

@Pete – You only gave two examples of why you don’t like Thunderf00t’s videos and neither involved him being wrong about something. So you think he is overly obsessed mp electricity bill payment online bhopal with Solar Roadways and you think he wandered off topic in his video about Tessla batteries. Those might be good explanations of why one might not enjoy watching his videos but they don’t show him to be an unreliable source of information. If he is unreliable then you should have no problem coming up with examples of where what he says about something is demonstrably wrong.

I didn’t really come to defend Thunderf00t. I have watched a lot of his videos. I have seen people refer to him negatively in comments from time to time. I wanted to know if they had a point and I shouldn’t trust the information he presents so seeing your post (@Pete) I thought I might get some good answers here. But no. It seems to me that you just don’t like him talking bad about Elon Musk.

Mr. Musk’s publicly announced timelines on Mars colonization electricity journal though, while I want him to be right I’ve lived long enough to see too many proposed dates for even a first boots-on-the-ground mission come and go. I think he is either telling stories for publicity or losing touch with reality. Then there is the hyperloop and the automated underground road ideas. I have a 32 minute drive to work each day. (yes, it’s that predictable) I would love to cut that in half and/or let an automated vehicle take me while I read HaD! I wish I had that. But you know the saying, if you wish gas x strips walmart in one hand and shit in the other which will fill up first? Those ideas are NOT practical. They are not safe! Musk is wasting time and money that could be going towards making that dream of space colonization come true or building an infrastructure to better support electric cars. And, should those things not quietly fade away but instead fail spectacularly the bad publicity will not be good for Tesla or SpaceX’s bottom lines. Pursuing these things will detract from the good he is doing, perhaps even end it.

Personally I think that Elon Musk has had a bit too much publicity go to his head while at the same time he has worked too hard, burnt himself out and stunted the home/family life that could have helped support him through it all. He is a good person with good dreams but he is burning out and if he doesn’t change something he will not be there to live up to his own potential.

Isn’t CO2 only electricity cost by state 0.04% of the atmosphere? Seems like you would have to move a whole lot of air through the process, or it would take an incredibly long time to produce any useful amount on carbon. Moving air takes energy, and the long time would exceed the CO2 production. Isn’t carbon sort of vital to all life on earth anyway? We, as well as all life forms, are made of hydrocarbons. Plants seem to be the source of most of the carbon, which they get from CO2. Why would anyone think reducing CO2 levels, a good thing for life on this planet? Plants do incredibly well, when augmented with CO2 (1200 to 2000 ppm), at our current 400 ppm, they barely get enough. Plants also like a warmer climate, so do I, and probably many others, after the winter we’ve had. How does one actually determine what a normal temperature, or CO2 level ever were in the first place. As a species, this is our first recovery from a major ice age, we can’t possibly know. We do know plants do well in a warmer climate, and with much higher levels of CO2. Fossil remains of gigantic creatures, would seem to indicate a warmer climate, plentiful food, mild winters, existed before the ice age.

We can’t stop the world ortega y gasset from turning, and keep everything the same as we like, The forces of nature just don’t work that way. We as a species survived, because we were able to roll with the changes, and adapt to them, not futility try to fight or change them. Solar and wind farms take up a lot of land, which can’t be used for much else, and they don’t produce energy like burning carbon fuels. We’d have to burn a lot of fossil fuels, to create the acres of solar panels and windmills needed, to eliminate the need for fossil fuels, which is a whole lot of increase in CO2 emissions.

I live in Florida, you get use to the heat, learn how to deal with the extra hot periods, not hard to adapt. Water is the climate control here on Earth. Add energy (heat), it vaporizes, and rises, carrying off some of that surface heat, and cooling us. The water vapor continues to rise, long as the air above is cooler, conducting some of its energy to other molecules. Eventually, it loses enough energy to condense back to a liquid, and thermal electricity how it works fall back to the surface. 80% of the surface, is water, the condensed vapors, rain down on land, which is hot, so it vaporizes again, taking up the heat, which eventual is radiated back out to space. Enough water vaporizes, it acts like a sunshield, blocks much of the sun’s heat from reaching the surface. Clouds forming is sweet relief here, very noticeable drop in temperature. After a good rain, it’s also feels cooler, humidity kind of sux, still sweat a lot though. Heat waves are nothing new, they pass after a while. You can try electricity merit badge pamphlet if you like, but you can’t go back in time. The computer generate prophecies, are very similar to those in the bible. The promise of being rewarded with a cleaner, greener, place is also in the bible, if you have faith, and follow the commandments. Climate Change is a doomsday cult, believe what you want. Just too many half truths and inconsistencies for me to read. Since when is science all hyped, or biased? Definitely bends to the left quite a bit.