Refrigeration basics – home electricity 1 7 pdf


Available on CD-ROM or download for PC, Mac or Tablet, this introductory refrigeration training course is presented in a clear interesting manner utilizing interactive graphics and logically organized material, all from a mechanics perspective. Learn about the mechanical refrigeration process and how to diagnose and troubleshoot refrigerant side, air and water and electrical side problems.

There are a great number of technical publications dealing with refrigeration training but few are written from a mechanics perspective. This one is. It illustrates the mechanical refrigeration process and related topics with straight forward explanations and graphics. It’s intent is to make it easy to understand important concepts and terminology. Traditional refrigeration textbooks cover such a large scope of material and in such great detail that rudimentary concepts often become lost in the process. Refrigeration Basics is an introduction to the Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Trade and focuses on creating a solid foundation which can be built upon readily. Learning about refrigeration is a never ending process and well understood fundamentals make learning more advanced concepts much easier. This interactive CD-ROM is a preparation for anyone interested in entering the Refrigeration & Air Conditioning trade and is an introduction to some of the immediate problems one will face in the field. It is designed for those who:

The original Refrigeration Basics CD-ROM was released in 2001. Since that time we have developed several products greatly widening the scope of our training material. Our training CD’s are now used world wide by trade schools, universities, trade unions, OEM’s, contractors, organizations and individuals. Current product line and descriptions are shown below the features list.

92 Pressure/Temperature Charts linked by ASHRAE and Trade Name Index. Each PT Chart also shows chemical formula, chemical name, recommended oil and if it is a blend lists the ODS refrigerant that it replaces. Interactive Refrigerant Side Diagnostics

The relationship between refrigerant side parameters are explored with the interactive Causes & Effects tutorial. Although this course starts off with the basics it lets the participant advance to the point where complex refrigerant side parameters are dealt with in an interactive way. Interactive Electrical Troubleshooting

The Version III release contains everything from the previous version as well as an amazing 100 interactive troubleshooting boards with fully functional test instruments and many other improvements and interactive sections. If you purchase RBIII there is no reason to purchase RB2. Learn the basics and then develop your troubleshooting skills on various types of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. All 100 boards utilize high and low side pressure gauges, a 9 point digital thermometer for measuring refrigerant, air, and water temperatures and of course an Amp/Ohm/Volt meter which measures all test points on the electrical schematics. The troubleshooting board help page is available at the click of a button from every board. Click the thumbnail images below for larger screen shots. In 2004, version III troubleshooting boards gained SI Units capability. The temperature meter could now be toggled to display Imperial units in °F or SI Units in °C. The refrigerant gauges could be toggled to display PSIG or kPa. As of March, 2007, version III gained SI capability throughout the entire e-book. All textual references to Imperial units can now be viewed in their SI unit counterparts. Diagrams and graphics which used to be in Imperial units only, can now be toggled to display SI Units. A new section called Systems of Measurement has been added to Refrigeration Basics III.

The Air Conditioning Controls Basics CD is intended as a supplement to the Refrigeration Basics III CD. The RBIII CD introduced basic principals and demonstrated the inter-dependency between the refrigerant, air/water and electrical sides of a system. This training CD assumes that you have completed studying Refrigeration Basics III and are interested in more controls training for air conditioning systems. After a review of electrical fundamentals, motors, starting gear and electrical controls ACCB depicts various types of thermostats and introduces the feedback loop and how it applies to HVAC control systems. ACCB then takes you on a journey exploring various types of air conditioning systems. Each type has its own section with an in depth study of its schematic and sequence of operation. Every section has a review test which automatically marks answers. Ultimately this leads to the 100 interactive troubleshooting boards which allows the participant to develop troubleshooting skills with virtual test instruments by measuring electrical parameters (Volts, Ohms, Amps and Capacitance). Click the thumbnail images below to see screen shots of some of the the troubleshooting boards. The full size boards can be seen in the preview section.