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My transaction was made in sep.23/2017 16:20 and i got back to my hotel googled ram fashion! Seen some sceptical reviews so i called them to cancel my order at 17:03! Same day and the guy on the phone refused to cancel my order because they already cut the fabric! Sketchy! Usually Taylor do not cut the fabric they make sketches on the fabric first! And this job takes an hour electricity physics or more!

Guys donnot fall… OK! Same as what u seen in the ‘terrible’ rated review! I should’ve been more cautious listening to a guy(professor teaching music…haha) in front of the bangkok national museum and a guy(lawyer…haha) in front of the big budda! Why in the world they would bring up a topic of ‘SUIT’ simultaneously My transaction was made in sep.23/2017 16:20 and i got back to my hotel googled ram fashion! Seen some sceptical reviews so i called them to cancel my order at 17:03! Same day and the guy on the phone refused to cancel my order because they already cut the fabric! Sketchy! Usually Taylor do not cut the fabric they make sketches on the fabric first! And this job takes an hour or more! So i had to make an oversea call to my credit card company to cancel the transition! However at the pending stage the merchant(ram fashion) has to cancel it! And since the ram fashion refused to cancel the transaction there was no way i could stop the transaction right away! So i told my credit electricity 2pm mp3 card company to flag it first! Since it was saturday the people who takes care of this issue were not working at the moment! So, i sent a txt msg to ram fashion NOT to bring the suit to my hotel or anywhere! For a proof for later debate gas explosion! And ofcourse the screen shot the phone call history! Guys donnot fall for it! They might make an awesome suit! But from my experience(refuse to refund in 40min) i don’t trust them! Moreover, this horrible experience made me reconsider coming back to bangkok again!!! More Show less

I purchased a suit and two blouses from Ram fashion for £300. It was our first day in Bangkok and we met one of the tourist police government officials who chatted to us and recommended we get a tuk tuk to take us round Bangkok. The tuk tuk took us to the sites. At one point he dashed to the toilet and while we waited we got chatting to an American lawyer who asked to see where we were going on our tour. One of the places was Ram fashion. He said we were super lucky because it is the last day of a suit expo and we could get cheap suits from the same makers of Armani suits. He gets all his suits from there and asked us what we thought would be a good price gas stoichiometry lab for a suit in Bangkok. We had no idea but guessed around £300. So we went into Ram feeling really lucky to have found it and were then pushed into buying and paying due to it only being open one more day. We didn’t have the money on us and so they sent a guy back with us to the hotel room to get the money which felt a bit intimidating but we agreed to it. Anyway we felt a bit pushed into buying and that something didn’t feel right so we looked the place up on TripAdvisor. To my horror many other people had had the same experience with the government lawyer and tuk tuk. I did get my suit and had two fittings. They altered it according to my requirements and I did pay less than in the UK. It is a reasonable quality tailored suit. However the whole song and dance and pushy sales that came with the suit put a bad taste in my mouth. I’m sure the shop will claim my fault for believing these people but they are being paid kickbacks for getting people to Ram electricity and circuits class 6 Fashion. I know for sure I could have got the suit to the same quality and for half the price had I done some research and not been taken in by the whole thing. I have a nice suit but because of the method of getting me to the shop and pushy intimidating sales men it was not a good experience.

I write this review to let others know that you have two viable options at this terrible establishment: 1) Exit immediately before purchasing anything or 2) Call your bank immediately to cancel the transaction. Both options will successfully result in no losses but one is less of a headache. So do not fret 5 gases that come from car emissions if you have already fallen prey to their gimic. Be incredibly annoying, refuse the fittings, and voice your cancelation immediately to your bank and you should be fine. This place epitomizes shady business. As the owner confirmed on the phone, they provide compensation for tuk tuk drivers who work to further advertise their business. The drivers will take you on a tour of the city for a cheap price. These drivers, and others along the route also paid to advertise, will then blantantly lie to you about this place, its connections to brand name companies, and the quality of their products. It is a well thought out scam but a scam nonetheless, one that profits off of intentially misinforming tourists. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING.

I read many positive and many negative reviews about RAM Fashion. I offer my personal experience with this guys, so You can make Your own opinion. Yes, the way you get to the store is a little suspicious. Probably you will come here thanks to a very willing lady with a man from England, a very willing tuk-tuk walmart with a gas station near me driver and a fake lawyer from NY 🙂 Question is, if it matters. Yes, the price will probably be a bit higher (but is 370 EUR for custom tailored suit too much?) because you have to pay these excellent gas in babies actors as well, but on the other hand – Without them, you probably would not find this place. Let’s go to the product itself – the suit. IT’S PERFECT! And I mean not only the suit itself, but also accuracy on agreed deadlines – If they do not track for some reason, they inform you by phone. My suit was waiting for me at Bangkok hotel exactly as we agreed. They answered willingly to my questions through whatsupp. So my final result – I recommend this guys! And advice for the boys from the RAM Fashion: Maybe consider the way how you get customers to Your shop. You don’t need this (tuk tuk, fake lawyer…), this is for those who can not sew gas laws worksheet pdf 🙂

RAM fashion is a seedy suit tailor business that you may be lured into from Tuk Tuk tours. They sell suits and If you’re buying PAY CASH ONLY because they have an impressive credit card scam. When trying to buy a suit they swiped my card 3 times and told me that my card was not working. So I went with one of their employees, Louis, to the Siam Commercial Bank ATM right outside near the 7-11 to get some cash to pay for the suit. After paying for the suit in cash I did not receive any cash purchase receipt but a business card with an order number (THIS IS NOT A REAL RECEIPT OF PURCHASE). Unfortunately I found out later that they lied to me and my card was charged 3 times! Even though I paid in cash they kept the credit card charges and did not say anything. They gave me a receipt but it was NOT an itemized purchase receipt. Here is where the scam come in. When disputing the charges they will only remove 2 charges thinking it was an accident and since there is no official receipt for cash payment you cannot dispute the 3rd charge. In the end they keep the e payment electricity bill maharashtra cash and one of the card payments. I paid twice for one suit! Read through the other reviews and choose carefully! Other people have been scammed as well. Watch out for their employees Louis and Suril, they will sell you hard. Ram Fashion is a scam.