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Regigigas is a large, white, golem-like Pokémon with seven black circular "eyes" arranged in a specific pattern. The pattern is Regigigas’s way of showing its anger; its eyes glow red when it is provoked. It has six spots that are apart from its eyes, which appear to be gemstones. These gemstones seem to represent the other three Regis, with red gems representing Regirock, blue gems indicating Regice, and silver gems representing Registeel. It has long arms, with three fairly human-like white fingers, and short legs that end in large mossy bushes instead of feet. Regigigas has large yellow bands on its shoulders and wrists, with a sloping section on its chest that appears to be its head and is also yellow. Its body is covered in black stripes, and it has moss growing in its back and feet. According to Sinnoh legend, Regigigas’s strength enables it to move continents.

Regigigas is a skilled craftsman. It created golems out of inanimate objects and brought them to life. Regigigas is also capable of controlling these Legendary titans, even if they already belong to a Trainer. It can also survive extreme conditions as it is able to work with the boiling temperatures of magma (1300-2400 °F [700-1300 °C]) as well as frigid ice (-328 °F [-200 °C]). When Regigigas is disturbed from its slumber, it goes on a rampage and shoots powerful beams of energy. When it is befriended, however, it is calm and gentle, as seen in Pillars of Friendship!. It is able to crush targets by using its signature move, Crush Grip.

Regigigas debuted in Giratina and the Sky Warrior. It lives in a temple in the mountains of Ten’i Village and had been asleep for centuries, subsequently having moss growing on its body. However, when Zero entered the Reverse World and began shattering pillars of ice within it, the glacier in front of Regigigas’ temple suffered catastrophic explosions and began moving. This disturbed its slumber, rousing it into action. When Dawn’s Buneary and Swinub failed to stop the glacier with the help of a large group of wild Pokémon, Regigigas appeared and commanded a herd of dozens of Mamoswine to hold the glacier back. Once the crisis was resolved, Regigigas returned to its temple. It was last seen using Hyper Beam on Team Rocket during the ending credits.

Regigigas made its main series debut in Pillars of Friendship! at the Snowpoint Temple. J wanted to steal it, and a result, it was rudely awakened. It went on a rampage afterwards, using Hyper Beam on anything. It even used Confuse Ray to control Pyramid King Brandon’s set of legendary titans to help it. At the end of the episode, it healed Brandon and his titans using Hidden Power to restore them from their petrification. It was then taken back to the temple to return to its slumber.

A Regigigas appeared in the beginning of Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, where it was summoned by a Hoopa Unbound in Dahara City one hundred years prior to the events of the movie, alongside a Reshiram and Zekrom. The three fought Hoopa, but were easily defeated and sent back through portals to their original homes.

• Due to its Ability weakening it, Regigigas has more in common with Slaking than it does with other Legendary Pokémon. They share the Normal type, the same base stat total of 670, the same base Attack stat of 160, and Abilities that limit their power.

• Regigigas is also the only one of the Legendary titans that does not use the remix of the Legendary titan battle theme in Platinum or Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Instead, it uses the Sinnoh Legendary battle theme, much like in Diamond and Pearl.

• In Platinum, by hacking to obtain Cherish Balls, it is possible to trick the game into opening Rock Peak, Iceberg, and Iron Ruins: by catching the in-game Regigigas in a Cherish Ball, the game thinks the Regigigas was obtained at a Nintendo event.

• In Generation IV, Regigigas is the only Pokémon required to acquire the Diploma that cannot be obtained without the use of Generation III games or an event, even with all Generation IV titles. This limitation occurs because Regigigas cannot be obtained without the use of the other Legendary titans, which in turn cannot be obtained without either importing them from Generation III or obtaining them in Platinum with an event Regigigas.