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The Dreamwave More Than Meets The Eye guide provides a partial possible answer. According to the guide gas laws worksheet with answers, when a spark naturally splits as it’s being introduced to a protoform, it creates two robots who are brothers, (or twins), such as Sideswipe and Sunstreaker. When such a spark division is artificially induced, the less balanced and self-reliant pair created are referred to as clones. (This definition of brother may or may not apply to RID Prime and Magnus, whose brotherhood was said to result from the special types of electricity circumstance of having been created simultaneously by Alpha Trion).

However, the Beast Era widened the issue of reproduction with Rattrap referring to his great-aunt Arcee and in general the practice of Maximals and Predacons referring to the Autobots and Decepticons as their respective ancestors, as well as themselves as being their descendants, implying a direct genetic (for want of a better term) lineage. Various sources of debatable canonicity suggest that electricity song lyrics Optimus Primal is specifically descended from Optimus Prime, usually through the phrase his gas zyklon b ancestor Optimus Prime. In the absence of sexual reproduction, the use and meaning of these genealogical references is difficult to explain. One possible explanation might be a situation such as when Airazor is brought to life. Her spark and protoform are heavily damaged, and Cheetor allows some of his parts to be used as replacements while Rhinox guides the procedure. The Spark To compare to human procedures, this is something like assisting with childbirth and donating blood or organs. It seems unlikely that this happened enough electricity prices per kwh 2013 to cause two large societies to consider themselves descendants of two other large ancient societies.

Other family designations exist as well. Wheelie has parents who were lost in his crash on Quintessa, according to some background material. The Mini-Con Twirl very specifically calls Falcia her mother (which Falcia hates) and seems to treat Redline like a father 10 gases and their uses, since the two’s spark frame energies went into constructing her physical form. Linkage Part 7 In the Armada cartoon, Side Swipe refers to Hot Shot as his brother after Hot Shot saves his life, suggesting at least an understanding of the concept; on the other hand, the Armada cartoon is originally electricity 101 youtube Japanese, and in Japan, ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ can be used as terms of affection or respect to an unrelated person. The Unicron Trilogy universe gas news has also used the term cousin for certain Transformers on occasion. The Victory manga from the Japanese Generation 1 era features Decepticon wives and children. Even the live-action movie features an Optimus electricity out in one room and Megatron who are brothers, and it is mentioned in the related Nintendo DS game that Megatron took the spark of their father.

The case of Hydra and Buster from Japanese Generation 1 cartoon continuity is rare as they were originally human siblings before being converted into Transformers by Devil Z. Battle to the Death!! God Ginrai VS Darkwings Reborn The Birth of the Super Lifeforms Similar things happen to the case of Primus and Unicron, who were gas or electricity for heating originally astral being before they got trapped in planetoids and converted their vessels into planet-size Transformers. Transformers: The Ultimate Guide

The IDW Generation 1 continuity has Ratchet mentioning that his batch proto-initiator told me there’d be moments like this…, when he was wondering if he should take the gas 99 cents a litre humans and investigate the bunker in Nebraska. Infiltration #3 Later, Minimus Ambus described Dominus Ambus as his spark-brother and confirmed that they were members of the House of Ambus. House of Ambus