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Every time I hear a physicist cite the Michelson-Morely experiment as proof of the constant speed flight I cringe. After the Young experiment established the wave nature of light, the aether theory was proposed as the medium in which light travelled. The aether permeated the universe including all mater, planets, and stars and they moved through it. The experiment was designed to detect this aether. By splitting a beam of light and having two perpendicular beams intersect an interference patter would be seen as the motion of the Earth changed traveling la t gastrobar opiniones through the aether. The negative results of the experiment proved the theory of aether was wrong not that the speed of light is constant. Light is a disturbance in the electric and magnetic fields that permeate the universe and since all objects, like the Earth, have these fields the experiment gas leak east los angeles failed.

If the only proof of a fundamental foundation of physics is the negative result of an experiment based on a theory known to be wrong then physics is on very shaky ground. Since there are experiments and observations showing waves or star moving faster than the speed of light the foundation of Einsteinian physics makes quicksand look like concrete.

I also believe the diagram illustrating general relativity is fake and a fraud trying to persuade people rather than illustrate the theory. If you are 1 unit electricity cost in kerala going to use a two dimensional plane to represent the four dimensional space-time continuum you cannot use a tree dimensional sphere to represent. the sun or Earth. You are saying that the object has a fifth dimension that produces a fifth dimensional distortion in the four dimensional space-time continuum and this fifth dimension some how causes objects to orbit. It is dimensional inconsistency the same as those pictures where you can go down four flights of stairs and arrive at where you started. A proper diagram would be that you have a two dimensional plane representing the four dimensions you also must use a two dimensional disc to represent the sun or Earth. This would produce no vortex and support the contention that some how mass is able go distort space-time.

However my main focus is more on BH. In the second video, ‘Black Holes Explained’ the concept includes a mass of material that is so large that not even light can escape. It proceeds to White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars, as bodies composed of very year 6 electricity dense atomic particles. The number of BH in the universe is said to be very large. Hawking concluded that BH do emit radiation and eventually run out of matter until they disappear completely. The holy grail to this conga line of events is a ‘theory of everything’.

The Gravispheres paper extends this thesis by placing a limit on the possible force of gravity at the edge of a BH, as well as viewing electricity dance moms episode BH as frequent occurences, but does not see the BH structure as ever disappearing. In addition, Gravispheres sees BH as being the central focus of gravitational fields contained within individual gravispheres. It goes on to conclude that the strength of gravity varies throughout the universe, which obviates the need for ‘dark matter’. The paper also provides a mechanism to support the Static Universe thesis. Hopefully it also proves to be plausible.

The mass of a singularity must be less than the masses of the preceding objects as they converted mater into energy and distributed that energy into the universe. The singularity cannot have a greater mass without the creation of mass or energy which is a no no. Not even the magical powers of quantum physics is allowed to create mass and its resulting force of gravity.The power of the gravitational attraction of a singularity comes from its smaller size not a greater mass and so its size must be smaller than any of the intermediate stages.

Gravity is not uniform in the universe because it decreases with distance from its source just as heat, light, and other forms of energy decrease from what is electricity their source. The reason we observe black holes in the center of galaxies is because that is where the light from all the stars in the galaxies converge and cancel each other out just as light waves are canceled out in the interference c gastronomie plateaux repas patterns in the dual thin slit experiment.

The creation of “dark mater” just like the creation of potential energy is trying to make gravity a function of mass instead of being a result of energy. The only reason we associate mass with gravity is because Newton needed a source for his force and the data (velocity of a planet squared and its distance from the sun) provided no source, necessitating the creation go the gravitational constant providing mass as the source. How can there be binary asteroids if gravity is from mass?

The reason for the creation of the photon was the photoelectric effect. The argument was that if light were a wave it would take time to transfer enough energy (a quantum) to an atom to dislodge an electron and cause a current. The problem with this objection is that assumes the only way to produce a current is to dislodge an electron from an atom by adding energy to it. None of the electricity we use is produced in this manner. The electricity electricity music notes photoelectric effect is a result of a changing electromagnetic wave of the right size distorting an ionic bond in a crystal causing an increase in the repelling force between electrons and dislodging an electron. It is just another version of the piezo electric effect but instead of a mechanical distortion a changing electromagnetic field causes the distortion. Without the photon the speed of light cannot be constant.

Einstein also developed hp gas online booking phone number the theory of equivalency. He maintained that in an enclosed area with no reference to an outside reference frame that there was no experiment that could be done to distinguish between an accreting body and a gravitational field (false) therefore gravity and acceleration were equivalent. This meant that there was no difference between an accelerating object and a stationary object experiencing gravity and the speed of light is constant to all reference frames.

A clock is just an instrument to measure time and not the same thing as time. Instruments can 8 gases be inaccurate. In the famous clock tower experiment when he accelerated away from the clock, time appeared to slow down because of the delay of the light from the clock reaching the observer. If the observer accelerated away from the clock then stopped he would see that the clock was no longer in agreement with his watch and time had slowed. If he were then to accelerate back to his initial position he would observe the clock running faster and when he arrived at his starting point his watch and the clock would be in agreement. Time had not changed just the clock had become inaccurate.