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Glad you had a good experience and thought it was relaxing. I need to correct a couple of things you said though–It is not a manufactured pool it is a cement pool and the reason we cemented it was because of the uneven build up of minerals over time on the bottom surface which got to be very hard on bare feet. Secondly, the aerater you mentioned is an oxygen inversion system that continuously disinfects the water without using any chemicals. (We’ve just completed our 8th straight year of a perfect health department-NMED-inspection from the State). Third thing–the water is completely natural and heated by the Earth and the waterfall to let the water in is necessary as the geothermal water here is 139 F degrees. No one would be able to get into it if we let it run continuously into the pool–it would cook you. As to whether z gas ensenada the forest springs are better, that’s a matter of preference/opinion. Young people with limited funds like to go there. They are unregulated and unmaintained, usually party spots with trash and diapers, broken glass, (etc.) laying around due to people who don’t want to have to pay anything, but also don’t take care of them and treat them with the respect they should be treated with. We also provide a restroom near our pool–there is none there. (!) As for the actual water comparison between the forest springs and ours, ours gas finder near me is heavily mineraled ancient sea water from beneath the Valles Caldera. The water in the forest springs is heated rain water and contains virtually no minerals due to the short time it is in the ground, and the water temperatures of them are much lower than ours. Mineral water is far more therapeutic for soaking in. It all depends on what kind of experience you are looking for, but for now, the forest is closed and the springs there are not accessible, so we are glad to be providing an option for those that don’t mind paying for the benefits of a maintained, convenient, clean mineral hot spring soak.

We’ve brought a large group twice now to giggling springs during a spiritual retreat hoping for privacy, relaxation and peace. However, on both occasions, we experienced the women running it were extremely rude and unfriendly. Not only were they hovering above literally watching our every move, but they neglected to smile or extend any warm welcome. We were charged a fortune for one hour and then were blamed for breaking the mister when we used the outdoor hose to rinse off natural clay masks after being electricity generation by country told we weren’t allowed to use the sink and it would be an additional charge to rinse in the shower. To communicate these things, they shouted at us from the top balcony and then nagged until we all had rinsed. They claim river access but both times were after rain and the mud wasn’t allowed to be tracked in so we had no access. We were told a charge amount of $15 per person on the phone but when we arrived it was $18 with no discount for a large group (12 people). We tried to relax despite electricity flow chart our every move being scrutinized but in the end, we heard times up being screamed from the house without any politeness, gratitude or respect. The group I brought could not have been more respectful and mindful of our surroundings, and peaceful in our time there but the behavior of these women thoroughly detoured from our enjoyment of this experience. We will NOT be returning in the future. And I advise these women to relax a little and if they’ll be charging so much money for a natural spring, let people get their money’s worth!!!

We’re sorry that you feel the service was terrible, and it hurts to see this 2 star review here. I’d like to address some of the things you said and offer our perspective on this. Let me preface this with saying that many of the people in this group were very nice, appreciative and respectful people. First of all, there were no notes on your reservation regarding a discounted rate of $15 but you should know that we actually didn’t make any money at all on your groups visit here. The mister that was broken by your group wasn’t fixable gas knife lamb and had to be replaced. Overall, it cost us more than the total amount your group paid—and when you add in the time and gas for a special trip to Albuquerque to get a new one (a trip which ended up having us running around ABQ and Rio Rancho to 3 different stores trying to get one!) we actually lost money. Some in your group decided to use the faucet attached at the back of the gift shop that wasn’t meant to be used by pool guests. Without asking or understanding how to use it, the pressure was turned gas laws worksheet chapter 5 answers up too high and it was more than the mister could handle. It broke it in several places. This could have been avoided just by asking rather than trying to use something that isn’t set up for guests use. We didn’t even have you and your group pay for these damages. As a small (2 person) owner operated business (and this is also our home) we put a lot of time, effort and expense into this place so people can enjoy the mineral water and property. We do not have a staff, we do everything ourselves here, so we are connected to every detail of this place. The reason we got the mister in the first place was because the river access isn’t always available now due to the forest fires we’ve had recently. The run off from these fires makes the river black and ashy (and dangerous because you can’t see where you’re stepping) among other things. The slurry chemical that they pour on the fire and forest also washes down gas oil ratio for leaf blower the river. (It’s hard to imagine why anyone coming here for therapeutic benefits would want to get in that water anyway!) You and your group were here just after some of the first rains following the Thompson Ridge fire, and you’re correct in saying we didn’t want it contaminating the pool by having gas city indiana weather people going into the river and then coming into the pool and bringing it in with them. The mister turned out to be a good alternative for cooling off without even having to get out of the pool, and people have really been enjoying having it there. We hoped that (because you had been here before) you and your group understood our policies, but almost immediately after you got here we had to stop people from using body oil before getting in the pool. So yes, when it becomes obvious that people either didn’t read the policies, or are disregarding them and doing something that we’ve learned from our own experience will negatively impact the experience of other guests, (or our property) we do feel we have to pay more attention to them. We didn’t mind that you brought clay and put it on yourselves, but for the benefit of the people coming to soak after you leave, we asked that you not wash it off in the pool. We also didn’t want people washing it off in the sink because the last time you and your group were here some of them did do that and it clogged the drain. That’s why we brought you the plastic tub of water to rinse off in. If we came across as rude, we do apologize, but that was more being stressed out from the circumstances we were dealing with. We do try to be relaxed, and with the majority of our guests, that isn’t hard to do. But we feel that we are (in large part) here to try to keep what guests in one hour do from lessening the enjoyment and experience gas vs electric stove safety of the guests that come after them. We could relax more and not be concerned when people do things that run the place down…break things, dirty up the pool water, pour on sunscreen—(which changes the pH of the water and makes a greasy oil slick on top of the water), let people stick their gum gas mask bong nfl on the rocks around the pool, break glass, leave trash, smoke cigars, etc., but then it wouldn’t be a place most people would want to go—and it wouldn’t be a place we would want to be. We have policies that are intended to keep the place nice, and we see that as a good thing for our guests. If you want to see what happens to a place where no one cares what happens, go to Spence hot spring when the forest re-opens. I live not far from it, and I won’t set foot there anymore. I actually do believe you are the kind of person (as well as the others with you) that could understand what we do here and why–if you try, and that you are even the kind of people that would actually appreciate what it takes for us to do what electricity in indian states we do to make certain the place is nice when you get here…. It’s not hard to imagine that the people coming in the hour following yours would prefer not to soak in water that several women they don’t know just washed a bunch of clay off of themselves into—or water that has an oil slick on top from body oil applied by people before them. It’s also not hard to imagine that they would have enjoyed the use of the mister that wasn’t there for them…etc. You can believe me when I say—we’d very much rather always be relaxed and never have to remind people of what they agreed to when they signed in.