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I grew up in Colorado so I have been exposed to natural hot springs my entire life. I normally visit the Old Town Hot Springs when traveling through Steamboat but it is being renovated so I went to Strawberry Fields today. As others have said the road is fine unless it has been raining or snow covered. The term rustic does fit this property well as it is rural and simple in design. Love the stream running right next to the hot mineral pools and rock formed pools. However I do not love green water electricity projects for high school students filled with algae resulting in very slippery entry and exit. Because the water is so murky you cannot see the rocky steps which means your pedicure gets chipped and doing a faceplant is a concern. I saw several people nearly lose their footing in my two hours there. The two largest pools have sandy bottom which adds to the murky algae water. Don’t forget to wash your swimsuit as all that algae is yukky. Overall it was not the relaxing hot springs I have enjoyed at other places but I am sure plenty of people would prefer rustic to clean and more regulated hot springs. Thankfully there are many options to keep us coming back 2015 electricity rates to the natural mineral water.

This was a long overdue visit to Strawberry Park, having visited Steamboat for over 30 years. We were always intimidated by the reviews and feedback about the dirt road leading back to the springs. Our visit was after a dry week, so it was a breeze to take our non SUV vehicle back to the parking area. The parking area seemed a bit small, so I would plan on arriving at an off peak time during the busy season. I am not sure where you would park when the lot is full, because the main road is lined with no parking signs. The fee of $15 was well worth the price, and most affordable, compared to other hot springs resorts. Cash or checks only! There are 2 larger pools, one slightly cooler in temp than the other static electricity zapper. The warmer pool is kept at least 104 degrees. On our visit they were trying to adjust the cool water mixture to achieve 105-107 for the evening. There were a few smaller more intimate pools right after you crossed the bridge from the changing room. They were cooler in temperature on our day, so we did not use them. A third large pool was a chilly option, snow melt temps, to offer a cool down option! Just putting my feet in was numbing, but several people jumped in and swam briefly. There was a basic bathroom and a changing room in a separate building. The changing room had curtain drawn rooms and a small stove to heat the room. It was blazing on our arrival k gas constant mid afternoon, but not on during the early evening hours. I would recommend flip flops or slip on sandals to walk around the pool areas, which have loose gravel. There is water and towels for sale, but you are welcome to bring your own water. Staying hydrated is important at altitude, so plan on bringing plenty of non alcoholic beverages. Preferably those that benefit hydration and not a sugary drink! There were several fireplaces, but no fires built during the day. Also there were a couple massage buildings, one with a small hot spring pool immediately outside of it. Maybe next trip!

There are three ways to get to the hot springs. This mostly depends on what kind of vehicle you’re driving and how much money you are willing to spend. We picked the last option, which in my opinion is the most adventurous. Make sure to bring your own water, towels, clothes, sun protection, or flashlight if you’re soaking at night. The website tell you the going rate, we paid $15 per adult. Families visit during the day, so a bathing suit is required. After dark…that’s a different story. It appears to be more clothing optional after sunset. The stars b games zombie are gorgeous too there at night. 1. Have a 4WD vehicle with the proper mud/snow tires? Perfect. You can drive up to the entrance of the pools and enjoy the convenience of parking, and a short walk to the actual pools. With snow that would be the best option. With any weather actually that’s a good option since you have the convenience of your vehicle close by. 2. Don’t feel like the hassle of driving? No problem! Most hotels/resorts offer shuttle pick up and drop off with door-to-door service. The downside to this convenience is that it can cost close to $50/person. Not worth it in my opinion if you’re spending just a few hours at the hot springs. 3. The most adventuruous and rewarding, in my opinion if weather permits, is driving and parking electricity office near me at the Mad Creek Trailhead on Elk River Road which is accessable by regular non 4WD vehicles. Just make sure it’s at least snow-melt because you’ll be hiking about 3 miles to the hot springs (mostly uphill, upstream along the river). The trail is well-marked and you can also see electricity notes physics it on their website. There is a map too at the trailhead; you just walk back onto the main road after you park at the parking lot. There is a narrow pedestrian path that takes you back south about a quarter mile until you turn up onto a private drive that has signs pointing towards trail to hot springs (Forest Service Trail 1169). We hiked there by sunset and soaked for an hour. The walk back is dark and a bit daunting if you’re not a confident hiker; so make sure to travel in numbers and talk the whole way to avoid larger wild animals along the trip. The stars are gorgeous though from the pools.