Releasing the static as we enter the grand union!! the shift of time and energy! i feel electricity in my body

The one thing the field of sneak peaks assured us all yesterday, we have entered the energy of the Grand Union (merger of May/June energies.) Truly, I still had no clue what that meant, but I am feeling the start of my day yesterday helped to clear that understanding up quite a bit.

When I sat down at my computer yesterday to do my blog, I started to panic because my screen never turned on, it stayed black. I booted, rebooted, waited 30 minutes, rebooted again, nuttin. It is funny how the human mind has a hair pin trigger built in. I instantly thought well, shit, now for sure I cannot go to VA to my daughters wedding. Its bad enough my tires are bald and I am going to wrap my energy around them to get there, but I cannot, absolutely cannot forgo my computer. So I do what I do when I need to vent, just shared on facebook and then started my day of readings.

My day of readings was just weird. My first lady was an ET connection, the outcome so not what I was anticipating. Just above the treeline I could see what I will just call an energetic tarp spread out from left to right. In the center was a silver zipper. This tarp started to roll out into the horizon, create a C turn upwards and started to head back, tho, thru yesterdays connection did not, was not finished.

My focal point became on the silver zipper, where the teeth met and created a tight closure in the energetic tarp, My lady was told that she needs to understand that, why they are showing her that, as we move into this massive time spirit calls the Grand Union.

I did, eventually understand that this visual they were giving us was showing that the entire earth realm was moving up into higher frequencies of light, of vibration. Which, to those of us prepared for it, sounds exciting. That said, if we think about most of humanity, who has never really learned to swim, and suddenly they are thrown into a 10 foot pool of water… it is going to get more interesting than it has been already!!

My next lady, jeepers creepers!! The only thing I could see were two short, wooden planks tipped together to form an upside down V. They weren’t even big, maybe 3 feet tall and I could not find my lady until I looked up into the treetops. There she was, straddling a branch way up in the tree at the fence line in her light body, overlooking her field of life. This tree was on her right, spiritual emotional field.

I can get really frustrated with myself when I do not immediately understand a visual. Spirits unlimited supply of creativity (visual expressions) boggles my ever loving mind!! I really had no idea why she was on a tree branch until she told me what was happening in her life. She lives in Ireland, her sister just bought her airfare to go hang out in Missouri, USA for 3 weeks and would be leaving within the week. The understanding flooded into my head the moment she said that.

This trip allows her to be removed from her day to day life for a higher review of what she truly desires and to remove what no longer serves her. It is often times way to hard to see any of that when you are smack dab in the midst of your day to day. Step away for a few weeks, it can become vividly clear.

My last reading of the day was a virgin man!! I really love virgin energy, but most especially the rare commodity called man!! Geez, that sounds rude, he is not a commodity at all, well, not at the bought and sold level, but definitely raw/rare material! 😉

About 10 minutes before our session was due, I was thinking about him and suddenly it was as if my whole house was experiencing an earthquake. The shaking, the massive vibration, lasted almost near the whole 10 minutes. Of course, I started asking what the hell is that. I knew it was in relationship to him, but what the hell is that????? Dammit if his team didn’t say there is too much energy in his field, too much change, to do the reading he needs and I must reschedule him. Well bite my ass!!

Now, back to my first paragraph!! In-between these wonderful conversations of the day, a precious soul helped me get out of the black screen of death and restore my ability to use my computer. I might add, completely release the panic that I was in too!!

Andrea Covington Mullaney You know… I’ve read that this issue is caused by excess static buildup in your computer and it messes with the proper electricity flow. What you are doing when you remove all power sources and hit the start button is draining the rest of the power in the machine that keeps the BIOS functioning. This also drains the static. Then when you plug it back in and turn it on – you are “reflowing” the electricity through its proper channels so it reaches the video card again. I’m not really sure what causes the static buildup though…

I see the May energies as this really large, rather thick bubble filled with energy. The bubble itself is in a color spectrum I am not familiar with, but if you were to mix, gold, yellow, bronze and white together… something on that order. It is much thicker energy than Junes energy ball and maybe only half the size of Junes energy ball. Junes is huge and electric. It looks very much like this: