Remember when life was simple — patchwork times by judy laquidara la gasolina daddy yankee mp3


We’ve been doing “stuff” this morning and when we got home, and I sat down, I thought . . remember when life was simple? Our lifestyle, in my opinion, is about as simple as it gets. We’re not involved in a lot of away from home activities, everything runs smoothly for the most part but sometimes, life seems complicated. I know many people, probably the majority of the people. would trade places with me any day so I’m not complaining.

This morning we met with the insurance guy and got Vince’s medicare supplements all chosen and started. All we had to do was pick one supplement and choose the prescription coverage. Did that. Talked about the insurance I’ll get when Vince retires. Ugh . . sure wish I could pay for mine what Vince is paying for medicare. What my insurance will cost for one month will just about pay for a whole year of his medicare and supplements. But, can’t stress about the things over which I have no control.

My car needs tires so have to make a decision on which tires. My tires always have to be replaced while there’s still lots of tread on them but the sun and heat cause dry rot way before the tires are worn out. It’s a waste of money to buy tires with long mileage ratings because we it takes 6 or 8 years for us to put 30,000 miles on a car. I don’t want cheap tires but I’m not paying for Michelins when we put so few miles on a car.

We looked at dishwashers. It’s hard for me to believe that something that costs $700 to $1,000+ can only be expected to last 5 – 7 years. We moved into the house in November, 2011 and it was a couple of years before we put in a dishwasher so let’s just say it was summer, 2013 when we did it. Basically, a top of the line brand, that I won’t mention, has lasted 4-1/2 years. A salesman told us they usually last 5 years and if you do annual “maintenance” which involves taking it apart and doing something to the water pump and the motor, you can get 7 years. Really? Had I known then what I know now, I would probably have just kept the cabinet and not ever had a dishwasher put in. Easy to say now that it’s in! 🙂

I do know that I want it to be quiet because it’s right off the family room, I want the metal disposal (vs. the strain and drain that I think is so gross), delayed start and heated dry. Anything else I need to pay attention to when making a dishwasher decision? When we bought the second house in KY, we replaced the dishwasher. Vince thought a cheap one would be ok since it wasn’t our full time house. The cheap one was not ok so in about two months, he replaced the dishwasher again. The house in Missouri was six years old when we bought it and within a year or so, he had to replace that dishwasher. Now we’re fixing to buy the second one for this house so that means that since 2003, we’re about to buy our fifth dishwasher. That’s an average of one every three years, but mainly because we moved off and left two fairly new dishwashers.

Final rant . . it’s time to pick a new electric rep. We have to do it every year. Our contract with TXU expires June 5 so we can start shopping. Vince says “We’re happy with TXU.” I say . . you didn’t spend 5 hours on the phone with them trying to get our solar credits! He’s happy to do all the shopping and comparing for electric rates so he’s going to take care of that little issue. I hear rates have gone up over the last few months so I think he’s going to have sticker shock when he finds out the new rates But . . what can you do? It’s like insurance . . pay what you have to pay and say “thank you!”.

TIres??? Sounds like you are getting messed with. If warranty is 75,000 mile then if you have only got 30,000 on them you get over 50% of your money back. Doesn’t matter if tire is balled, or ruined by heat,sun. IT is the ,miles… But you must have paper work. Don’t let discount tire mess you around this is how warranties on tires and batteries work. I know I did them for years for Sears. Miles not looks they can be balled and still get back money if have loads of miles left.Safety is concern for you so don’y get cheap……I just saw new one from Bridgestone warrantied to go 50+ miles after a nail put hole in it. But I always buy Mitchellen myself. Now for the dishwasher problem. I understand that pain. I had to get new one and hate it. Wish now had fixed the old one. Warranty people said no cost to much? Just how much and element cost ? that was what was wrong but due I had warranty I got new one. What a joke takes 3 1/2 hours to wash a load of dishes. How can that save money.( electricity cost money loads more than a few gallons( old on 8 gallons new 5) of water. The repair man said none of new stuff will last that we are better keeping old stuff ( 10+ years old my washer now 35+)and fixing even if cost Oh well it is what it is I guess. GOOD luck with both.