Remington xr1370 hyper series rotary shaver review best electric shaver reviews may. 2018 power in costa rica


The Remington XR1370 is a rotary-style cordless electric shaver. Three floating heads rotate around the top, so when you’re shaving, they float around on your face, shaving all the hair away. The Remington XR1370 features “hyper flex technology” with “TwinTrack PrecisionPlus” so that its precision plus shaving heads can follow the contours of your face. The shaving heads will grab both stubble or long hair, and the flex of the shaver will also adjust to the angles and contours of your face. You’ll find that discomfort is reduced, as well as irritation, as the special cutters keep the head of the shaver in close contact with the skin, whether it’s your face, chin, or neck. There’s different sized slots and holes on the foil of the head of the shaver, that will shave both long hairs and the shortest stubble, quickly and easily.

The Remington XR1370 electric shaver has an attractive chrome finishing, with black and silver plastic casing, giving it a classier look than some of the other shavers on the market, in a similar price range. There are also handy rubber grips strategically placed along the length of the shaver, so that the shaver won’t slip from your hands during the most inopportune times. You won’t have to worry about dropping and breaking your shaver in the sink. The ergonomic handle makes this electric shaver really comfortable and easy to hold during shaving.

Like a lot of other wet and dry electric shavers, this shaver actually performs better in the shower with a bit of gel, to obtain a much closer shave. If that’s what you’re aiming for, then great, You may also be happy with how it shaves dry, though if you’re a true shaving connoisseur you may wish to try a higher end model in the Remington line.

A powerful lithium ion battery will keep your shaver charged up for a reasonable length of time, without needing to place it back on the charger again. A full charge will provide up to sixty minutes of cordless shaving time, which is probably enough to last you for two weeks, unless you’re a really finicky shaver. If you forgot to charge up your shaver the day before, there’s a handy five minute quick charge feature, so you can at least get one morning shave out of your shaver, before having to leave for work. Just don’t forget to place your shaver back on the charger for the next day. One downside to this electric shaver is that since it needs to be placed back in a charger unit to get fully charged once again, it does not actually work in charging mode, like some of the cordless electric shavers on the market do, as they are merely plugged into the wall with a power adaptor. This may not be a big deal, as it does only take five minutes for a quick charge. But it could be a consideration if you’re impatient to get ready in the morning.

There’s an additional comfort trimmer, to get into those tricky spots, or to trim mustache, sideburns, or goatee hair. This trimmer is also handy to use for trimming around sideburns or the ears, or back of neck, when you’re in between barber shop visits. It simply pops up from the end of the electric shaver, so you can handle any additional facial hair styling.