Remote explosives – c4 with detonators and more at fallout 4 nexus – mods and community que gases componen el aire y su porcentaje

Explosives equip and are placed the same way mines are. The detonator equips like a pistol. Place the explosives down wherever you wish, get to safety, and trigger the detonator. All explosives in an 8,000 unit radius will detonate. KA-BOOM!

You can also reverse-pickpocket these onto NPCs and detonate them remotely. The vanilla grenade pickpocket system would not work for remote detonation, so I had to completely build my own implementation, but it feels just like it’s part of vanilla. You still need Rank 2 of the pickpocket perk, and if you don’t want NPCs who are hit with the blast to turn hostile toward you, you’ll need to level 2 of the Sneak perk as well, and detonate while HIDDEN. If you reverse-pickpocket blast an enemy NPC, a detection event at the spot of the blast is generated and put nearby enemies into alert, similar to a trap. It IS a giant, loud explosion afterall!

Please let me know if you experience issues with the reverse pick-pocketing! If you do happen to have trouble and want the C-4 to behave like vanilla mines/frags (detonate immediately) you can type set RemoteExplosive_UsePickpocket to 0 in the console.

Vanilla frag mines do 100 damage, Bottlecap Mines 300. I used those as the guidelines, so the C-4 does 230, Plasma Charge does 225 plasma damage, and the IED does 160. These will scale with the respective Demolition perks just like frag mines and grenades.

NPCs don’t know how to use the combo of explosive/detonator, so they can’t use them. However, they are added to the loot and vendor tables. Detonators and IEDs will start being sold at level 10, and C-4 and Plasma Charges will start being sold at level 18. You can find them in chests and such where grenade loot sometimes spawn as well.

Leveled Lists are updated via script injection, so there are no list conflicts. I also provide an optional standard leveled-list plugin, for those who prefer to manually patch their leveled lists (which I personally do, more control, ability to alter them later.)

Crafting them requires the same perks for crafting mines as vanilla, but the ingredient requirements are higher. For example, the IED requires an actual Alarm Clock instead of just "Plastic". The C-4 requires a Military Grade Circuit Board instead of just "Circuitry".

I know it’s fun, but if you’re gonna go nuts and set of 50 explosions at once, expect the game to choke a bit. This mod (and the game) isn’t really meant for that, and the engine does a lot of calculations when an explosion goes off to determine what should be hit. The same would happen if you drop 50 vanilla mines and shoot them. Double check your MaxDesiredParticles in your INI settings and maybe lower it to something reasonable if it’s above 600, and that could help if you’re doing some Mr. Torgue level demolition parties.

This mod is safe to add/remove at any time. Everything about this mod is standalone, so it will not conflict with any other mods. Similarly, mods that increase vanilla mine/grenade damage output will not affect this mod. Patches would need to be made.

Ever had vanilla mines or grenades not be very effective? While creating this, I learned that Fallout 4’s explosions can behave strangely sometimes. The game uses a “line-of-sight” check between explosions and surrounding actors to determine if the victim is hiding behind a wall, car, etc. so they won’t get hit by the blast. Well sometimes when just the enemy’s FEET are blocked, sometimes by something as stupid as a debris pile, the game will not register then as being able to be hit. I did some tricks to accomodate for these cases as best I could. It should rarely be an issue, but I thought I’d point that out. Just like vanilla frag mines, they work best when placed in an open area where an NPC will generally walk over.