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Dear britz_p, Many thanks for taking the time to write a review. Indeed we really aim to give you the most authentic experience possible while being respectful of the ideal gas kinetic energy local communities we visit, we keep groups small so that it feels more like a family visit rather than a typical tour group. For the most part we stay in the families’ homes rather than a separate bungalow or lodge, and also rotate the families so to be fair for each to each. Giving back is an important part for us and something that we don’t market the z gas tijuana telefono heck out of. Words like Eco and Fair are thrown about all too much these days for marketing purposes and I’m glad you saw evidence of our support first hand. Indeed, for me support means going the extra step, not just paying one’s way for staying at a homestay for example (which should be standard, not classed as ‘support’) that’s why we focus on children’s education and better farming practices. I urge everyone to really ask questions before booking tours with anyone about where money goes etc. Regarding trekking difficulty, your particular tour is suitable for and can be enjoyed by everyone (though some people even find it quite strenuous), but its a level physics electricity questions and answers nice balance of dense jungle, farmland, villages and culture, however for anyone reading we do have much harder treks available that are not listed on our website for those who like a challenge. Many thanks for recommending White Elephant Adventures. Best grade 9 electricity wishes and safe onward travels, Alex and the whole WEA team!

My trek to the remote hilltribe villages was the highlight of my time in Laos. I talked with several companies before deciding on White Elephant, and I am so pleased I went with them. The price points are similar anywhere you go, but White Elephant won me over with their knowledge, honesty and ethical practices. Spending time with the Khmu and the Hmong people was incredible. It was genuine, authentic and beautiful. There was plenty of free time on the trekking adventure, which I maximized by exploring the villages and engaging with the people as much as I could. While wandering on my own, I witnessed men and boys catching rats and frogs (presumably for eating), helped a lady pluck kernels off dried corn, watched another lady knit k gas station jobs a shredded plastic bag into a sturdy basket weave and got a taste of some of the local betel nut (this particular type looked like pieces of wood, and tasted like it too). Some even invited me into their homes and offered me food. We taught each other words in our respective languages, but more 7 cases movie than anything, we laughed. Ohhh, we laughed and we laughed (they got a kick out of me trying to pronounce words in Khmu, and would bring their neighbors around to listen to my attempts to say banana and chicken in their language). There was so much joy. The kids were especially enthusiastic and incredibly sweet! I like that we were instructed not to give money, so as not to encourage begging. I certainly didn’t get gas efficient cars under 15000 the impression the villagers were interested in getting anything from foreigners. They seemed to genuinely just be living their lives – and the occasional passerby hardly fazed them. The experience was very rustic and very real – White Elephant doesn’t take you to just gas in back shoulder any old trail or some village where the hilltribes see outsiders very often. They took us waaay out there, and it felt really remote. – I learned a lot from our guides; they were VERY informative and so much fun. – The trek itself was moderate – not too easy, not too difficult – and the scenery changed quite a bit. – We didn’t see a single other trekker or tour group the entire time; just some wild pigs and cows. – The food was REALLY good. – There were about 8 people b games zombie in my group and everyone finished the trek very satisfied. I HIGHLY recommend doing a trek with White Elephant! It was truly the best and most memorable thing I did in Laos.

Dear TravelingThy, Many thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed review as well as post some photos for others to see. You seemed to have had quite the trek and it really pleases me that you took full opportunity to maximise your experience by engaging with the local people which is what it is really about. While we do have longer more difficult treks gas and sand available, your trek is highly recommended as it has a nice balance of differing terrains, sufficient hiking and passes by stunning scenery of both jungle and mountain views, not to forget of course plenty of time available to experience some of the most authentic village life that you can get in Laos. In fact I am also pleased you mentioned it…that we don’t just visit villages near to town and passing them off as traditional villages to maximise our profits, it is important to us that you get the most authentic experience possible while still being comfortable enough for the average traveller. Remember we have more difficult treks available, some not listed on our website, and some including camping in the jungle! The guides will be pleased to hear of their culinary skills, while we have vegetarian gas exchange in the lungs occurs due to options available, the free range chicken and organic vegetables do make a difference compared to the mass produced food we are used to in the West (or standard fried rice offered by some other outfits), and if you fancy something a little (or a lot) more ‘local’ just ask the guides…though be careful what k gas constant you wish for! I wish you safe onward travels and hope you make it back to Laos again! Best wishes from Alex and the whole WEA team!