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3 elements are useful for nuclear energy: Uranium, Plutonium and Thorium. Only Uranium and Plutonium are useful for nuclear bombs and for this reason the military ignored Thorium. Our civilian nuclear energy is an outgrowth of the military application and so it is not based upon Thorium, but instead on Uranium and Plutonium.

LFTR/MSR architectures are intrinsically safe. They operate at atmospheric pressure or very low pressure. They are run at very high temperature but in a bath of molten salt. The salt expands as it heats up. As it expands the nuclear reaction slows down – so it is self-regulating. The MSRE was started up and shut down each work day quite easily. They do not have the same problems our current nuclear reactors do that are based upon high pressure steam to cool the reactor. While there are other very compelling technologies in the LENR/LANR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions/Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions) arena that might prove to be a “miracle” source of energy – today, Thorium is the silver bullet, dream solution to our energy needs. A golf ball sized sphere of Thorium is all each human would need for all of their energy needs for their entire life. Thorium is abundant in the Earth’s crust. Humanity could get its power for tens or hundreds of thousands of years without denting the supply.

Here is a list of companies that are moving quickly to commercialize versions of this reactor. All of the designs are modular – use mass production techniques similar to what are used in the commercial aircraft manufacturing industry. Units are built in factories and then shipped to their final destination in pieces on a barge. This architecture even allows for the current stockpile of used nuclear fuels to be burned up in the process. Yet very few know about it. How can this be so?!

These companies are focusing on India, China and Asia Pacific where regulation is favorable to the implementation. The Chinese government has thousands of Scientists and Engineers working on a Manhattan style project to innovate Thorium/MSRs. So does India. TerraPower is Bill Gates’ company – partnered with China. It is sad and pathetic that the USA is a dead-zone for the deployment of this technology. Especially considering that it was invented in the US. The US regulatory environment is completely hostile to new nuclear technology – and none of our representatives are doing anything about it.

NASA engineer Kirk Sorensen has many videos about LFTR on YouTube. It is interesting to note that it was a serendipitous event that Kirk saved all of the records about the MSRE from destruction. Kirk and his team just happened to be visiting Oak Ridge on the day all of the documents about the program (several pallets) were being loaded by fork lift onto the truck to the incinerator! A miracle technology that was forgotten and then almost lost.

If Climate Alarmists really believed in their own narrative – and if reducing CO2 was truly an existential requirement for humanity – then they would not be playing around with solutions like solar and wind – they would have already been beating the drums for LFTR/MSRs.

Their vision is they simply see the future of the devloped nations as a 2 class society. It is the Left’s controlled solution to the eventual end of easy oil and gas, cheap energy. Yes, there will be a tiny class of skilled technocrats, engineers, doctors, but it will be a small middle-class compared to today in this vision. Destruction of the present dominant middle-class, and its hold on democratic institutions of government and civil liberties are key milestones on the march to their green socialism.

Witness Venezuela. Even highly skilled specialist doctors have not been spared from the socialist revolution’s effects. Many have left. Those that remain can’t even buy a loaf of bread with their paycheck — highly skilled doctors and surgeons. Meanwhile Maduro and his inner circle and his generals no doubt are living well.

The Serfs (you and me) are to live a meager existence and be kept in-line with hand-outs, and if those fail a police state. Meanwhile the elites remain safe in gated, guarded mansions, traveling in private jets, and yachts. So they can’t have us serfs using up all the fossil fuel they’ll need for their jet to take them to Cannes, or skiing in Switzerland, or their Yacht waiting for them in the British Virgins Islands.

Science and Environmental Technology! A spurious use of the word ‘science’, and … technology IS engineering. With the advent of the space age, people were so enthralled with engineering that engineering associations had to act to stop frivolous use of the word engineering, which, after all, is a legally defined and licensed professional discipline.

Garbage collectors became sanitary engineers … soap ads advised their product was engineered to lift the dirt but keep moisture in… etc. One that went the other way because of the elevated status of engineering was the appellation ‘rocket scientist’ …ah that would be rocket engineer. This one is still with us today.

Up until recently, ‘scientist’ was a more general term largely used by journalists and the lay public. Einstein was a physicist, Linus Pauling was a chemist, Ehrlich was a biologist (and should have stuck to that). Science was used collectively to cover the sector.

With the irreparably politically corrupted social ‘sciences’ they stole the word ‘science’ to try to engrandize what it was they were doing. Climate ‘science’ was a recent invention (when I first typed the term only a dozen years ago, WORD underlined it in red. Yes, there was work done by Arrhenius and Tyndall and Calendar but they didn’t call themselves climate scientists. Even I studied paleoclimatology as a geology student in the 50s (part of the reason I’m a sceptic of what is being put forward these days). The venerable science of geology got taken down into the morass of mediocrity by universities changing the name to …earth science, gagh. Such protesreth-too-much apellations as Deutche Demokratishe Republik come to mind.

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